Term 1 Edition 7 Newsletter

Hey everyone! Hope your exams have been going well and you’re all coping! For those who have completed all of your exams, congratulations for making it through Term 1! Take the holiday time to enjoy yourself, kick back and relax before the start of Term 2. If you still have upcoming exams, we wish you the best of luck, and it’ll be over before you know it. Stay focused and remember to prioritise your own health, and you’ll get through it. SCISOC is planning events throughout the holidays and during Term 2, so here is an outline of what we have in store for you in the next few weeks.
Stranger Quaran-tings (22nd May)

SCISOC will be having a Stranger Things themed Speed Friending event this upcoming Friday! It’ll take place on our Discord at 7:00pm – 9:00pm, although you’re more than welcome to stick around and chat with our team or the new friends you’ve made at the event. If quarantine has kept you from socialising these holidays, then this is the perfect event for you!
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SCISOC’s website at is your database for information about our events (both upcoming and past), our team of past and present, as well as any other publications that we have produced such as our First Year Guide that was given out at O-Week. Stay tuned for many more updates on our website, as we are planning to give it a fresh coat of paint in the near-future!
Let’s talk about something that may interest those who are nearing the end of their degree and haven’t found what they want to do once they leave the doors of UNSW. If that’s you, then these highlights from an interview we had with Graduate Tiffany Chen might give you some direction.

To make the information more digestible, we have picked out the advice you don’t normally hear. We’ll save you the time of hearing "worry less about WAM and be more involved in societiesand "grab internships". We know you know!
  1. Seek-out Opportunities To Build Technical Skills
A science related degree focuses on building the foundational skills of research and testing theories. While these skills are valuable and provide a strong foundation, they don’t always directly translate into the work force. Consider taking further education to develop technical skills on the side. Tiffany recommends taking up TAFE courses to get a better understanding in hardware or software (computers, databases or spreadsheets).
  1. Problem Solving Is Your Biggest Advantage
Unlike business or law students who focus on rote learning content and then applying them to a model, science students are better versed at breaking down problems and testing new strategies. Tiffany recommends being proud of this difference and communicate how these skills help you differentiate yourself from everyone else.
  1. Unconventional Industries – Science Is Everywhere
Having been in the industry for a few years now and having met people from all walks of life, Tiffany says that she’s seen Pathology related careers being the most popular for graduates in Medical Sciences, with anything from disease prevention to direct research. She also comments on how she sees software, technology start-ups or engineering firms as an emerging sector that have huge interest in bringing science graduates on-board. She comments that if you have the time, try to do some side-learning in computer sciences as it’s where the industries are trending towards! 

Tiffany Chen is a Medical Science graduate who spent 8 years at Bioline Australia and is currently working in quality assurance at Nanosonics.
For our fun corner this week, we’ve decided to reflect on how far we’ve come since the start of the year. We're taking a moment to reminisce about the better days, the days before the COVID-19 pandemic swept through UNSW. The days before SCISOC was forced to move our events online, to keep the good vibes alive and the great times flowing.
We started off the term strong - with a successful O-Week where we meet many new faces and helped provide our game winners with clocks, lamps and pens. Regardless of what you studied, we made sure that no-one left our stall empty-handed, making for an enjoyable week for both our team and everyone involved.
Following this, we held a Meet and Greet BBQ, where the new members we met at O-Week were able to talk more in depth with our team while enjoying a cheeky sausage sizzle. We don't have a photo for this one so you'll have to take our word for it. It was good. We promise 😅. 
Of course, we all know what came after this.

Our Time Travel Throwback Camp was both an immensely enjoyable experience and a chance to meet new friends, where our hardworking team managed to successfully facilitate over 150 campers while having fun themselves. Three days of activities, partying and fun made for a memorable experience for all.
Unfortunately, two weeks later, the crisis began. All of us were quarantined in our homes, and mere days later, we were wishing we could see our friends again. We thought, if we're lonely, you might be too! So we launched our popular Discord server, (head on over by clicking on the artworks below), where we held our first online event, Mukbang and Games, followed soon after by Pinot and Picasso. Both of these events, despite being online, proved that although we may not be able to see each other in real life, the SCISOC spirit burns stronger than ever. We had an amazing time making new friends and catching up with old ones, we hadn’t seen in what felt like ages.
This brings us to the present day, where many of you have finished exams, and some of you still have exams to do. Despite COVID-19 separating us all, SCISOC aims to bring us back together (adhering to social distancing rules, of course). We hope you enjoyed the first term of 2020. Here’s to another great term ahead!
UNSW Science Society is proud to announce our continued partnership with GradReady through 2020. GradReady provides GAMSAT Preparation courses for anyone looking to pursue Medicine after they graduate.
This process starts earlier than you think, so if you’re studying medical science or just have that passion, check out what they have to offer!
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