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Let's Fire This Up Again

Welcome to (Net)Work B*tch, the monthly newsletter for busy, boss ladies who want to network and meet other cool women but don't want to leave their comfy beds (or watching this new Carey Mulligan film trailer) to do it.

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Inspiring Quote of the Month
From Mindy Kaling:

“One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than three with whom you struggle to find things to talk about.” 

Reads That Are Worth Your Time
Each month, I want to feature a couple of things I (or any of you) read on the internet that are totally perspective-changing for one reason or another (and usually career-oriented) because #knowledgeispower and stuff.

1. How Reese Witherspoon Took Charge of Her Career and Changed Hollywood by Lacey Rose

I'm still stuck on this quote from Jennifer Aniston about Reese Witherspoon: “She knew what she was up against and she never put that sword down.”

2. Disarming Myself by Lisa Miller

I felt reflective reading this piece about how many of us are buoyed by self-sufficiency and how freeing it is when we let go of that.

3. Rep. Ayanna Pressley Reveals Beautiful Bald Head and Discusses Alopecia for the First Time by Jessica Moulite

You can't not be in awe of her.

Email me if you have a cool read you want to submit!
Help a Girl Out
Hey hey, here's what our ladies need help with this month!

1. Book Club 2020

This one's from me, newsletter editor Lily: My Survivor viewing buddy and eternally stylish friend Mackenzie Newcomb finally launched a website and merch for the Bad Bitch Book Club, her virtual book club of almost two years that focuses on reading women authors across genres and backgrounds. Whether you're looking to get back into reading or have a reading challenge going, I wholeheartedly recommend joining for nice people, good book recs, and wholesome fun.

2. We're Sirius

Janna Zagari, a social media queen, wants y'all to know that SiriusXM is hiring for a number of roles, including this audience engagement manager one.

3. Brand It

Alex Cooley is offering free 20-minute consults on whatever piece of personal branding people need evaluated: "Everyone is telling a story whether they know it or not. The question is: Is it projecting the image you mean to project? Is that getting you where you want to go?"

Additionally, on February 15th, Alex is doing a crash course webinar on basic personal brand storytelling. Contact Alex about both opps here.

4. What a Pitch

I've got your plans for January 22nd: My fave L'Oreal Thompson Payton is hosting a FREE webinar from 6-7pm CST (note the timezone) on how writers can pitch media outlets.

5. 'Round the World

Caitlyn Lubas just graduated from NYU Stern School of Business, and since her full-time role doesn’t start until August, she just set out on what she calls Expedition 7 in 7—a journey to visit all seven continents in seven months! Follow her journey; she just came back from Antarctica and is now exploring Argentina.

6. Not Even Spring But We're Ready to Bloom

Sophia Zogopoulos is making big moves today: "I recently co-founded a guided journals company, Blooms, that is focused on women deepening the connection with themselves through the power of pen to paper. Journaling has truly saaaaaved me, but I've found that many don't know where to start. I wanted to create a physical tool for people to have wherever they are in the world and one that is less intimidating than a blank page of paper. We created a subscription service that delivers these recyclable journals to you on each new cycle (every 30-40 days) with all new themes, daily guided questions/planner assistance, and meditations. We hope people keep them forever so they can reflect on where they were and how they moved through those situations in life." In addition to checking on the site, you can follow Blooms on Instagram!

7. Get That Cash Money

Jandra Sutton just announced the launch of The Paid Well Society, a free community dedicated to the advancement of women through recognizing their value and honoring their potential. 

8. Yes Bitch

Thuc Nguyen has announced the Bitch List 2020, a list of amazing screenplays that encompass larger representation of women and folks from all backgrounds; it's created by the Bitch Pack.

9. A Marketing Pivot

From Hannah Murray: "Hi all! I'm making the move from being the Director of Marketing at a tech company to start an MSW program in the fall to become a therapist! I'd love to continue doing some marketing work in a freelance capacity, so I'm looking to speak with anyone who has experience doing something like this. Or, if you're looking for some marketing help, drop me a line!" 

10. Freelancers, Want to Talk?

Diana Enriquez is a PhD candidate at Princeton working on a study on freelance and contract work. Specifically, this project is about negotiation, setting rates, and navigating freelancing as a business. She is seeking freelance and contract designers (graphic or UX) and software developers for interviews. You don't need to be a full-time freelancer for this study; if you do occasional projects as a freelancer and/or part time work as a freelancer, this counts too! The interview can take place in person (if in NYC) or over the phone. Time = 1 hour, pay = $25. Email her here if interested.

Need a lil' help with anything? Email me and I'll spread the word to the squad!
Shout Outs
These ladies are slaying right now. Give 'em a shout out on social media, follow 'em on Twitter, send 'em an email, become #squadgoals, etc.

Snaps for Baily Hancock

During (Net)Work B*tch's hiatus, Baily casually had this lil creature called a BABY! Welcome to the crew, Archie!
GIF for Baily:
Snaps for Bri Prooker

Bri Prooker wrote a powerful piece about finding her voice after being silenced by her abusive father. Thank you for sharing your story, Bri.
GIF for Bri:
Snaps for Harper Yi

Harper Yi is bringing ALL of that 2020 energy: "I'm taking my fire for brand partnerships to Broadway as Marketing Manager at Serino Coyne! I can't wait to develop some exciting activations and experiences for amazing shows. Outside of work, I'm taking on the role of Co-Chair for She Runs It's (formerly Advertising Women of New York [AWNY]) Multicultural Alliance, working to promote inclusion in marketing, media, and advertising."
GIF for Harper:
Snaps for Daniela Porcelli

Daniela Porcelli is a legend among mere mortals: "This past December I completed my Master’s in International Affairs from The New School. I completed my degree with a large paper (a research portfolio which was basically a thesis) on research I completed this past summer in Greece (Lesvos specifically). I looked at the refugee crisis and how spaces (i.e. refugee camps, designated safe areas, and hotspot islands) impact refugee mental health. I also landed a Fellowship at the NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security. I was able to attend Security Council sessions and see women from all over the world brief members. I am still there and looking for something full-time. Woo!"
GIF for Daniela:
Snaps for RJ Bohyn

From RJ: "I manage the blog Among The Olive Trees where I share a lifestyle of faith, style, and culture. I have been following the Festival of Faith & Writing for years and have just been notified I've been granted one of their scholarships to attend this event to facilitate conversations between 'people from the many diverse communities made and served by religious writing.' At a time when the religious identity in the U.S. is being challenged and transformed, I'm more excited to step into this dialogue than ever and eager to connect with others willing to brave the same."
GIF for RJ:
Snaps for Sammy Chavin:

We've got quite the educated group of subscribers: Sammy Chavin got into grad school at George Washington University and just started! From Sammy: "I'm going to the school of political management and want to focus on social policies for women/children. I work at an anti-hunger org now and want to help the movement do better so I figured I should learn more!"
GIF for Sammy:
Snaps for Kendra Long

A lot of us went Through It™ in 2019, but whew, Kendra's year is up there:

"After a couple years of aimlessly floating at shitty goop and scoop jobs, I got my masters in library science to become a film archivist. In 2019, I:
  • May: Graduated with a 4.0 GPA.
  • June: Interviewed for jobs in New Mexico and Chicago.
  • June: Got married.
  • July: Decided on the Chicago job.
  • July: Packed up and moved to Chicago.
  • August: Started my job here.
IT WAS A BUSY YEAR." Whew, sounds like it. (And if you have a project that requires heavy research, I can get you in touch with Kendra!)
GIF for Kendra Long:

Survivor GIF Life

When your alarm goes off...
All right, newsletter done. Signing off. Love y'all.


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