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Hey SCISOC, hope everyone had a good Easter! The final examination period is only a few weeks away, so make sure to prepare properly and check your exam format! It can not be in person so it may be completely different to anything you've done before.

We also have some new events below, so check them out!
Final Exam Timetable
In case you missed it, your Final Exam Timetable has been released! Be sure to go on myunsw to check when your exams are.

Top 5 Exam Tips
To help you both prepare and ace each and every one of your exams, be sure to use our top 5 exam tips!
📚Set up Your Study Space
Make sure you set up your study space so that there is enough room to spread out any notes and textbooks. Keep the area clean and organised and free of any distractions - turn your phone on do not disturb or place it in another room. Feel comfortable and focused by making sure there is bright lighting and a chair with back support. Shake up your routine and rotate around different areas of your house to increase your retention rate (as shown in this study).

📚Make a Plan
Organise your time to suit you! Workout when you study best throughout the day, and how you study best. Sort your time hour by hour in a study timetable or task by task in an app such as Trello. Make sure you schedule your time into achievable chunks - for every 20-50 minutes of study, reward yourself with 5-10 mins of break time. Don’t forget to delegate time for exercise and drinking water to up your self care game. Make yourself accountable, by sharing your timetable with a friend, and plan for check-ins to make sure you stay on track and focused!

📚Practise and Prove your Knowledge
Try and do as many practise questions or past papers as possible! For courses that don’t supply past exam material, try and google resources posted by other students online, or more importantly create your own practise questions based on the learning outcomes of your lectures and your notes. Walk through your notes and explain them to yourself or a friend, to develop and prove your understanding and retention of the examinable content.

📚Anticipate any technical issues

No matter how prepared you are, things could still go wrong during the exam.

  1. Just incase your internet stops working, have your phone nearby to hotspot yourself 
  2. If you do experience any technical or connection problems, you can apply for special consideration if you wish. Remember to take a screenshot of the error or whatever issue you encountered. For more information, read:
📚Don’t rely on the fact it’s open book

If your exam is open book or unsupervised, don’t rely on it as the exam tends to be harder or has a short time limit on each question. It’s always good to go into an exam prepared, especially using the study tips above, so you don’t frantically start googling and press Ctrl F in every document. As tempting as it might be to study less, use the open book as a reference only. 

Have you found yourself wishing that you could make new friends during this sad isolation period? Has your motivation for studying taken a deep-dive towards rock bottom? Then join SCISOC Playground, our new Discord server for folks who want to study and/or have fun!
We have many a text channels for all your wants, hopes and dreams. Want to laugh? Then check out our memes channel, where we have all the latest memes that are good enough to rival the UNSW Discussion Group (although, let’s be real, it’s not hard). Maybe you simply want to find a new study group, and here at the SCISOC Playground, which is positively brimming with other smart individuals such as yourself, you can! And if you truly want to be the very best, we even have a space dedicated to catching Pokémon! Are you up for the challenge?
“I’m here because I want to be surrounded by like-minded people,” a member of the newly formed Discord server said enthusiastically. The student soon left our merry voice call of nine to help somebody else with their assignment (on the same server! In a different voice channel! Magical!). We continued to talk until the early hours of dawn, and we walked out of that experience feeling like we’d forged new and lasting bonds. This could be you!
In the SCISOC Playground, not only will you be able to meet potential friends, but you can stay up to date with the society itself, including news of all of our future events. So, what are you waiting for? Click here and join the SCISOC Playground today!

Spending quality time in quarantine with your pet? We'd love to see them! Enter our SCISOC Pet Competition for a chance to win discounts to our future events, and to be featured in our next newsletter and facebook page! 


  • Best Dressed Pet
    • Be creative with your outfits!
  • Funniest Pet
    • Make us laugh with your best photo of your pet being a meme!
    • Bonus points for the chonkiest pet ;)
  • Most Talented Pet
    • Show off what tricks your pet can do!
    • Must be in video format with a 30 second time limit. 
  • Pet That Looks Most Like Their Owner
    • Both you and your pet must be in your photo/video.
  • Most Unique Pet
    • Have a unique breed/animal you would love to show off? Enter this category!
  • Best Photo
    • We will be judging based on photo composition for this category, so submit your most vogue-worthy photo of your pet! 

How to enter 

  1. Email your photos/videos to and include a brief description of your pet (include the name, breed and interesting fact about your pet!).


  1. Like our competition post on our instagram page (@unswscisoc) and tag us in your Instagram entry post. Remember to also write a brief description about your pet in your caption. 


  1. Entries can be either videos or photos.

  2. You may submit your photos/videos for as many categories you want. 

  3. You may only send 1 photo/video per category. 

  4. Deadline: Thursday 21st May 11:59PM.

The winning pets of each category will be announced on Sunday 31st May.

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The medical school application process is certainly a long and arduous one; but it doesn’t have to be stressful! GradReady has prepared a comprehensive guide in the form of a one and a half hour webinar that’ll help prospective students, like you, conquer the Medical Schools Admission Process in 2020 - all of which is free of charge AND from the comforts of your home! Delivering the webinar are current medical students from the University of Sydney, who have the answers to any burning questions you have regarding university admission requirements, the GAMSAT exam itself and everything in between.
The GEMSAS Consortium have been working hard in spite of the tumult to ensure that the 2020-21 Medical Schools admission and selection process will proceed this year. This is not, however, without a few adjustments. What exactly has changed? And how does COVID-19 affect your medical admissions timeline and what steps are required of you to effectively deal with the shift? 

Lucky for you, GradReady’s webinar will first and foremost address changes in the admission process and clarify any rescheduling of important milestones. These include the GAMSAT examination date, the release period of interview offers and also when official applications open and close for Medicine, Dentistry and Optometry. Gradready is dedicated to helping students navigate the complex world of post-grad medicine so their expert advice - gained from the experience from helping over 6000+ students across the nation - and will certainly help ease your confusion and anxiety! 

The webinar will involve a detailed analysis of the criteria required for successful admission, as well as the differences in such according to the university institution. This particularly refers to the crucial, individual weightings of your GPA, GAMSAT score, portfolio, interview and other special requisites/hurdle requirements, including the MMI, or the multi-mini interview. Having been just introduced in 2019, the MMI is now a consideration in the selection process of several universities, including UQ. 
With all these criteria details, including potential bonuses and sub-quotas, also being tabulated in the one place, the research process has never been more convenient!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity and SIGN UP NOW! Click the picture below for a link to the Facebook event. Wednesday, 22nd April, 7:30-9pm.
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