Important Pilot Milestones to Remember
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Important Pilot Milestones to Remember
Hi <<First Name>>,

As we head into the last two months of the pilot, we would like to recap the pilot program timeline and highlight some important upcoming milestones.

You may also utilize the road ahead map to reference these milestones.

Program Timeline

Account Manager Closeout           

Next month (March 2017), expect to start receiving communications from your Account Manager with specific details on how to successfully complete the closeout process at the end of the pilot.

The closeout process will include these steps:
  1. Your Account Manager notifies you to start the closeout process during the month of March, 2017.
  2. You will coordinate with your Account Manager to uninstall and return your device or take your final official odometer reading (depending on your reporting method).
  3. Your Account Manager will provide you with a final invoice that reconciles any outstanding balance or credit (no money will actually be exchanged, this is a final mock invoice).
  4. Once your Account Manager receives your device (if any), they will send you a confirmation of the closeout process, which makes you eligible for a $50 reward!

Your $50 Reward

When you complete your participation in the California Road Charge Pilot Program, you will be eligible to receive a $50 reward. To be eligible to receive this reward, you must successfully close out with your Account Manager.

A successful closeout includes: turning in your hardware (if used) or submitting your final official odometer reading to your Account Manager.

Official Odometer Readings

If you are using the mileage permit or the odometer reading reporting method you are required to provide an official odometer reading at the end of the pilot. There are two ways to complete this final odometer reading:

1) Use your mobile phone to submit a photo.
  • Using your Account Manger's smartphone app
  • Attaching your photo to a text message
2) If your initial official odometer reading was completed at one of the Smog Check Referee locations, you can schedule an appointment to drive your vehicle to one of the available eleven locations.
  • CalSAM will send an email at the end of this month with the location list
  • Dates include: Saturday, March 18th or Saturday, March 25th


Thank you for your continued participation in the California Road Charge Pilot Program! Your survey responses will help California assess the viability of a road charge funding system in the future.

Your final pilot survey email was sent on February 6, 2017 to complete and submit into the Miles of Thanks Sweepstakes 3. If you haven’t won any cash prizes yet, you still have a chance!
The Miles of Thanks Sweepstakes 3 entry period will end on February 27, 2017. By completing and submitting this survey you are eligible for one-of-five $200 cash prizes and also one entry closer to WIN BIG in the Grand Prize drawing taking place on or about April 7, 2017. To find out more visit the sweepstakes webpage

Stay in the Know

Check out what other states are doing to study a road charge funding system: Learn more about the status of the pilot by visiting the program website.

Visit the participant resources page to access helpful materials through the remainder of the pilot.

Upcoming Public Meeting

The next Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) public meeting will take place in the spring of 2017. For past TAC meeting information, click here

Another pilot program update will be sent in early March, 2017. We value your continued participation in the California Road Charge Pilot Program!
California Road Charge Pilot Program Team
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