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Get Learnt, Get Turnt
#Facts: (Net)Work B*tch's thousands of subscribers have a unique mix of skill sets, knowledge, and talents. So why not share that expertise with others?

This section is dedicated to interviewing women about a career topic of interest that you can take to the bank regardless of field. And as always, if you're interested in being interviewed, you know where to find me.

Today's Get Learnt, Get Turnt features Eva Recinos, who's here to talk about her freelancing career, including giving the dirt on great pitching.

Can you give 3-4 sentences about your background? More specifically, how did you get into freelance art and culture writing?

Eva Recinos: As an undergrad, I thought I wanted to do fiction writing. Then I got a rejection from a class I really wanted to do so I took that as a sign. I worked as an editor on the school paper and did an internship at LA Weekly. I started out being interested in music journalism then switched to writing mostly about visual art. That love led me to get an Masters in art history and to continue writing about artists. Over the years I found that I loved writing about artists, writers and creators of color the most. 

Obviously, there's a lot of talk nowadays about how much the journalism world is changing — and not necessarily for the better. How do you keep on top of your freelancing despite all of the huge shifts?

ER: Definitely. I grew up wanting to do print writing then found out about the world of digital journalism and writing. I try to use digital to my advantage; I use social media to find story ideas and also see what editors are looking for. I also make sure to keep in touch with editors I work well with; things change quickly, but if you create good relationships with your editors, it might lead to a new opportunity later down the line. 

One of the biggest questions I get is how to pitch. What are your top three tips for pitching stories to outlets?

ER: One of the best tips I’ve gotten is don’t be humble; pull on all the examples of your expertise of a subject in your pitch so you can convince the editor it should be YOU that writes the story. 

Do your homework on the website; make sure that the pitch you’re sending is in the style and area of interest of the site. Even if you think you’re familiar with the publication, do another quick sweep of their recent articles. 

Do some research on the editor; again, social media is a great tool for this. Find out what editors want to see more of in their inbox. 

What's the biggest misconception people have about being a freelance writer?

ER: That it’s just about writing quick articles. It’s a bigger job than that. You have to build a platform, research publications and editors, research topics and then oftentimes go through many rounds of edits. Then it’s on to sharing the article and coming up with the next idea! 

What advice do you have for anyone looking to get into the field?

ER: I say connect with writers you love. Read work often from people you admire. And see what things you’re already obsessed with; is there anything there that can inspire a story? It might seem obvious to you but someone else might love reading an article about it. 

You can reach out to Eva on LinkedIn, Twitter, and her website.

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Inspiring Badass Lady Quote of the Month
From Charlotte Whitton:

"Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult."

Meet Some (Net)Working B*tches
It's time to recognize some of the badass ladies in the group. Say hey, drop a tweet, you know the drill.

Also, all of their advice is super on point, so read!

Name: Emily Hines
Your hustle: Digital content manager (full-time), travel writer (side gig)
The secret to being a boss lady is: Ask for what you want. The worse that can happen is someone says no.
Why you subscribe to (Net)Work B*tch: I feel a little isolated at times since I don't live in a major city and not many of my friends can relate to my job. I'm a relatively new subscriber and find the newsletter to be such a valuable resource for inspiration. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and meeting other creators and entrepreneurs.
Social media links: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter

Name: Alaia Williams
Your hustle: Business Systems Strategist, Community Cultivator and Podcaster
The secret to being a boss lady is: Finding the sweet spot between what you love doing, what you're good at, and what you can get paid well for!
Why you subscribe to (Net)Work B*tch: To connect with and learn from ambitious and motivated women who are doing awesome things.
Social media links: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Name: Gabriela Riccardi
Your hustle: I'm a graphic designer for live events at The Atlantic. That means I help ideate and develop visual identities for the 100+ forums and festivals we hold around the country annually.
The secret to being a boss lady is: Be generous in what you do, and remember that you always have something of merit to give. At the minimum, you have gratitude. Some of the women I admire most have become my advocates simply because I dropped them a note with how I appreciated their work. 
Why you subscribe to (Net)Work B*tch: I'm currently working my way through a masters in shine theory. Kidding, sort of, but I do believe in the value of surrounding yourself with the victories of ambitious women. I've been totally surprised to find that it's a karmic investment: supporting other women in their achievements reminds me to celebrate every time I catch a little stardust, too.
Social media links: Twitter

Name: Jennifer Fabiano
Your hustle: I am a Multimedia Journalist at AccuWeather, Section Editor at Valley Magazine and Print Intern at State College Magazine. I am also a senior at Penn State University.
The secret to being a boss lady is: Passion. If you don't have passion for whatever it is your chasing, it's going to be a long, hard jog. With enough passion, the grind is actually fun and is another way to express yourself. Along with that, not being afraid to fail. This is something that I have struggled with, and it has held me back in the past. I've learned that to get what I've never had, I have to do things I've never done, and sometimes failure comes along with that. 
Why you subscribe to (Net)Work B*tch: I was super curious about what it was and it sounded like something fun to be involved in. Media is a huge part of my life, so I wanted fun media every month to learn about boss women, some of whom I could even end up working with someday. Plus, to college seniors, the word "network" is like catnip.
Social media links: FacebookInstagramPhotography InstagramLinkedIn

Email me if you're interested in being interviewed for a future newsletter!
Reads That Are Worth Your Time
Each month, I want to feature a couple of things I (or any of you) read on the internet that are totally perspective-changing for one reason or another (and usually career-oriented) because #knowledgeispower and stuff.

1. Where Is the Demand For Women-Only Co-working Spaces Coming From? by Leigh Stringer

Women-centric coworking spaces aren't just a phenomenon in large metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles; smaller cities all across the U.S. are picking up on the trend too. You can probably guess the myriad reasons why women would want their own space in this era.

2. 'My Boss Got Fired and Won't Leave Me Alone!' by Alison Green

Yikes. Even if you haven't dealt with a scorned boss, you've probably at least had with a co-worker or superior who was let go and won't stop trash-talking and gossiping about the company you still work for.

3. Meet the Women Taking Over for Eric Schneiderman By Kaitlin Menza

Kaitlin Menza sat down with Barbara Underwood, the first female Attorney General in the state of New York, after she took over following the ouster of former AG Eric Schneiderman, who was accused of abusing at least four women. Underwood is considered the most qualified people to lead the department, and another plus: Underwood's staff is majority women.

Email me if you have a cool read you want to submit!
Help a Girl Out
Hey hey, here's what our ladies need help with this month!

1. Let's Incubate

Mariyah Janjua set up a corporate incubator (!!!) and is looking for women to speak at it: The "Brewery is a freshly born product incubator within the Daimler family aimed at encouraging people (irrespective of background) to build something and share their learnings. The idea is that all the small 'what ifs?' will trigger the thought process needed to create an awesome product and even better automotive experience, while catering for the need of people to physically create, manage and be entrepreneurs will be catered for. It's not a groundbreaking concept in the wider world, but the automotive world is still in the stone ages (and hence why this is a big deal)! If you have any experience in building anything — be it an article, a product, a prototype, an awesome cake, a community, a piece of art or whatever it may be — we'd love to have you share your experiences at our monthly Fireside Chat!" Email Mariyah here.

2. Make Her the First

Bridget Jackson writes in with an opportunity for any New York City residents wanting to support girls' education worldwide: "Live in NYC? The She's the First Young Professionals Network is a membership group based in New York City with a dual purpose. Connect like-minded gender equality and girls’ education advocates while supporting the mission of She’s the First. From monthly happy hours to engaging talks and events to a summer kickball league, running club and book club, the She's the First Young Professionals Network has something for everyone. It gets better: Annual membership dues support a scholarship for a girl in She’s the First’s programs, STF Scholar Ambicka." You can apply for membership here.

3. Calling the National Security Squad

Maggie Feldman-Piltch is about to unleash a number of huge announcements for #NatSecGirlSquad, an on and offline community of women in defense, foreign policy, and security committed to the professional growth and holistic success of its members. Sign up for the email list to get first dibs!

4. Organizing, Productivity, and More

Professional organizer Leslie Cason just started her productivity coaching and web design businesses, so check out her website if you're looking for services in any of those fields!

5. Go Small Biz

Regen Stahl writes in to give you the opportunity to help a small business out: "We’re in the process of buying a used bookstore and cafe in southern Michigan. As three professional women with limited business and entrepreneurial experience but with a passion for books and coffee, we're searching for resources, information, and partial funding to finalize our venture. Basically, we’re wondering if anyone has any advice or related experiences to share, and if anyone knows of programs or grants that help fill the financial gap between what we currently have and what we still need." Email her if you have any advice or resources to give!

6. Get a Virtual Assistant Now

Alicia Lalicon has started her career as a full-time virtual assistant, and she's looking for clients! In particular, here's who she'd love to work with: "They would ideally be women of color looking for an assistant for a business based on a blog or YouTube channel. The business could be a side hustle or their main gig! And if they have or would like to start a podcast, I can write their show notes, do guest outreach, and coordinate appointments." Email her here!

7. Time to Pop Up (With a Discount Code!)

Victoria Chow works at the acclaimed Pop-Up Magazine, a "live magazine" show which features live, multimedia, and reported stories from Oscar-winning filmmakers, NYT bestselling authors, photographers, journalists, and emerging talent. Want to go to Pop-Up Mag's next installment? Deets from Victoria: "The full lineup for our 'Spring Issue' tour is here and includes Joy Bryant and Franchesca Ramsey, as well as journalists ranging from Helen Rosner to John Jeremiah Sullivan and many other writers, photographers, and filmmakers. Our live orchestra, Magik*Magik Orchestra, scores each story, adding a musical element as well. 

We kicked off our tour in Oakland this week and will hit the East Coast starting next Saturday, May 19th (Boston at Cutler Majestic Theatre), May 21st (NY at Lincoln Center), and May 23rd (Warner Theatre in DC). Tickets are on sale here.

For fellow newsletter subscribers, I'd love to offer the discount code SUPPORTER, which will knock $5 off each ticket in any city."

8. Talk Pop Culture

Alaia Williams is looking for new guests for her entertainment and pop culture podcast 18 to 49: "I'm interested in speaking with people who can talk about these topics in interesting, fun and engaging ways — and who also aren't afraid to get serious or personal if it heads in that direction. Nothing is pre-scripted, though you'll know the topic beforehand (usually something related to your favorite TV shows or movies)." Email her here with a little about yourself and any relevant links and previous podcast experience.

9. Calling All of the Portland, Mainers

From Abby Wolfe: "My fiancé and I are moving to Portland, Maine from Washington, DC. Chris will be working for Allagash Brewery, and I left my full-time job at American University; I'll be doing some freelance writing, editing, research, and more. I'd love to meet anyone in Portland once I'm there—I need friends." I can wholeheartedly confirm that Abby's the best, so email her here if you or someone you know/like is in Portland!

10. Help a Recent Grad Out

Amina Abdelrahman just got that shiny diploma and needs your help: "I just graduated with a B.A. in communication and journalism from Montclair State University, and I'm searching for editorial jobs in the New York/New Jersey area or even freelance writing gigs. I've interned at four different companies while in school, including Martha Stewart Weddings (Meredith Corporation) and Bauer Publishing. Besides my previous internships, I also gained a ton of editorial experience while serving as the lifestyle editor for Her Campus Montclair and a copy editor for The Montclarion, my school's newspaper. I take pride in my conversational voice and I can adapt it to any publication. I'm ready to move on to my next opportunity and would appreciate any help that is offered!" Check out her portfolio here and email her here.

11. Better Than Karaoke

Jaclyn Green-Stock writes in about something awesome: "I'm the coordinator for Choiroke, karaoke's hotter cousin. Presented by Urban Choir Project, which has non-audition choirs throughout the city, the next Choiroke will be at The Gallery at LPR on Friday, June 1. Our tagline is 'The spotlight stays on you; we just make it shine brighter.'

Choiroke is a chance for audience members to take the stage, with 20 choir members providing rich background vocals. Choiroke participants sing everything from TLC to 4 Non Blondes to The Jackson 5." Check out the teaser here!

12. Writers of NYC

Kate Dwyer has worked for the Paragraph Workspace for Writers for several months, and the business just opened a second location (in addition to their Union Square location) in Williamsburg! Definitely check it out if you're a writer in the city looking for coworking options that are a little more suited to your needs.

Need a lil' help with anything? Email me and I'll spread the word to the squad!
Shout Outs
These ladies are slaying right now. Give 'em a shout out on social media, follow 'em on Twitter, send 'em an email, become #squadgoals, etc.

Snaps for Eva Recinos

Eva's incredibly excited to share this piece she wrote about photographer Laura Aguilar, who shines light on the experiences of queer women of color. 
GIF for Eva:
Snaps for Jen Brown

As if Jen wasn't busy enough, she just opened a collaborative women-centric space in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. If you're in the area, definitely check it out!
GIF for Jen:
Snaps for Andrea González-Ramírez

Andrea was one of the moderators at Latino Talks 2018, organized by the Latino Victory Fund. She got to share the stage with other amazing Latinas and talk about representation, politics, and #life!
GIF for Andrea:
Snaps for Brijana Prooker

Brijana wrote an article for Reese Witherspoon's media company Hello Sunshine about the importance of not minimizing your experiences or the experiences of other women during the #MeToo movement.
GIF for Brijana:
Snaps for Emily Kong

From Emily: "I started my first adult job in September and my boss just went away for vacation and put me in charge of our two-woman digital department. So I was in charge of all our social media accounts, email, correspondence, all that jazz. A little overwhelming most of the time, but I SURVIVED! Definitely a big moment for me since I'm constant worried about my job performance." YAYAYAYAY!
GIF for Emily:
Snaps for Sheryl Shipley

Sheryl just won the Democratic nomination for Indiana State Senate District 22! You can also learn more about her campaign here.
GIF for Sheryl:
Snaps for Melissa Bartone

Melissa just graduated from law school, and subscriber Jessi Walker wanted to give her snaps!
GIF for Melissa:
Snaps for Caroline Propersi

Caroline passed her comps, presented her dissertation proposal, and the North American Labor History Conference accepted her panel proposal!
GIF for Caroline:

Survivor GIF Life

When you watch someone try to defend Aaron Schlossberg on Twitter
All right, newsletter done. LHerms signing off. Love y'all.


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