Term 1 Edition IV - Newsletter

What if staying at home wasn't boring?

Hey! Are you bored, sitting at your desk wondering what are some fun ways to pass the time before your next assignment?

Just like you, we've also been holed up in our houses, slowly descending into the realm of insanity. Now part of getting through this situation together is being able to function after all this is over 😅. Surely we can't really say we survived the global pandemic 
🦠😷 if we all end up like the zombies in the Walking Dead! 

So in our last meeting we started bouncing around a few ideas of things to do while stuck inside. As a member of our community we thought maybe you were also going through the same things we were, so why not share the joy? So let's go!

We heard about the social media craze around this easy to make but beautiful coffee and decided to try it ourselves!
☕ Dalgona Coffee ☕

The three simple ingredients for making the fluffy, aesthetic whip at the top of your coffee are instant coffee powder, sugar and hot water! You will also need milk (hot or cold) at the bottom of your drink.

Now here’s the simple steps on how to make your next treat! 
  1. In a mixing bowl, add 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, sugar and HOT water. 
  2. Mix the ingredients together until it turns light brown with a thick and foamy texture:
    • By hand 💪 (This might take awhile and your arms may get sore!): use a round whisk. Start whisking after the ingredients have melted! Whisk until it forms a stiff peak. 
    • Electric mixer (if arm workouts are not your thing then this is a good alternative!✌️): first mix at lowest speed until all the coffee and sugar are dissolved. Then turn the speed to the highest setting and mix for 1.5 minutes.  
  3. Fill ⅔ of a cup with milk 🍼 (measuring cylinder not needed!) and spoon your dalgona froth out of the bowl and add it to the top of the cup! 
  4. Enjoy your tasty drink! (Disclaimer: Results may vary!)
Scared that it’s all a myth? We have attached photographic evidence of a successful attempt from one of SCISOC’s very own executive member! 
Now that you have your trendy coffee in hand, a good movie marathon with friends doesn’t sound half bad! But how do you set up a Netflix Party when you don’t have an account? No worries! We spent the time figuring this out for you so just sit back, relax and read on to find out how to watch your favourite shows, with friends, for free!
Wanting to share fun content with friends but can't show it to them in person? Kast is a video sharing app with screen capture, voice, text and video chat features which is a free alternative to netflix party!

You can download the Kast app onto your desktop or your phone so you can hold a movie or games night with your friends! (100+ people!)
  1. Download Kast from or the app store. 
  2. Create an account or sign in with your gmail. 
  3. Click ‘create party’ and fill in the details - you are now about to host a party! 
  4. Click on your party and invite people! Alternatively, click on the shared link at the bottom!
  5. Choose which screen you want to share from your device.
🎞️🍾✨How to stream Netflix with Kast✨🎥📼
  1. Open Netflix on your browser.
  2. When sharing Netflix to Kast, your screen might turn black. Do not fear!! This can be easily fixed by going to your browser settings and search for ‘hardware acceleration’ and turn it OFF.
  3. Relaunch your browser.
  4. Netflix should show up on Kast now when you screen share.
  5. 🎈🎉The party can start now!! 🥳🍿🥂
Video Chat (Zoom, Messenger, Skype)

Missing your friends? 😢💔 Tired of isolating yourself on Tiktok for 10 hours? 😔 Get onto playing some online games with your mates on video call! 🎮👾🎲 Below are some of our personally recommended options! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Note: Zoom calls last for a maximum of 30 minutes on a free account, but is unlimited on a premium account.

**Alternatively, are you missing your friends but need to get on that study grind? Kill two birds with one stone by studying over video chat! To increase productivity, consider muting the chat at times to truly hone in and focus! 🤓

SCISOC's Personal Recommendations:

  • Avalon (5-10 players) 
    • Similar to Mafia but players don’t die so everyone can have fun in a longer, more immersive game! 
  • Cards Against Humanity (4+ players)
    • Yes, this popular 17+ card game has an online version! Just sign in, invite your friends and start throwing out your funniest cards! First person to 8 points wins!
    • Note: when playing, make your own group so as to avoid randoms from joining your game!
    • Link:
  • Scriblio (3+ players)
    • Pictionary but online! Enjoy doodling and guessing each other’s drawings in a fun player vs player format!
    • Link: 
A fan of discord? SCISOC will be opening up our own discord channel in the next few weeks - keep your eyes peeled for updates! 
Since the pandemic has us all locked in our houses, you no longer get to meet the team behind the scenes so we decided to bring the stories to you! For this edition, we take a look at the journey of one of our own subcommittee members!
Subcommittee First Impressions: Then and Now 

UNSW Science Society. What a journey it has been. Let’s go back to where it all began. It was the second week of uni, I had just arrived at the SCISOC Meet & Greet event, where they were (supposedly) serving sausage sizzles. You may wonder why I say “supposedly”. Well, I didn’t get a sausage sizzle. And having only moved the equivalent of a metre up the line after 30 minutes of waiting, I can’t say I was immensely impressed. I had a tutorial in 5 minutes, and I was not going to make it. I did not have a sausage sizzle, I wasn’t going to get one, and I was going to be late to class. How disappointing, I had thought, probably won’t be joining this society anytime soon.

Fast forward one month, and here I am, writing about my impressions as a newly-inducted member of the SCISOC Subcommittee. Funny how things turn out. I can’t say I’ve received my free sausage sizzle as of yet, but the warmhearted, supportive welcomes from my fellow subcommittee members, directors and executive team, have (almost) made up for the disappointing loss all those weeks ago. Through the virtual meetings and 30-minute zoom calls, I am keen to work hard and truly immerse myself within this growing community, with or without the free food!

To stay updated with the latest events, follow us on social media! All links below attached below!
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