It's a New Year for Road Charge!
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It's a New Year for Road Charge!
We are now entering into the last few months of the pilot and have gotten some helpful insights into the pilot operations, the different reporting methods and valuable feedback on participant experiences.

You can stay up-to-date on how the pilot is progressing at any time.

Pilot Participant Overview

Here is a breakdown of the 5,014 vehicles participating in the pilot as we head into the New Year:

                                                               All information is current as of December, 2016
Here are the total number of vehicle miles driven by participants from the pilot launch in July 2016:

Open Enrollment Results

A total of 92 vehicles switched Account Managers and/or mileage reporting methods. The total number of vehicles that participated in open enrollment represent only 1.9% of the compliant vehicles as of 12/01/16.
Based on the fact that only 92 vehicles were involved in open enrollment, it seems that most participants are sufficiently satisfied with their Account Manager and the mileage reporting method originally chosen at the pilot launch. Here is the breakdown open enrollment:

Interoperability Testing

The pilot includes out-of-state participants in order to evaluate how drivers from neighboring states might contribute to a road charge in California.
In order to fulfill the Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee’s (TAC) recommendation to test “interoperability” between neighboring states, California will be simulating the ability to distinguish and invoice for miles driven in California and miles driven out-of-state.
Within the pilot, there will be simulated interoperability between California and Oregon for a small sample of participants using location-based on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) mileage reporting starting in January 2017. The road charge mock invoices will show California miles charged at 1.8 cents per mile, but any miles driven in Oregon will be charged at 1.5 cents per mile (the rate established by the Oregon road usage charge program, OReGO). This simulation will run through the remainder of the pilot with around 950 vehicles involved.

This will hopefully provide further insights to California, other states, and the nation on a road charge funding model. 

Pilot Program in the News

Visit our program website to read all about our road charge and the pilot the news!

Upcoming Public Meetings

The next Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) public meeting will take place in the spring of 2017. Visit the California Transportation Commission's website for past TAC meeting information.
The next pilot program update will come out in early February, 2017 with more information on upcoming pilot milestones. Again, thank you for your continued participation in the California Road Charge Pilot Program!
Happy New Year!
California Road Charge Pilot Program Team
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