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You Can Switch Today
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The Latest on Road Charge in California:
  • Open Enrollment Period
  • Participant Feedback
  • Did You Know?
  • Sweepstakes
  • Stay in the Know
  • Upcoming Public Meeting

Open Enrollment Period

If you are interested in switching your reporting method and/or Account Manager, you can complete the process right now by clicking HERE.
The California Road Charge Pilot Program is offering all participants the option to switch their reporting method and/or Account Manager from November 1 – November 15, 2016. 
Check out the different reporting methods and Account Managers here: 
  • CalSAM  – (time permit, mileage permit and odometer reading)
  • Azuga – (plug-in device with or without location, smartphone app, and car’s built-in technology)
If you’re ready to switch click HERE.

Participant Feedback

When asking participants about the Open Enrollment period, they let us know their respective reasons for switching and for staying with their current Account Manager and reporting method:
I can't wait to switch
I need a method that is simple and quick. That’s why I’m switching my method to a plug-in device with location on, so my mileage will be reported automatically while I drive.”
“I'm not switching 
my reporting method or Account Manager. I like feeling accountable for the miles I drive by manually reporting my odometer readings.” 

Did You Know?

In our previous newsletter, we let you know that Californians pay an average of 56.97 cents in combined State, Local, and Federal taxes on each gallon of gasoline purchased. The chart below shows how this revenue is distributed amongst transportation costs. 


We’d like to thank all drivers in the California Road Charge Pilot for their continued participation! Your feedback from the pre-pilot and mid-pilot surveys have helped us gain valuable insight into how the pilot is operating from a participant perspective. Your responses will ultimately help California assess the viability of a road charge funding system in the future.

If you haven’t won any cash prizes yet, you still have a chance! The Miles of Thanks Sweepstakes 3 entry period will be from January 30 – February 27, 2017.

Stay in the Know

The participant resource web page hosts important pilot information. Click HERE to access participant materials throughout the pilot.
Utilize the Road Ahead map to reference important pilot milestones. Click HERE to review more details or print a PDF of the Road Ahead map. 

Upcoming Public Meetings

The next Technical Advisory Committee public meeting will take place in Riverside, CA on December 9, 2016. For more information on this meeting, click HERE.
Keep an eye out for the next pilot program update in early December. Again, thank you for your continued interest in the California Road Charge Pilot Program!
California Road Charge Pilot Program Team
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