California Road Charge Pilot Program Update
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Program Update - February 2017
As we prepare for the pilot conclusion at the end of March, 2017, we would like to review the program timeline, reflect on the background of the pilot, highlight the pilot in the news and discuss what's next.
Program Timeline

Pilot Background                  

Fuel Efficiency Contributes to Revenue Loss

The revenues currently available for highway and local roads are insufficient for preserving and maintaining road infrastructure. While fuel efficiency of the fleet is increasing, the funding available for our transportation infrastructure is on a steady decline. In an effort to find a funding solution, The State of California set forth on the journey to examine a new transportation funding model—road charge. In 2014, the Legislature called for a pilot program to study a road charge model as an alternative to the gas tax. We are approaching our final months of the pilot with a consistent 5,000 participating vehicles statewide.
Pilot Fact


Road Charge in the News

Check out what other states are doing to study a road charge funding system:

Click here to read more about road charge news on our website!

What's Next?

When the pilot ends on March 31, 2017, all participants will begin the closeout process. This process will include participants successfully closing out with their Account Manager and returning any devices (if applicable). It is important for the California Road Charge Pilot Program Team to make a smooth transition from a live pilot to the start of the final report.
  • March 31, 2017 - the pilot concludes
  • April 2017 - continue pilot closeout with participants and start the final report
  • June 2017 - the California State Transportation Agency will submit the final findings report to the Legislature, the California Transportation Commission an dthe Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee

Upcoming Public Meetings

The next Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) public meeting will take place in the spring of 2017. For past TAC meeting information, click here.
Keep an eye out for the next pilot program update in March, 2017. Thank you for your continued interest in the California Road Charge Pilot Program!

California Road Charge Pilot Program Team
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