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Lily, Where the F Were You Last Month?

Greetings! Unfortunately, during the week leading up to the July (Net)Work B*tch issue, I came down with what I later learned was a very serious case of mono and was down for the count for three weeks. Luckily I'm on the mend and feeling much better, so here we are!

As such, anything submitted to (Net)Work B*tch last month that didn't have a deadline that's passed will automatically appear in the August newsletter, so no need to resend. Thanks, everybody!

Onto Our Normal Programming

The August issue of the (Net)Work B*tch newsletter comes out next Friday, and you should be featured in it!

Here's what I'm looking for (Please submit by Friday, August 17th, at 9am EST on the damn dot):
  • Talk about something great that happened to you. Did you get into grad school, snag a super cool job, publish something incredible, etc.? Let me give you a shout out and fabulous hand-selected GIF to celebrate.
  • Be an expert for the "Get Learnt, Get Turnt" section, where you'll be interviewed about a career topic you know a lot about.
  • Created a cool thing or launched a cool thing? Lmk, party people.
  • Know of any great events, conferences, or meetups coming up? Send me links!
  • Want to ask the (Net)Work B*tch network for a hand on something? DO IT.
  • Have a success story from this newsletter and want to share it with the world? Make me cry tears of joy, pls.
Oh, and tell your lady friends to sign up for (Net)Work B*tch! Even getting one woman to sign up is a BIG DEAL. Link here.

How to submit stuff: Email me at! If we haven't met before, don't be afraid to say hi and introduce yourself.
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