'Tis the Season to Keep Driving
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'Tis the Season to Keep Driving
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The Latest on Road Charge in California:
  • Mid-Pilot Survey Results
  • Reporting Method Benefits
  • Sweepstakes
  • Stay in the Know
  • Upcoming Public Meeting

Mid-Pilot Survey Results*

The mid-pilot survey results are in! We would like to extend our thanks to all participants that completed the survey and shared their feedback on their pilot experience up to this halfway point. 

The Road Charge Pilot Team learned some valuable information from comparing your pre-pilot survey responses to your mid-pilot survey responses.
  • The ease of participation in the pilot has increased (88% to 93%)
  • Overall satisfaction with the pilot has increased  (79% to 93%)
  • More than half of participants are satisfied their mileage reporting option (73% to 91%)
  • Nearly three-fourths of participants agree that paying per mile is more fair than paying by the amount of gas for roadway maintenance (66% to 71%)
  • The uncertainty about the concept of a road charge funding system has decreased  (17% to 11%) 
 *The contents of this material reflect the views of the author who is responsible for the facts and accuracy of the data presented herein.

Reporting Method Benefits 

As we drive into the holiday season, we hope the unique features each of the CA Road Charge Pilot Account Managers have to offer will help you throughout your travels. 

Vehicle Safety & Performance: If you’re with Azuga, make sure you’re ready for all upcoming holiday trips! You have the ability to turn on your battery voltage and engine health diagnostics to receive a weekly status on how your vehicle is performing. 

Car Location Awareness: Worried about packed parking lots? Let DriveSync simplify your holiday shopping with the “Find My Drive” feature and know the exact location of your vehicle along with a map, and navigation back to your car. 

Shorten Your To-Do List: CalSAM participants, give yourself one less task on your holiday to-do list and don’t worry about “paying” a simulated road charge payment unless you are notified to do so. You will be contacted before your time permit, mileage permit or odometer reading simulated payment is due. 

We would like to remind all participants with location-based reporting methods that if you have any upcoming out-of-state travel, do not worry about receiving any simulated road charge – it’s automatically deducted from your mock invoice!
If you do not have a location-based mileage reporting method, simply fill out a mileage refund form to deduct all miles driven out of state or on private roads. Once submitted, these miles will be deducted from your upcoming monthly road charge mock invoice. Click here to fill out the form.

Participation in the pilot is free of charge, all payments and deductions are simulated.


We would like to thank you all for your continued participation! Your responses will help California assess the viability of a road charge funding system in the future.
If you haven’t won any cash prizes yet, you still have a chance! The final survey (The Miles of Thanks Sweepstakes 3) entry period will be from January 30 – February 27, 2017.

Stay in the Know

If you would like to learn more about the pilot status click here.

The participant resource web page hosts important pilot information. Click here to access participant materials throughout the pilot.
Utilize the Road Ahead map to reference important pilot milestones. Click here to review more details or print a PDF of the Road Ahead map. 

Upcoming Public Meetings

The next Technical Advisory Committee public meeting will take place in the spring of 2017. For past TAC meeting information, click here.
Keep an eye out for the next pilot program update in early January, 2017. Again, thank you for your continued interest in the California Road Charge Pilot Program!
Happy Holidays,
California Road Charge Pilot Program Team
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