Term 1 Edition 6 Newsletter

SCISOC has had a wide range of activities in the past couple of weeks, with more to come!

     1. Mukbang and Games Night 🎲

Our Mukbang and Games Night was our first event since quarantine! All participants got to eat together virtually and play a variety of games over Discord. It was a great opportunity to catch up and experience some juicy food ASMR - the event went well into the night!

      2. Pinot and Picasso 🍷

Following the Mukbang and Games Night was our Pinot and Picasso event. This time, everyone was allowed to let loose with wine and excellent drawings. Everyone was much more used to the Discord and it was an even more enjoyable event to be at. We hope even more people can join our future events!
     3. Speed Friending - TBA 🤝

SCISOC will soon have a speed friending event! Unfortunately, everyone's social lives have been impacted due to COVID-19. However, SCISOC is looking to remedy this! More details will be announced in our next newsletter and on our social media. Make sure to follow us! If you also want to pitch some ideas, send us some suggestions by contacting us.

      4. Pet Photo Competition 🐈

Our pet photo competition is still ongoing! Make sure to send any pictures of pets under the following categories: 
  • Best Dressed
  • Funniest Pet
  • Most Talented Pet
  • Lookalike Pet
  • Most Unique Pet
  • Best Photo Composition
The deadline is 21 May 11:59 p.m. Don't miss out!

With final exams being right around the corner, we know that finishing an exam can be just as stressful as preparing for it. So, instead of working through the five stages of grief, here are our Top 3 Tips to curve that post-exam anxiety.

  1. Trust in yourself - Try not to compare

Whether you just clicked "submit" on your exam or are just receiving results, it's best to not compare answers or marks with others. In doing so, you make negative preemptive judgements on your performance that are untrue and ultimately won't change your results. Also, your peer’s academic journey won’t affect your own. It's important that you don't lose trust in your ability as there are a variety of factors that affect exam performance that don't necessarily reflect your understanding or knowledge of the course. 

  1. Focus your energy on constructive activities

Didn’t get the results that you were dreaming of? Rather than overthinking and over analysing these marks, clear your mind by investing your time and energy into a hobby or activity. For example, go on walks, bake a cake, pick up a new skill, do a DIY facial or practise the 3-4-5 Breathing technique to refocus your energy on looking after yourself. Talk with friends, or make new ones online at SCISOC’s speed friending event.

  1. Review, Reflect and Move on

Regardless of whether you thought you aced or flopped your finals, it is good practice to review and reflect on your overall exam performance. This includes looking back on which study techniques worked well and which ones didn’t. By evaluating and reflecting on how you spent your time in the lead up to the exam and how well you knew your content when sitting the final, you can make goals and improvements on how you approach your study in T2.

Not sure what to get for Mother’s Day? Don’t worry! A handmade gift is always better, which is why we’re here to present some ideas for you to gift your lovely, hard-working mother (or mother figure :) ) this Mother’s Day!

It’s time to show her how much you appreciate all the work she does! Make some coupons for your mother(/mother figure) to cash in and use whenever, whether it be for making dinner, doing the laundry or acting as her personal slave!

To add a twist to them, try embroidery on paper and create some fun patterns to jazz up your coupons so it looks like you’ve put in at least a modicum of effort:

In case you don’t have any embroidery skills, or you don’t own thread and a needle, don’t worry! We’ve also created some beautiful coupon templates for you to download and print off (because, in the end, the effort put into these gifts isn’t from the coupons themselves; it’ll be from all those chores that you’ll be doing soon enough).

If you don’t have a printer, you can always write your own and cut them out. Or use those memorisation cards you haven’t put to use yet.

Standard Coupons

Isolation/Overseas Coupons

Blank Coupons (Write your own!)

TikTok's "For You" Page

Ever wondered why your TikTok wasn't going viral? Use these 5 tips to get onto the "For You" page! 

1. Enable Pro Mode to get analytics that track where your views come.
2. Use trending sounds and relevant hashtags to avoid miscategorization. 
3. Optimize your videos to be rewatched. This is often why loop videos, short videos, or videos that require you to replay and pause tend to go viral. 
4. Post 2 or 3 times a day to increase your chances.
5. Create eye-catching content. (Good lighting is also a big factor!)

TikTok's Algorithm
Every new TikTok goes through 4 tiers that have different milestones of views. The algorithm is triggered by the velocity of the engagement it receives. i.e. A substantial increase in likes entails to your TikTok reaching a wider audience, and a sudden cease in likes means that it did reach the next milestone of viewers.
  • Within the first 2 hours, TikTok firstly shows your video to a small group, in-between viral videos. This is around 200-500 viewers.
  • TikTok then figures out how many likes, replays, comments, shares and downloads it receives. A 1:10 likes-to-views ratio almost never fails. 
  • If the video engages well, TikTok will push it out to up to 10K viewers. 
  • At the 50K to 1 million viewers tier, the content is filtered to fit trends before proceeding to the final tier which is the millions of views- virality.

Click the video for an example of a trending TikTok that uses relevant hashtags related to the video, and a trending sound. 
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