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All Right, Let's Help Each Other

Well, this year has been a total clusterf*ck.

Right after I sent out my February call for submissions, I proceeded to get sick on and off over the course of the next month. And right as I had recovered and was about to get back up to speed in March, I had to pack up my belongings, get out of New York City, and quarantine at my mom's place in upstate New York. It's a bit of a mess, and I'm here for the foreseeable future.

In keeping with my theme of not taking this newsletter too seriously and not putting too much pressure on myself, I thought long and hard about if I should give it a rest until we're all on more stable ground. We don't need to be "productive" right now or function in the ways we did before. That includes not jumping back into side projects if we don't feel like it or straight up can't afford it.

But the way I see it, I think we could all use a few things:
  • A couple minutes of happiness and a few good GIFs.
  • A way to connect with other people outside of our typical networks, both personally and professionally.
  • A place to ask for what we need right now and let people know about resources that exist for help, entertainment, community, and more.
I can think of no better time than now to write this newsletter and make sure y'all have the ability to find one another. And much like Marie Kondo preaches, I'm holding onto things that bring me joy. So we're moving forward.

On the logistical side of things, any submissions from February (or that have come in since then) that still apply now will be featured. I'm emailing everyone who wrote me previously to make sure they want those submissions included.

Lastly, please don't be afraid that a submission is too odd or isn't career-oriented enough or is too career-oriented or seems random. We're all in YOLO territory now. Pretty much the only things I don't take (and this has been the case for years) are mass PR pitches that come from people not subscribed to this newsletter.

And tell your friends to subscribe. I think we could all use this.

I hope you're hanging in there.

Onto Our Normal Programming

The April issue of the (Net)Work B*tch newsletter comes out next Friday, and you should be featured in it!

Here's what I'm looking for (Please submit by Friday, April 17th at 9am EST on the damn dot):
  • Talk about something great that happened to you. Did you get into grad school, snag a super cool job, publish something incredible, etc.? Let me give you a shout out and fabulous hand-selected GIF to celebrate.
  • Created a cool thing or launched a cool thing? Lmk, party people.
  • Know of any great events, conferences, or meetups coming up? Send me links!
  • Want to ask the (Net)Work B*tch network for a hand on something? DO IT.
  • Have a success story from this newsletter and want to share it with the world? Make me cry tears of joy, pls.
Oh, and tell your lady friends to sign up for (Net)Work B*tch! Even getting one woman to sign up is a BIG DEAL. Link here.

How to submit stuff: Email me at! If we haven't met before, don't be afraid to say hi and introduce yourself.
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