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The Dawn of a New Fuccboi Era

Howdy, hi, hello. Welcome to Engine Failure, a culture newsletter that dives into what the fuck is really going on in Formula 1. It’s written by me, Lily Herman.

Hello there, folks! The rest of the holiday season is upon us, and I've already got another injury. Oh, and did I mention that I almost blinded myself with a wrench the other day? This life is not for the weak-willed!

We must venture on, however, because we have to talk about The News™ and the news. Let’s go.

The Chars Are Done

In what will likely be the biggest Formula 1 goss of the month, Charles Leclerc and Charlotte Sine have parted ways after three years together. The announcement was so big that even TMZ covered it here in the States.

How do we know that they’re dunzo, you ask? Well, the Monegasque Char Babies told us via matching Instagram Story statements that they posted at the exact same time. A classic breakup move! Charles wrote that “Charlotte and I have decided to end our relationship and we remain good friends. We have shared so many great moments and she is and always will be a very special person to me. She is amazing and deserves the best, please respect our decision and her privacy in a time like this.” In a similar post, Charlotte said, “Charles and I have decided to end our relationship and stay good friends. It’s been 3 beautiful years together with loads of memories. He is an amazing person and I wish him the best. Please respect our decision and privacy.”

(And before I go further, Kate Lizotte of Two Girls 1 Formula fame actually asked me to stand in for her partner-in-crime Nicole Sievers for their emergency podcast minisode on this subject yesterday if you want to check that out.)

First and foremost, I’m not going to surmise on why The Chars decided their time was up. They’re rich, sheltered 20-somethings from Monaco; the reasons, though probably personally devastating to Charles and Charlotte, are likely very boring and unoriginal in meta terms of why people tend to stop dating. In contrast, if you want real drama, I suggest watching a CW show. (I, for one, turn on old episodes of Riverdale whenever I want to feel deeply and irreparably untethered from this dimension and my subsequent reality.) Unsurprisingly, Deuxmoi and similar gossip accounts have reported pretty much every reasoning you could imagine for the split, and I’m already tired.

Let’s talk about the part of this I find much more interesting. I’ve heard a few people use the good, ol’, intellectually lazy “WE SHOULDN’T TALK ABOUT THEM AT ALL BECAUSE THAT’S NOT RESPECTING THEIR PRIVACY!!!!” argument. Here’s the thing: Charles and Charlotte didn’t have to say anything if they didn’t want to. Instead, they very much decided to put out a joint public statement about their breakup. This was an intentional and proactive choice on their part, especially given that breakup rumors weren’t swirling around them more than usual, and there wasn't any sort of gigantic, scrutinized crisis that required them to get out in front of a scandal. (I am, however, a little curious if something could potentially come out in the future...) I don’t say that as a value judgment but instead to once again call attention to how F1 drivers nowadays think about optics. The way these two (and/or their teams) obviously worked together to deliver a coordinated statement takes care, communication, planning, and public awareness. It shows a desire to maintain control over a situation and narrative — which, once again, is not inherently a bad thing.

Thus, while I don’t really care about why they broke up, I think it’s infinitely more fascinating to discuss the phenomenon around this and what it could mean for F1 driver celebrity culture in the future. Oh, and now our little fluffy-haired British fuccboi Lando Norris gets to enter the chat..

F1 drivers have talked about their relationships — and breakups — in the media in various capacities before, but Lando kicked off this latest era back in September by announcing via a quickly-deleted Instagram Story that he’d parted ways with Luisa Barosa Oliveira, his girlfriend of roughly a year. (To add a little bit of ~spice~ to that ordeal, Lando and Luisa still follow each other on social media, and Lando has continued to like a few of Lu’s more…risqué IG posts. You could not pay me enough money to be in my early twenties again and dealing with this kind of cat-and-mouse fuckery.) Now in the present day, Charles took to Instagram Stories as well.

To me, therein lies the key part of this: Formula 1 has gotten so big culturally that some of its drivers — particularly younger ones with incredibly passionate online fanbases — feel like they have to approach their careers like celebrities instead of simply high-paid athletes. It’s not enough for Charles to drive well; his personal life has continued to be up for public consumption more and more, even before Charlotte (or Drive to Survive) entered the picture. Additionally, while Luisa certainly saw a massive uptick in her online presence and professional opportunities while dating Lando, Charlotte is definitely among the top three F1 wives and girlfriends whose careers are most meaningfully tied to their significant others.

Another thing that I believe is important to note: While it’s obvious just how much Charles’ Formula 1 career has helped Charlotte’s work as an influencer, it also needs to be talked about how much Charlotte did to raise Charles’ profile, especially as the internet-savvy and celebrity-aware Drive to Survive crowd entered the fold. In particular, Charlotte was one of the most perpetually present WAGs during the pandemic, meaning we talked a lot more about her simply because she was there when many others weren’t. She gave us interesting outfits to discuss in the locked-down paddock, posted consistently online, and provided an aspirational backdrop for Charles’ life in Monaco when we could only see him at home through a screen.

So, let’s get back to this question of why the duo felt the need to go the full-blown PR route and put out a statement that no one asked for. Some of these reasons overlap with the Lando and Luisa ordeal, while others differ:

1. Similar to the situation with Luisa, Charlotte has received a lot of vitriol since the moment she started dating Charles. Perhaps they both believed that definitively ending their relationship with a statement would make it easier for people to leave both of them (but especially her) alone in the future. 

I’ll also add that the beginning of their relationship was…its own questionable situation. In the most generous interpretation, Charles was a messy 21-year-old who dumped his former girlfriend Giada Gianni to focus on his career with ~no distractions~ and then ended up shortly thereafter dating Charlotte, a woman who lived next-door to his family. Much more skeptical gossip mongers allege that there may have been some overlap between these relationship timelines and that Charlotte schemed her way into the partnership by being friends with Giada. As always, I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, but if you want to inhale even more tea on that circus, check out this Patreon convo I did with Kate Lizotte about how Charles’ ex may have put a hex on him. (And to give her a romance novel-esque epilogue, Giada went on to date a man who looks…a lot like a certain Monegasque F1 driver if you squint a tiny bit. All’s well that ends well though, I suppose.)

2. Related to this first point: There are a lot of Instagram accounts, Discords, Slacks, subreddits, and message boards dedicated to covering and following the F1 WAGs. Perhaps these statements from The Chars were the easiest and most efficient way to notify everyone of what had transpired. Plus, quite a few of these accounts commit to only posting current WAGs on the grid, so that immediately erases Charlotte from the equation — which is a good thing if she wants more space from this world.

3. I suspect Charlotte was maybe looking at this official breakup statement as a concrete pivot. Perhaps she’ll pursue a more traditional architecture career, or maybe she’ll continue down the influencer path; either way, it’s obvious she has to think about creating a digital world where part of her online brand is not centered on her direct connection to Formula 1 or one of its most popular drivers. A notice like the one they put out keeps those waters from getting too murky post-uncoupling.

So, is this whole breakup statement thing a trend we have to look out for in the future? That depends. I’ve long said that I abide by what I call the Rule of 3s, where one moment is an incident, twice is a coincidence, and three is a pattern. We’ve had quite a few other big F1 couples break up in 2022 with little to no fanfare (we’ll get to one of those below), so I’m not ready to say that Lando and Charles are part of a Formula 1-wide practice.

That said, it looks like we may have the Rule of 3 on our hands sooner than we think, because 12 hours after The Chars made their big announcement, current IndyCar driver (and former Formula 2 driver) Christian Lundgaard posted a statement that he was no longer dating Anna Briand, his YouTuber/influencer girlfriend of a year and a half. (It should be noted that Anna posted her statement three hours before Christian did, so these two were definitely not on the same page in some regard or another.) I certainly don’t think Christian and Anna rose anywhere close to the fame of Charles and Charlotte in terms of internet coupledom, but it’s all too big of a coincidence to ignore.

After yesterday’s shenanigans, I’m on full alert to see if other driver/WAG pairings (in F1 or other major motorsports series) feel the need to announce a breakup via written social media statement.

It’s (Probably) the End of the Road for Mick and Justine

We’ve talked about the rumors swirling around Mick Schumacher and his girlfriend Justine Huysman splitting for a while, but it appears that all of the major WAG accounts online are saying the same thing: The pair have broken up. Whew, it’s a rough end to 2022 for Mick.

And how did we find this out? Some of the more well-known WAGs trackers didn’t get too deep into their methods, but I’m inclined to believe them partially because Justine suddenly made her incredibly sparse Instagram public for the first time since Mick made his F1 debut, and her current feed only goes back to late October. Even more curious, Mick’s sister Gina was still commenting on her posts through November 4th.

As for Justine, I’ll miss our witchy, disappearing queen on the grid. We didn’t know she was there half of the time, but she proved once and for all that WAGs don’t need to be seen in the paddock if they don’t want to; I’ll always love her for that. Plus, she decided to add fuel to the breakup fire yesterday by posting a photo of some Red Bull boxes on Instagram Stories. Ah, Justine, we hardly knew ye!

(And in case you're wondering how Mick is holding up, a delightful reader wrote in to EF's anonymous tip box with an observation: "Mick recently started following the entire cast of Friends and a Friends Insta account. Make of that what you will, but I'm choosing to believe he is cheering himself up with the mother of all binge sessions." May he find peace!!!!)

The JPGs Are Coming

Speaking of areas where Lando Norris is a trendsetter this fall, Formula 2 champion and Aston Martin reserve driver Felipe Drugovich started his own IG photography account (or as the F1 fandom calls it, “jpg”). As y’all will recall, Lando took up photography as a hobby earlier in the autumn and documented it on a separate account, a move that his now-former teammate Daniel Ricciardo copied (he gave full credit to Lando!) in early November.

As I’ve said in previous issues, some of the best and most engaged photos in all of F1 over the past two months have come from these extra Lando and Danny accounts, and I have no doubt that Felipe’s IG might also add a few new insights. Again, employing the Rule of 3s here, we’re starting to see another shift in terms of ~driver optics~. As their public personas move into global celebrity athlete territory, it makes sense that more of them want control over what people see; they also realize that sometimes, all that a driver needs to do to be more likable (which translates to bigger sponsorship opportunities and marketing dollars) is show something that’s slightly behind-the-scenes. Just look at how Lando blew the lid off of The Last Supper through his account. And in the case of someone like Felipe, who isn’t on the F1 grid, it perhaps offers a grittier glimpse of driver life and a fun way to connect with current and future fans.

Who do I think will take the plunge next? Charles and Mick (the latter of whom has shown an affinity for photography in the past as well as literally today) are the obvious choices since they’re licking their post-breakup wounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Carlos Sainz, Zhou Guanyu, or Valtteri Bottas (who already posts his photography and his girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell’s photography on his own feed) also jumped into the fray.

IndyCar Now Has Two of Motorsports’ Most Marketable Internet Properties

Folks, 2023 is a great time to get into IndyCar — and not just because Jamie Chadwick is taking part in its development series Indy NXT. (Finally!!! Some progress!!!) For those of us who care about driver-generated marketing efforts in these various series, Indy just picked up a massive get IMO: Formula 2 driver Marcus Armstrong, who’ll drive road and street courses for Chip Ganassi starting next March.

I’ve been on the Marcus train for a while, in no small part because he co-hosts one of the best motorsports podcasts on the internet. I’ve preached the gospel of his absurd show Screaming Meals (as well as its wild Instagram and TikTok presence) before, but the program — and its subsequent hosts and guests — only got more asinine as the 2022 season wore on.

It’s hard to describe Screaming Meals because it accidentally changes all the time; this isn’t because Marcus and his ragtag band of misfits are genius performance artists, but because they’re goofballs in their early twenties messing around with expensive cameras and recording equipment. To recap, SM was originally hosted by Marcus and his longtime pal James Harvey Blair, and they’d interview a motorsports guest or two — typically their own peers — every week. Over the past six months, other drivers (namely F2 ones) have become extended guest hosts on the show, like Clément Novalak. The crew has had my beloved dry-witted king Callum Ilott on before, and they’re also one of the first media properties to seriously interview Jak Crawford, who’s the next great American hopeful to maybe join the F1 grid in a few years. (The pod also pokes fun at American culture in a way that I find incredibly endearing.)

At first, Screaming Meals will make you feel like you’ve been plopped in the middle of dinner with your kid brother and his weird ass friends all screaming about some bizarre shit that happened at school that day. They interrupt each other and go on tangents and randomly talk mad shit about people in the formulas or drop piping hot motorsports tea like it’s nothing. After a while, once you understand the cadence and utter ridiculousness, you begin to feel like part of the in-crowd.

The second property hot on the IndyCar scene is perennial favorite Bus Bros, which went from being a trial-and-error video series at the beginning of this year to a small juggernaut with hard editing cuts and affordable merch (gasp!). It features delightful Kiwi Scott McLaughlin and the Freddie Prinze Jr. of IndyCar, otherwise known as Josef Newgarden. (You can read my initial coverage of Bus Bros and how it single-handedly made me no longer consider Josef my nemesis here.) Bus Bros is basically Screaming Meals if the latter were to grow up and get married — but similar threads of chaos exist in both.

Screaming Meals and Bus Bros both thrive based on a simple fact: They give a little bit of the inside scoop while being fun, something that a lot of other motorsports media is missing. They’re joyous! They’re light-hearted! They aren’t terrified of having opinions but also aren’t being rude or offensive! There’s something to be said for content that’s just plain good.

I’d bet a lot of money that IndyCar has no idea what comedy gold it’s sitting on between these two entities — especially if they collab in the future.

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Welcome to Florida Man, the recurring Engine Failure section where I’ll cover resident Fish Guy™ (and lone American on the grid) Logan Sargeant going forward. I’ve spent a lot of the year thinking about what my fellow Sunshine State comrade can do better, and it’s time to talk about it.

Ever since Logan announced his entrance into F1, he’s been on a tear of media interviews, particularly with American outlets. These ones from GQ and ESPN give you the gist of what he’s basically said in all of them, which wasn’t that different from what we’ve heard before. The only interesting tidbit that came out of his discussion with GQ was that he seems pretty enthusiastic about being on Drive to Survive, which is surprising given 1) how much drivers complain about the show and 2) how much Logan hates talking in any context but especially in front of a camera. I remain intrigued.

But onto more important Logan-related things! Y’all, I don’t believe the universe revolves around me, but there are certainly moments where I truly think Logan’s life must, because he finds new low-stakes and hyper-specific ways to stress me out that have absolutely nothing to do with his driving:

1. He chose 2 as his official F1 race number. Sir, you could pick almost any number under 100 and you chose 2???????? Otherwise known as FIRST LOSER????

What made this situation all the more frustrating is that he said that he has an affinity for the number 3, which is also MY favorite number IRL, but he can’t use that for obvious Daniel Ricciardo-related reasons. Logan! My guy! We could’ve found you something better and more interesting than 2, like a fun multiple of 3!!!!!

2. At the Autosport Awards last week, F1 commentator (and TikTok icon) Lissie Mackintosh (who’s not only one of the best in the biz IMO but also one of the best-dressed individuals in the entire F1 ecosystem), asked Logan a question that would’ve easily gotten him a few points in my book: Who designed his very dapper suit?

The answer: He had no idea because his mom picked it. Okay, that could still be a fun topic to riff on, but instead Logan followed it up by giving a bunch of bland nonsense about not figuring out the Autosport Awards voting system. Props to Lissie for still making this whole exchange super charming and keeping the energy light.

The bottom line: I JUST WANTED THE NAME OF THE BRAND BEHIND THE SUIT SO I COULD PUT LOGAN IN FIT CHECK!!!! I was trying to throw him a bone!!!!! (In good news though, it appears that Logan’s mother has excellent taste.)

Anyway, consider this another failed attempt at me trying to find genuine common ground with this man. Now, if someone at Williams could tell me what his go-to Tropical Smoothie order is, I think we might be in business.

Let’s kick Fit Check things off by talking about the couple y’all want to discuss the most: George Russell and Carmen Montero Mundt. These two — both as a duo and as individuals — have been on a fucking tear this off-season.

To put it succinctly, Carmen has put her Montero Mundtussy into her fashion this entire year but I’m also already fully prepared to bestow the title of Fashion Queen of the Off-Season upon her. She’s given us everything: Coats! Turtlenecks! Formalwear!

This week though, there were two pieces y’all constantly asked to hear about. The first was that stunning red vintage Versace dress she wore to the Autosport Awards from the Spring 2001 collection that has a special connection to her best friend’s mother.

In addition to the utter flawlessness of Carmen’s fit, George hired F1 photographer Richard Pardon to roll with his entourage for the night and snap tons of photos, primarily of him and C. There’s an intimacy to them too, like Carmen helping George tuck in his dress shirt, George pretending to iron (lmao), and Carmen resting her arm on his shoulder during the awards ceremony. And tbh, while these two aren't necessarily getting married anytime soon, many of these vignettes reminded me of traditional wedding day portraits.

I talked about this a little bit with Kate on the TG1F minisode, but I believe this evening really solidified George and Carmen as the glam couple of the grid. To put this in American terms (because hey, we’ve always gotta center ourselves somehow), they’re the JFK and Jackie O of this sport — sans problematic history. What also strikes me as fascinating is that they seem to work in tandem when it comes to their image both as individuals and a couple; they’re on the same page in a way that few duos are, especially at their age. (I'll also add that all of these big showings coincide with Carmen signing with a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty talent agency called All About Management that specializes in influencers. Their advertised clients include Zina Charkoplia, Iera Gonzalez, and Camila Basurco. After some digging, they seem a little more professional than the bizarre company Charlotte started working with a few months back, but I still have a few questions.)

The second outfit y’all want to chit-chat about is the light Brunello Cucinelli pantsuit (the blazer alone is over $6,500) from the Avatar: The Way of Water world premiere. Personally, while I generally like the fit okay, I actually think Carmen was a little underdressed for this particular event. (You can get a look at what the film’s stars were wearing here.) Oh, and G&C attended with the CEO of Mercedes-Benz and his wife no less, because of course they did.

Speaking to this idea of George and Carmen working as a team to tackle their public image though, Lisa, a freelance entertainment editor and F1 enthusiast (who asked to go by her first name only!), was covering the Avatar premiere for work and happened to spot the pair, whom she said looked very in love on the carpet. (Additionally, she mentioned that Carmen’s fit looked great in person, and the sequin blazer popped more with the lighting.) “She was also a very [supportive] girlfriend,” Lisa told me. After some fans called out for George, he looked to see if Carmen was okay with him staying outside in the cold to take photos and talk to them. “She smiled and nodded, he was dead chuffed with himself having fans on the carpet [and] took a few selfies, and then went inside.” (Thank you for the delightful tip about the two lovebirds, Lisa! I will casually defenestrate myself now as I replay Olivia Rodrigo's album Sour!!!!!)
The 2023 season is still a few months away (*sobs*) but incoming rookie Nyck de Vries’ longtime girlfriend Eva Bruggenwirth is already putting in the sartorial WORK. Look at these fits! It’s giving Cool European Rich Girl™ in the vein of Isa Hernaez and Carmen Montero Mundt! Yes, Eva!
While all of us normies were at home doing boring shit, Lewis Hamilton casually traveled to Egypt to attend Dior’s exclusive fashion show. (His supermodel pal Naomi Campbell as well as Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse — who made their red carpet debut almost half a decade into their relationship at this event — were also in attendance.) And of course, Lewis showed up looking fiiiiiiine in Dior.
Speaking of Naomis, commentator Naomi Schiff has had a banger of a week in terms of style. She, of course, wore a little something from her buddy Nadine Merabi to the Autosport Awards (as did fellow Sky Sports commentator Natalie Pinkham, another fan of the brand) before switching to Rich Mnisi and Balmain for a British GQ event today.
Carlos Sainz’s stylish girlf Isa Hernaez has also been on the sartorial move in between endless streams of sponcon and gifted/comped stuff. She had a spread in Marie Claire Spain that looked pretty fun. In general, we’re largely back to some of her favorite silhouettes: Flowy shirts and jeans for everyday looks and then fitted formalwear.
Like something out of my wildest fever dream, Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda were stylists on behalf of AlphaTauri for a video. I’ll miss this duo, but I’m excited for the non-AT fashion journey that lies ahead for PG.
Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel documentary is out. Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda are karaoke kings. Speaking of Pierre, he and the girly went straight from the F1 season to the World Cup. Alex Albon and Lily He are so damn cute. Drivers’ 2022 season predictions. Actor Wendell Pierce loves F1. What went wrong for every F1 team this year? Liberty Media did some sort of Formula 1 refinancing. What do your favorite Formula 1 racers actually drive at home? The Porsche Cup will stay part of the F1 circus. What does rookie NASCAR driver Toni Breidinger do before races? Pacsun and F1 officially launched their fashion collab. When Alexander Rossi drops tea, I sip it. And here is Rossi with knives. Lewis Hamilton is GQ South Africa’s latest cover star. Wow, Matt Bishop is leaving the Aston Martin team. Oh, and Aston Martin says they can win an F1 world title by 2025, which is…a helluva take. Lmaaaaoooo Lewis knows about that Red Bull drama. More on the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Is Esteban Ocon really the most handsome F1 driver? Another George Russell podcast interview. Ohhh, the ~business of Formula 1~. A lot more Americans watched F1 this year, especially young folks and women. We now know where Formula E is going in the U.S. Aston Martin is spending butt tons of money on a new F1 facility. Here’s where the sprint races are taking place next year. Two-time F1 GP winner Patrick Tambay passed away. How’s Formula 1’s whole sustainability shtick going? Behold: Thirty-five years of F1 downforce history. An award-winning profile on Cheryl Linn Glass from Elizabeth Blackstock. Aurora Straus wants to break motorsports barriers. Now I need to know about Kelly Piquet’s rap playlist name on Spotify. Speaking of Kelly, Max actually mentioned her in an interview. Why is Columbus, Ohio so obsessed with F1? Choose your fighter.

Thank you to everyone who wrote into last issue’s Conspiracy Corner question: Your least favorite driver on the 2022 grid has to quit motorsports racing (cars, motorcycles, etc.) for good and try a completely different sport. What do they pick, why, and how does it go?

Y’all are fucking brutal and I love it:

  • Bee: Fernando Alonso decides to try out gravel racing and joins a practice session with Tiffany and Valtteri. Unfortunately, he borrowed a bike from Alpine HQ and it has the same reliability as the car. The bike breaks and he spends the 30-mile ride home with Tiff and Val taking turns with him riding on their handlebars.

  • Catie: Carlos leaves and decides to play chess. He channels his inner Ferrari too much and doesn’t have enough strategy and ends up losing horribly, and then he runs away to hide in the bathroom. (Carlos isn’t my least favorite driver, but whatever.)

  • Libby: Latifi makes the 2026 Canadian Olympic curling team (sponsored by Sofina Foods) but causes the perennial gold-medal favorites to shockingly lose in the first round by somehow blocking all of his teammates' shots with his own dumb feet.

  • Margaret: Pierre Gasly turns to hockey so he can serve all of his penalty points in the penalty box and add a couple gaps to his pearly whites.

  • Michael: Max as a Red Bull air race pilot is the perfect early retirement: More Gs, more speed, jewelry allowed, no teammates, and no advice from Dad.

  • Katharina: When Lance Stroll falls out of favor with the big boss (aka Daddy Stroll), he loses his seat but retains his trust fund after a lengthy legal battle. These tough personal times reignite his love for racing and he turns to the only series that will fulfill his need for speed: Ostrich racing. As it turns out, this was his calling all along and he becomes a star, even though he has to admit that his race ostrich has more personality than him.

  • Andy: Nicky Latifi decides it’s time to hop on the pickleball trend and he’s…fine. HOWEVER, after dominating the New York lawyer squash circuit, Lil Miss Sandy turns out to be a formidable mixed-doubles partner. With Sandy carrying the team, they are massively successful and secure a lucrative Nutella sponsorship.

  • Alexis: Fernando decides that he wants to be a soccer player while watching the World Cup. He tries out for the Spanish national team but does not make it through the first cuts. He then complains to the media that the sport has been taken over by “fake fans” who “don't care about the sport.”

  • Erin: Max has to try the most extreme sport there is: Therapy.

Today’s question: Much like I say that Max Verstappen is the ultimate enemies-to-lovers hero, I believe Logan Sargeant is in need of a romance novel trope. Which one best suits him and his potential arc — and why?

Submit your answer here.
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