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Dealing With Me Once a Month: Major Key to Success

Welcome to (Net)Work B*tch, the monthly newsletter for busy, boss ladies who want to network and meet other cool women but don't want to leave their comfy beds (or Making A Murderer) to do it.

A note from Lily (Me! The creator of this newsletter!):

Hi, folks! Some of you have been on this newsletter list for a couple months, others were just invited in the last couple of days.

One of my goals for 2016 is to really grow this newsletter and see it do some good for a lot of people, so it'd warm my wifi-dependent heart if you took the time to recommend another lady for it (takes 30 seconds!) and reached out to the women mentioned below.

Y'all are the best.


Quick Logistics

Literally the Only Requirement for the Newsletter

The only thing you need to do if you're on this newsletter: Find ONE boss, ambitious, awesome lady to join it, too! 

Steps for how to do this:

1. Think of a boss lady.

2. Fill out THIS FORM (takes no more than 30 seconds, PROMISE) OR tell said boss lady to subscribe here.

4. I'll do the rest.


If you have suggestions, additions, ANYTHING that you want added to this newsletter, I'm all ears! Feel free to email me at or talk to me on Twitter (since that's my home anyway).

Inspiring Badass Lady Quote of the Month

We all need quotes in our lives, yeah?

In early high school years, I was pretty chubby, and I spent a lot of time on my computer, before it was cool to have a computer, because there was a time that was true. So that's where I developed my personality." - Rashida "It's Okay to Be an Internet Human" Jones
Reads That Are Worth Your Time

Each month, I want to feature a couple of things I (or any of you) read on the internet that are totally perspective-changing for one reason or another (and usually career-oriented) because #knowledgeispower or whatever.

1. Want to Make Your Blog Stand Out? Use the Blue Ocean Strategy by Garrett Moon

Regardless of field, everyone on Planet Earth is starting a blog these days, and this article made me go, "Whoa wait holy sh*t blogging makes sense now!" So yeah, A+ read.

2. Make This Year Count: The Perfect Career Goals for Every Single Month by Alyse Kalish

I'm not just posting this because I work for The Muse; I actually think it's one of the best "career goals!!!!!!" articles out there.

3. A Story of a F*ck Off Fund by Paulette Perhach

My dad calls this "FU money," but I think "f*ck off fund" gets the job done too. This is also probably one of the most important pieces about personal finance you'll read this week (or even this month).

Make it rain dolla bills, y'all (but then, like, put them in your savings account or somewhere with a good interest rate).

Email me if you have a cool read you want to submit!

Go to This Sh*t

1. Mingle With Media People

Thank you Grace Gavilanes for sending this to me! MEDIA HUMANS: MEOjobs is hosting an NYC media industry meetup on Wednesday, February 17th at House of Brews. DEETS HERE.

*Insert media joke about here*

2. Everyday I'm Hustlin' (at the Hustle Summit)

FindSpark does lots of awesome stuff, and their Hustle Summit is no different. The summit connects you digitally and in-person with representatives from companies like BuzzFeed, Univision, The New York Times, Blue Apron, and HBO (and lots of other people). Takes place on January 29th at Irving Plaza in NYC. More info on the FAQ.

3. Learn How to bSmart

bSmart Guide is teaming up with WeWork to put together an awesome panel about how to create your dream career.

Not based in NYC? You can still get hold of the livestream.

Email me in the future if you have events you'd like to add or that you hear about and think would be cool!

Shout Outs

These ladies are slaying right now. Give 'em a shout out on social media, follow 'em on Twitter, send 'em an email, become #squadgoals, etc.


Snaps for Ella Dawson

She got a promotion at TED Talks and is now TED's ~Social Media Manager~. Even better, the social media team is looking for a Social Media Assistant, so more info on that below.
You can also tweet this fun thing to support her: Congrats to @brosandprose on her @TEDTalks promotion! Social media manager, wahoo!
GIF for Ella:

Snaps for Hannah Rimm

Hannah is marketing coordinator for GKIDS, and they were just nominated for TWO (yes, DOS) Oscars for Best Animated Feature (Boy And The World and When Marnie Was There). 
Tweet about it: Congrats to @hannnnnnnnahhh on @GKIDSfilms' TWO Oscar noms!
GIF for Hannah:

Email me in the future if you accomplish ANYTHING and you want a GIF of praise!

Help a Lady Out

Know Someone Who Works in Foster Care?

Liz Brajevich is trying to talk to people in the field of foster care as she looks at future career options. If you know a super social worker who is working or has worked in foster care services, reach out to Liz.

Email me in the future if you want to ask the group for help!

Land of Opportunities

1. Jopwell wants a stellar Social Media/Community Manager.
Jopwell is 
looking for a social media rockstar who is comfortable taking the company's high-level social strategy and goals and driving the creation and distribution of content accordingly. The company also got major press this week for raising $3 million in seed funding (and some of it coming from Magic Johnson hollaaaaa). Email me for deets.

2. TED Talks is seeking a Social Media Assistant.
As mentioned earlier, now that fab human of the World Wide Web Ella Dawson has been promoted, TED is now looking for a social media assistant in NYC. Go here for deets.

3. Ashley Stahl is looking for a full-time Editor and Project Manager.
This job is perf for someone with 1-2 years experience and includes writing/editing, social media work, public relations, client relations, and project management. More info can be found here. To apply, email Ashley at with a resume and writing sample.

4. Skillcrush is hiring a Content Marketing Intern.
The position is remote and ~*~paid~*~. I can also personally attest to how great the Skillcrush team is! Deets hurrrr, yo.

5. Submit to Femsplain.
Femsplain is one of the best places on the web IMO, and even cooler, it's open season on the blog for personal essays.

6. bSmart Guide is looking for bloggers.
Looking to get your feet wet in the world of digital media? Apply to become a writer for bSmart here here here.

7. Reading Heart wants a freelance grant writer/PR specialist.
Reading Heart, an adorable organization focused on getting books to kids, is a small nonprofit looking for someone to submit small grant proposals, and solicit press of what their precious eight-year-old founder is doing to get books to children in hospitals and in rural classrooms. 

Interested? Email Liz Brajevich and she will set you up with the organization's director.

Email me in the future if you or anyone you know have opps they'd like to share in any field!

Survivor GIF Life

When you're dealing with basics on Twitter...

(Also, Kelley Wentworth is bae.)
All right, y'all, that's it for this newsletter. Go team, rah rah rah. See you next month.


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