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Welcome back to UNSW Science Society's fortnightly newsletter! As usual we bring an overview of our plans for the term ahead, as well as a tutorial to make your own DIY Mask as COVID-19 remains as dangerous as ever. Also included is a bubble tea article, written by our resident experts on the topic, as well as a back to uni guide to help you ease back into the swing of things. With the holidays just past us and Term 2 looming ahead, SCISOC is here to provide events and fun times for all.
Pet Competition (12th June)
Do you have a pet that you desperately want to show off? SCISOC’s Pet Competition is an event where you can submit pictures of your pets for a chance to win discounts to our future events! Winners will be featured on our Facebook page and the next edition of our newsletter! Some rules have changed since our last announcement, so please read them carefully.

Best Dressed Pet

  • Time to let out your inner costume designer! The more creativity, the better!

Funniest Pet

  • Show off your most meme-worthy pictures of your pet!
  • We laugh, you win.
  • Bonus points for the chonkiest pet 😉

Most Talented Pet

  • Show us what tricks your pet can do!
  • Submissions must be a video with a 30 second time limit.

Best Photo

  • This category is for all the aspiring photographers out there! We'll be judging this one based on lighting, composition and overall aesthetics, so make sure to get that camera ready!
  1. Entries can be either videos or photos.
  2. You may submit your photos/videos for as many categories you want.
  3. You may only send 1 photo/video per category.
  4. Deadline: Friday 12th June 11:59PM.
How To Enter:
Email your photos/videos to and include a brief description of your pet (include the name, breed and an interesting fact about your pet!).
The winners for each category will be announced on the 14th of June, so get in quick and spread the word!
SCISOC Hoodies
Which design will win!?

The SCISOC team has been busy creating a range of fabulous hoodie designs and voting has now closed.

Winter is coming so make sure to snatch up one of our new SCISOC hoodies as soon as they are released! So be sure to follow us on Facebook at UNSW Science Society to be the first to hear which design wins on June 7th!
FMAA Webinar (Wednesday 24th June)
Are you studying a STEM degree and want to pursue a career in business? FMAA, in collaboration with STEM oriented societies from UNSW and USYD, are hosting a STEM Alternative Pathways Webinar which includes a discussion panel from a vast range of industries like management consulting, financial services and more. There will also be a live Q&A session to answer any specific questions you might have. This is the perfect opportunity to gain insights on different industries and to network. Places are limited so secure your spot now!

Register here before 11:59pm 21st June.

Date: Wednesday 24th June 2020
Time: 5:45pm – 7:00pm
Where: Virtual / Zoom

Event Recaps
O-Week (26 - 29th May)

O-Week has come and gone, and with it, an amazing introduction to all the societies UNSW has to offer! SCISOC worked tirelessly, making sure we were available at all times of the week for students to come in and get involved with us. We worked on promoting ourselves as an enjoyable and fun, yet informative society, and we managed to turn O-Week into a blast for everybody involved.

Stranger Quaran-tings (22nd May)
Speed-Friending also took place the week before, where people from all corners of SCISOC were able to participate, play some games and get to know each other better. We kicked it off with Scattergories, where everybody tested their trivia knowledge and got super competitive. Later during the night, we switched to playing 2 Truths and 1 Lie, where people got to flex their life achievements and suss out the best liars of the group in order to avoid them for next time. Overall, the Speed-Friending event was an absolute blast and everybody walked away that night knowing that they’d made friends to last.
Join us at our Facebook page and Discord to stay up to date with all of SCISOC’s future events.

Term 1 results have been released, online O-week is over and with holidays coming to an end, it is time to head back to uni for term two. This year term two will be held completely online and will begin June 1st. So, to make T2 the best sequel since Shrek 2, here is our preparation guide to give you a helping hand.

Tip 1️⃣:
Online learning means we are now liable to our own schedule, and whilst watching hours of Netflix instead of lectures is tempting, it’s important to establish a timetable and balance that will let you do both. As such, to keep track of your workload, use physical or online calendars (e.g. Google calendars, iCalendar or Trello) to track which tasks must be completed weekly, and then divide these amongst each day - leaving time for work and leisure.

Tip 2️⃣:
Remember to read the course outline and mark in your calendar/diary/planner when your assessments are due, so you can plan ahead and have an overview of when each task must be completed by. (For me personally, it helps to colour code each subject :D)

Tip 3️⃣:
As we have received our results, reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve in Term 2. Hopefully you are starting to feel more accustomed to online learning and if you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed, remember to talk to someone you’re comfortable with and use your support networks. Start the term well by getting enough sleep, eating healthy, exercising and staying on top of your work.

With restrictions having eased recently, one might find themselves wanting to hang out with their friends outside again. However, despite there being more people on the streets than there have been in a long time, mask prices have yet to drop - and that’s if they’re even in stock at all. Hence, SCISOC is here to teach you how to make your own mask if you’re in desperate need of one.

According to both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there’s been no evidence supporting the fact that wearing masks can prevent you from getting the coronavirus. However, wearing masks can protect others around you, which could be just as vital since there is the possibility that you are an asymptomatic carrier.

Due to the lack of masks in store, tests are constantly being performed to see which type of substitute material would work just as well as a replacement, and also be easily accessible to the wider population. It turns out that many fabrics, from pillowcases to layered coffee filters, could work as a substitute mask to a certain degree. 

For all you data nerds out there that really want to crunch down on some statistics, we can provide those to you too! Coronavirus is roughly 0.1 microns, but can range from 0.1 to hundreds of microns due to it being transferable in bodily fluids. Masks that can filter out 0.3 micron particles should work relatively well. Layering fabrics together can definitely help improve it. For example, two layers of a 600-count pillowcase can filter up to 22% of particles, but when quadrupled, it can filter up to 60% of particles. This is comparable to a low-end surgical mask, which typically filters out 60-80% of particles.

DIYing a mask at home is relatively simple, provided you have the right materials. A good test to see if a material is suited for a mask is to hold it up to the light. The less light that comes through the fabric, the more it’ll protect you. 

To DIY your own mask in 5 easy steps, you can use either a 25cm x 15cm piece of cotton cloth, an old cotton T-shirt that you no longer wear or a bandana. We have chosen to use a 50cm x 50cm bandana for this particular tutorial, in addition to two rubber bands.

  1. Fold the bandana in half

  2. Fold the top third of the bandana down, and the bottom third up

  3. Thread the bandana between two rubber bands - leaving 15cm apart between them

  4. Fold the excess material around the rubber band and tuck it into the folds made in step 2 (You can also sew the bandana into place to ensure it is secure and in place)

  5. Your mask is complete, wear it around your head placing the rubber bands on your ears, and disperse the fabric to cover your nose and mouth

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, many of us are finally able to get our bubble tea fix in person. In this week’s fun corner which is written by SCISOC's very own bubble tea experts, we will be sharing our personal favourite milk teas and the best deals around Sydney!
Our Top 4 Bubble Tea Recommendations

Best deals around Sydney 

Fueling our bubble tea addiction can take a toll on our bank accounts, so here is a list of some of the best bubble tea deals around Sydney to get more bang for your buck!

  • Chatime - 2 for $9 regular fruity/milky teas with Student Edge

  • Presotea - At the Hurstville, Barrack street and Northbridge stores, they offer 10% off for students who show their valid student ID.

  • Tea Shop Express - Buy 1 Get 1 Free, $6 for any two drinks

  • 85 Degrees - Buy 1 drink, get the second half price. 

  • 1014 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free 

  • Bubble and Sweets - Buy 1 Get 1 Free drink/eggette

  • Almost every bubble tea store has a rewards system through which you can earn points to get free drinks!

  • A wide variety of bubble tea stores are on ‘Liven’, which is an app through which you can pay at hundreds of restaurants. You earn an instant Liven Cash reward everytime you pay for your meal using the app, which can be used as credit towards your next purchase. 

If you’re still stuck in quarantine, you can opt for delivery services to get your bubble tea. There are a variety of companies such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, DoorDash and EASI that offer contact-free delivery right to your door. Look out for special offers and free delivery promotions as these companies regularly offer them on their apps.

UNSW Science Society is proud to announce our continued partnership with GradReady through 2020. GradReady provides GAMSAT Preparation courses for anyone looking to pursue Medicine after they graduate.
This process starts earlier than you think, so if you’re studying medical science or just have that passion, check out what they have to offer!
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