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Lily, Are You Okay?

Greetings! First of all, if you signed up for (Net)Work B*tch sometime in the past three months and forgot (I don't blame y'all), I'm Lily, a writer, editor, digital strategist, professor, and person who does too many other things. This is a monthly women-centric networking newsletter that launched almost 3.5 years ago and is named after Britney Spears song. Welcome! Hello!

Second, thank you to all who've sent me emails and tweets since October wondering about where I am and passing along well-wishes! To make a very long story short, as some of you may remember me mentioning last fall, I had mono during the summer—but I was essentially sick with a bunch of different stuff from late May 2018 until mid-November 2018 (capped off by an incredibly heinous migraine the day after the midterm elections). I thought I was in the clear in September, but things got extremely bad once again in October.

I was very ready for 2018 to leave, and as anyone who's been sick on top of life's other stresses can attest, I was beyond burnt out. I took the past two months since Thanksgiving to essentially cut myself some slack, relax a little bit, and feel better. And I do! So here we are, back to where we should be.

Onto Our Normal Programming

The January issue of the (Net)Work B*tch newsletter comes out next Friday, and you should be featured in it!

Here's what I'm looking for (Please submit by Friday, January 18th, at 9am EST on the damn dot):
  • Talk about something great that happened to you. Did you get into grad school, snag a super cool job, publish something incredible, etc.? Let me give you a shout out and fabulous hand-selected GIF to celebrate.
  • Be an expert for the "Get Learnt, Get Turnt" section, where you'll be interviewed about a career topic you know a lot about.
  • Created a cool thing or launched a cool thing? Lmk, party people.
  • Know of any great events, conferences, or meetups coming up? Send me links!
  • Want to ask the (Net)Work B*tch network for a hand on something? DO IT.
  • Have a success story from this newsletter and want to share it with the world? Make me cry tears of joy, pls.
Oh, and tell your lady friends to sign up for (Net)Work B*tch! Even getting one woman to sign up is a BIG DEAL. Link here.

How to submit stuff: Email me at! If we haven't met before, don't be afraid to say hi and introduce yourself.
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