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New VR feature
Live feedback during your speech
Receive feedback on your speech at the same time you're delivering it. You’ll instantly see prompts in the virtual room if any areas of your delivery need to be improved.
VirtualSpeech articles
White Paper: VR for Soft Skills Training
Discover the benefits of using VR for soft skills training, why the future of employee training is with VR, research that proves VR can change a user's behaviour and much more.

VirtualSpeech win German Design Award 2019
We’re excited to announce that VirtualSpeech have been selected as the German Design Award 2019 winner in the category for Excellent Communications Design.

Guide for training new employees
It takes multiple resources to train new employees but the benefits are significant, including increased engagement, productivity and low staff turnover.

The importance of storytelling in business, with examples
Storytelling is an essential business skill and when implemented effectively, can boost a business in a number of ways. Examples included.

How to stop using filler words in 3 steps
There may be a number of reasons you use filler words such as ‘like’, ‘um’, and ‘er’. Read our 3 step guide to help stop using these hesitation words and ways to practice speaking clearly and confidently.
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Around the web
How VR enhances eLearning and improves skills more effectively
Why a combination of traditional eLearning combined with VR experiences is the most effective way to learn remotely.

Tips for confident presenting while seated (video)
Many people ask how best to look confident when seated and presenting. This short video provides useful tips on confident posture and hand gestures from a seated position.

Public speaking techniques to help connect with your audience
Engage your audience in order to truly get your point across. Unlike a written editorial, your speech is fleeting; once you’ve said everything, you don’t get a second chance to have your voice heard.

New VirtualSpeech course
Persuasive Business Storytelling
Learn the fastest way to engage and persuade any audience using Business Storytelling. Practice and receive instant feedback on these skills in VR.

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Learn through online classes, practice with virtual reality. Improve faster with our unique learning programme.

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