September, 2016

“Train the Trainers”
a major activity for FBI

Since its creation FBI brought the keenest attention to the development of training activities in bioimaging for the entire scientific community
These come in two main areas:
-The familiarization and use of technological devices and methods broadly available, usually acquired on imaging platforms
-The acquisition of knowledge and expertise on emerging or new technologies that are present on fewer sites, eventually only in R&D labs
In both cases, the core Facility staff is the first line of persons that need to be trained. They need to have a complete understanding of the method to, in turn, be able to train users in applying it. Facility staffs act as important multipliers of know-how and are thus, an important link between technology developers and the scientists that will apply the imaging method. Moreover, facility staffs also take care of diverse administrative missions, maintenance and facility running. Finally, due to the tremendous developments in the bio-imaging domain over the last decades, Facility staffs face a deluge of data to manage and eventually, to analyze. This article presents a summary of FBI strategies and participations to recent actions on these topics.

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FBI Image Contest 2016

Following the decision of the Executive Board of June 30, 2016, the National Coordination is happy to announce the winners of the FBI Image Contest 2016 : Sébastien Mailfert (CIML – AMU) and Michael Lang (IJM – ImagoSeine). The next Contest will take place early in 2017 and will be open, to the all BioImaging Community beyond FBI members. Get Ready !

A network for the fondation of the new profession of BioImage Analysts

NEUBIAS (Network of EUropean BioImage AnalystS) is a unique network of bioimage analysts in Europe, funded by COST, aiming at strengthening the bridge between life science, computer science and digital image processing by establishing the identity of bioimage analysts in the life science community.


GBI Training Core F. Staff

Nov 13-18, 2016 - EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

FBI at ASCB 2016

December 3-7, 2016 - San Fransisco, USA

BioImage Informatics Conf.

10-12 October, 2016 - Singapore

Microscopy Congress 2016

14-15 November, 2016 - London, UK
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