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Get Learnt, Get Turnt
#Facts: (Net)Work B*tch's thousands of subscribers have a unique mix of skill sets, knowledge, and talents. So why not share that expertise with others?

This section is dedicated to interviewing women about a career topic of interest that you can take to the bank regardless of field. And as always, if you're interested in being interviewed, you know where to find me.

Today's Get Learnt, Get Turnt features Mackenzie Newcomb. In addition to running the popular Mack In Style blog, she's the influencer relations and strategic partnerships manager at Petrossian, the largest caviar distributor in the world. She's here to talk about the gourmet food industry!

Can you give 3-4 sentences about your background? How did you get into the world of gourmet food?

Mackenzie Newcomb: I went to Suffolk University in Boston where I studied sociology and marketing. At the time, I never would have believed that my path could lead me to my current destination. While at Suffolk I worked in Guest Services at the Boston Park Plaza hotel. Additionally I was the founder of my school's branch of Her Campus and interned at fashion startups incubated through Tech Stars and Mass Challenge. Unsurprisingly, my first job in New York was with a startup, a job I hated more than anything. Throughout all of this, I consistently published content on my blog, Mack in Style, where I covered my favorite places to eat, shop and travel. I was given the opportunity to review Petrossian restaurant for a Valentine's Day feature, and fell in love with caviar. A few months later I was asked to work for the company full-time as the Vice President's assistant, and was able to leave the job that I hated. I excelled and was recently promoted to a management role where I lead influencer relations and strategic partnerships. 

What background does someone need to get into the gourmet food industry? Do you need to be some sort of foodie, or is it okay if you're a little bit newer to food?

MN: Like any field, we have a variety of different roles in our company that have nothing to do with product development or taste testing. If you have experience in international trade or import and export management, gourmet food is definitely a viable career path for you. A background in hospitality is certainly helpful as well. When meeting with new people, we always ask people how much they know about caviar (*cue look of fear*), but we never expect them to know anything about it at first. Passion is certainly important, I think when it comes to any field, but especially with food. It's easy to love your job when you're so proud of the product. 

What's the biggest challenge you've faced working in the industry?

MN: The biggest challenge I've faced has definitely been overcoming the stigma attached with caviar — mainly that it's only for the old and rich. The reality is that our prices range a lot, and you can get quality caviar for $70! Sure, it's not cheap, but considering the process it takes to create the product (five to 10 years), it makes sense. My goal is to get young people to aspire to purchase caviar, just as they would a fancy bottle of champagne or a dinner at a Michelin star restaurant.    

What's the biggest misconception people have about working in gourmet food?

MN: I think a lot of people come into our office expecting to be met with snobs. My boss is a third-generation caviar purveyor, but he's the most down to earth person I have ever worked for. Our company is very relaxed, and the atmosphere is essentially the exact opposite of what you'd expect from a company that produces the world's most expensive food. Many people also assume I eat endless free caviar, salmon, and foie gras. Truthfully, in my role I do eat a lot of caviar, and tasting champagne is sometimes part of the gig! That said, most days I'm sitting in my cubicle answering emails like everyone else. 

What advice do you have for anyone looking to get into the field?

MN: Network, network, network. Find a company you love, and use LinkedIn to connect with people that work there. We've hired several people that have reached out to us on LinkedIn. If you have a blog, dabble in food writing. Ultimately, that's how I started working for Petrossian. For my entire life I believed I would work in fashion, but working in gourmet food has made my life infinitely better. 

You can reach out to Mackenzie on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and her website.

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(Net)Work B*tch Success Stories
Y'all need to get better at keeping me updated when things work out! Here's some good news from our (Net)Work B*tch members who connected with one another:

1. Subscriber Abby Wolfe mentioned last newsletter that she was looking for friends in Portland, Maine. Good news: This newsletter helped her find some! Take selfies, Abby.

2. Subscriber L'Oreal Thompson Payton appeared on subscriber Alaia Williams' podcast 18 to 49 after Alaia made a pitch in the newsletter. Move it to the top of your podcast queue!

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Inspiring Badass Lady Quote of the Month
From Kristin Davis:

“Our mothers’ generation fought so hard to change things and we’re the first generation to benefit. And now you get girls in their twenties who say they’re not feminists.”

Meet Some (Net)Working B*tches
It's time to recognize some of the badass ladies in the group. Say hey, drop a tweet, you know the drill.

Also, all of their advice is super on point, so read!

Name: August McLaughlin
Your hustle: I'm a health and sexuality writer and the host and creator of Girl Boner® and the podcast Girl Boner Radio. My nonfiction books, Girl Boner: The Good Girl's Guide to Sexual Empowerment and Girl Boner Journal: A Guided Journal to Self Awareness, release on August 7th!
The secret to being a boss lady is: Following your heart with gusto. At least, that's what works well for me. I broke so many "rules" when I launched Girl Boner on my blog five years ago, but my heart and gut were all, "DO THIS!" I felt compelled to speak up about damaging messages around women's sexuality and show that goodness and sex/sexuality can, in fact, pair well for gals—no shame required. Roughly half of the people I told about Girl Boner in advance warned me: "But the trolls!" "Won't sex talk scare away your readers?" "Isn't that off-brand? A sequel to your thriller makes more sense." None of that mattered to me as much as staying true to myself and contributing to what I deem vital societal change. So I hit Publish on that blog post and haven't looked back. 
Why you subscribe to (Net)Work B*tch: A colleague recommended it and I loved it immediately, which says a lot! I'm pretty particular about what newsletters I subscribe to and read. (Net)Work B*tch is so reader-friendly and unabashedly supportive. I always get a boost.
Social media links: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Name: Rebecca Carvalho
Your hustle: Marketing coordinator for a furniture company, publicist and social media management for Yani's Bake House (a small Latina-owned bakery based in New Jersey that makes everything from scratch with a Latin twist, and her guava scones are my absolute favorite). Freelance writer for, and currently open to other freelance opportunities in marketing. I have a few hustles under my belt!
The secret to being a boss lady is: Perseverance. Whether you're in a bad mood or feeling totally positive and like your killing it, you have to persevere and keep it going. To me, it's about getting up when you're down, but also appreciating and continuing to work hard even when things are going well.  
Why you subscribe to (Net)Work B*tch: I love that it's a shorter newsletter that just highlights some great accomplishments — it's just a spot of sunshine that's needed and refreshing. I appreciate that it gives women a platform to celebrate victories, both big and small. Usually, we don't celebrate ourselves enough or see small victories as something that aren't worth celebrating. I like that this newsletter, to me, has reclaimed that.
Social media links: Twitter, Instagram


Name: Katherine (Katie) Pittman
Your hustle: I'm a rising senior at Ohio University. Editorial intern at O, The Oprah Magazine (this summer); editor-in-chief of Thread magazine, Ohio University's largest fashion publication (full-time); deputy editor of Ohio Journalist magazine, a publication for alumni of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.
The secret to being a boss lady is: Empathy. We've all been at a tough spot at some point in our lives, and it's important to help others when we can. A little bit can go a long way, and treating others with kindness is always a good idea. Living by the Golden Rule has helped and guided me both professionally and personally. 
Why you subscribe to (Net)Work B*tch: I go to school in a small town, and although I've met quite a few boss ladies, I know there are more out there! I'm always looking to see what other women in media are doing, and I love how this newsletter highlights and uplifts them. 
Social media links: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Name: Torey Lehman
You hustle: Designer and founder of Reigning Grey, a jewelry company.
Secret to being a boss lady is: Be open, engaging, and confident. Walk the walk, talk the talk!
Why you subscribe to (Net)Work B*tch:  I love connecting with super motivated and inspiring women!
Social media links: Instagram

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Reads That Are Worth Your Time
Each month, I want to feature a couple of things I (or any of you) read on the internet that are totally perspective-changing for one reason or another (and usually career-oriented) because #knowledgeispower and stuff.

1. How I Increased My Salary by $30,000 by L'Oreal Thompson Payton

I know y'all love hearing more about how you can earn the money you deserve, and (Net)Work B*tch subscriber L'Oreal Thompson Payton is here to explain how she got an extra $30k at work. 

2. Just Write 500 Words by Katie Heaney

There's a general misconception that busy people—and in my line of work, busy writers—spend a bazillion hours per day working. In truth, Katie puts it best: "Lots of writers like to pretend they write for eight hours a day, but they are lying. They are on Twitter with a blank Word document open in another tab. That doesn’t count as 'writing.'" Same goes for basically every other profession. Her advice? Don't focus on writing for eight hours. Just jot down 500 words.

3. Guidelines for VCs Writing Discrimination & Harassment Policies by Ginny Fahs, #MovingForward, and Freada Kapor Klein

Even if you're not a venture capitalist or you work in a completely different industry, this is an excellent guide to writing clear and effective HR policies geared towards discrimination and harassment in the office.

Email me if you have a cool read you want to submit!
Help a Girl Out
Hey hey, here's what our ladies need help with this month!

1. Gal Pals, Unite in Chicago

The truly phenomenal L'Oreal Thompson Payton is celebrating her five-year blogaversary in style: She's hosting a party this summer to celebrate women and girls. All of the vendors are women-owned AND proceeds will benefit Polished Pebbles, a non-profit mentoring group for Black girls that L'Oreal volunteered with since moving to Chicago half a decade ago. You can buy tickets HERE and use the promo code LTINTHECITY to get $5 off!

2. Pitch Perfect

From Liz Roberts: "Are you an entrepreneur looking to up your skill set? Have a great idea that you want to fine-tune? On Thursday, June 28th, join United Women In Business and Gold Jam Creative for a Business Pitch 101 Workshop! You'll learn to sell your product, service, or team by exciting and inspiring the listener, all while earning their trust and being authentic. After the workshop, enjoy light refreshments and shop exclusive looks at Talbots. Tickets are only $5 and more information can be found here."

3. Know About Data Science? (Bonus If You're in the Bay Area!)

From Hannah Fritze: "I'm a recent Wesleyan University grad with a B.A. in Astronomy and Physics and a minor in German Studies. I'm looking for leads on data science/data analytics jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area where I can apply my python, SQL, and other data analysis skills. I recently conducted astronomy research that involved accessing a 12,000 source database, modeling spectra with X-ray analysis software, and scripting analytic tools in python. I've had to present my research at astronomy conferences and in talks for the public, and I wrote it up in an undergraduate thesis, so I have experience presenting my work to people with a range of academic and non-academic backgrounds. I'm ideally looking for something with a science focus, but I'm open to anything in the realm of data science." You can email her here.

4. Want to Do Social Media for a Good Cause?

My former boss at The Muse Jenni Maier volunteers for the Crime Victims Treatment Center, and she's helping them find a social media volunteer with experience (and the right voice) to run their platforms. You can be remote, and you'd only need to do 2-3 hours per week of work. More information here.

5. It's Time to Lunch

On June 1st, Rebecca Gladstone and Chelsea Calnan launched Ladies Who Lunch, a collective of women who promote personal and professional relationships for women, by women, and with women over lunch (of course). They aim to create lasting and impactful connections, because there are too many cooks in this kitchen and they’re all dudes. Sign up and follow LWL on Instagram!

6. Heeeeeey, Seattle!

From Colleen Star Koch: "If you love craft cocktails and brainy conversations with growth-minded individuals, then this group is for you! Join brain-based coaches Colleen Star Koch and Ariel Companioni of Rowan Coaching for twice-monthly chats on topics ranging from how to start your own business to sharpening your interview skills, ditching negative thinking to the cult of extroversion.

Get a taste of neuroscience-based coaching at Seattle's most fabulous cocktail bars and speakeasies, while connecting with like minds who are similarly interested in personal and professional transformation. Share your thoughts on our monthly topic, and see what everyone else has to say. Come with your best coaching questions — we're here to help, no commitment required. Worst case scenario, you're in for some delicious drinks and treats and curiosity-activating conversations! We can't wait to see you there!" You can buy tickets HERE.

7. Be Your Breast Self

Nikita T. Mitchell wants to spotlight Know Your Girls, a campaign dedicated to Black women's breast health. Check out the campaign video, and follow the org on Twitter and Facebook.

8. Help Teens Change the World

From Leigh Cambra: "I am the advisor for a high school club at Carmel High School in Carmel, California called This Club Saves Lives. Our amazing group of students work on local and global actions working to make the world a better place. Last year we worked on creating a resource center for human trafficking victims, this summer we are collecting school supplies to supply to students at an elementary school in Salinas. People can help us by buying items off our Amazon wishlist.

We are also a WE Schools club and work towards attending WE Day in Los Angeles every year. Since we are over six hours north of LA, we use the trip as a time to also volunteer with organizations in the area such as Baby2Baby, Thirst Project, and PATH. This year was a special trip because we were also able to bring along some Carmel High School performing arts students. Senior Grace Heidtke wrote a poem about body imaging and loving yourself; she read the poem while students performed behind her. You can check it out here and get more info about the trip here."

9. Freelancers, Be Part of a Study!

Diana Enriquez is an Economic Sociology Ph.D. student at Princeton. She is doing a deep-dive study on how jobs structures have been changing over time, particularly since 2008. She is looking to interview full-time, contract, and freelance journalists/media creators, writers, and designers about their contract negotiations and, when applicable, their pricing strategies. The interviews will be used to identify generalizable patterns in wages, changes in job structures, and industry trends, but they will also be used in a podcast series she is creating about contract negotiation strategies. She is working on a grant so she can offer a little bit of compensation for your time ($25). You can email her here.

10. Help a Recent Grad Out

Kate Yglesias Houghton is heading up the first-ever Young Adult Cancer Action Day in Washington, D.C. next week, bringing advocates to Capitol Hill so that lawmakers understand — and help transform — young adult cancer care in the United States. Specifically, advocates will meet with their member of Congress to push for legislation that would let cancer patients defer student loans. 

From Kate: "Approximately 70,000 adolescents and young adults are diagnosed with cancer each year in the United States. Older adolescent and younger adult patients are often labeled as 'too young' for adult care or 'too old' for a pediatric setting. They fall into a care gap unnoticed which has a direct impact on survival. Adolescents and young adults have seen little to no improvement in survival rates since President Richard Nixon declared a 'war on cancer' nearly a half-century ago; shockingly, colorectal and cervical cancer mortality rates are increasing for young adults."

11. Examining Privilege

Subscriber Erica Hernandez created something absolutely incredible for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. From Erica: "What is privilege? And who has it? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wanted to find out. And in the process, find out how a diverse group of Atlanta residents understood their own privilege. Learn more about this exercise and please share it with your friends, family and network."

12. Getting Real About Sex

From subscriber Melissa DiLoreto, here's a new site to check out: "Blood + Milk was built as a community and resource for female awakening, to help every woman wake up to to a new reality: that women’s oppression of any kind can no longer be tolerated in silence." (This article on abortion lies from doctors is wheeeew.)

Need a lil' help with anything? Email me and I'll spread the word to the squad!
Shout Outs
These ladies are slaying right now. Give 'em a shout out on social media, follow 'em on Twitter, send 'em an email, become #squadgoals, etc.

Snaps for Lizzie Shackney

Lizzie had an article published in Teen Vogue talking about the youth-led anti-gun violence movement in Birmingham, Alabama!
GIF for Lizzie:
Snaps for Anuli Akanegbu

Anuli is a Senior Brand Planner at Edelman, a global PR agency. She was selected as one of 15 diverse creatives to attend the Cannes Lions on through HP’s inaugural #MoreLikeMe initiative. The initiative was created as part of HP’s push to promote diversity in the advertising industry, and her Cannes programming will include networking and mentorship opportunities designed to support our growth as professionals.

GIF for Anuli:
Snaps for Stephanie Alexander

Stephanie and her co-founder Katie Bilek just successfully launched their first govmates Institute of Procurement last week. They had over 70 C-suite owners in a room for a day of industry specific, targeted content. Most of their audience was service-disabled veteran-owned small business owners (SDVOSBs), and they sourced their food from veteran-owned companies such as Dog Tag Bakery, Mission BBQ and Strike 3.
GIF for Stephanie:
Snaps for Brijana Prooker

Brijana wrote an article for Entrepreneur about lessons she's learned from ambitious women. (We could all learn a thing or two or 12!)
GIF for Brijana:
Snaps for Amanda Marmor

From Amanda: "I am a photographer in NYC and have done some work with Everytown over the past few years. They featured one of my photos in an ad that played in Time Square, which ran every 15 min for 3 days! Imagine all the selfies my photo is in."

Yooooo, check this out:

GIF for Amanda:
Snaps for Hannah Stuart

This is awesome, Hannah: "I'm a freelance hockey prospect writer for theScore, and this past Saturday I did my first live radio hit on Hockey Primetime on SiriusXM NHL! It's not easy shoving your way into prospect writing and evaluation as a woman in the hockey world, so I thought that was a very cool step. The weekend before that, I covered the NHL Scouting Combine in Buffalo, which was my first official credentialed-by-the-league event."
GIF for Hannah:
Snaps for Eva Recinos

Eva wrote an incredible piece for Bitch Media about how women of color have come together through digital photography groups.
GIF for Eva:
Snaps for Kat Castro-Clemons

Kat's created a state PAC called ROADwomen, and they're makin' big moves: They helped turn Harris County, Texas blue by getting out the suburban women vote, and they were able to reach 80,000 women; 30,000 of them voted as Democrats. Now, ROADwomen has partnered up with other local organizations to form Sisters United to have an even larger impact on the area. Turn Texas blue, Kat!
GIF for Kat:

Survivor GIF Life

When you watch the drama implode on Twitter
All right, newsletter done. LHerms signing off. Love y'all.


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