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E-News Issue 10
Autumn 2016
Our mission is to guide people’s choices to access assistive technology and services for independence and wellbeing.

Assistive Technology on the world stage      

Reading the vision of the World Health Organisations (WHO) Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) initiative is inspirational.  “A world where every girl, boy, woman and man in need has access to high quality affordable assistive products to lead a healthy, productive and dignified life”.

In this blog article ILC Chief Executive Officer Gerri Clay looks at WHO’s GATE initiative and what’s happening in assistive technology around the world, including within Australia.
Read more....
ILC Assessments in the Home continue to increase
ILC’s occupational therapists and speech pathologists have been busy visiting people in their homes to determine which assistive equipment, home modifications and technology is the most suitable to help them to achieve their goals - whether this is being more independent in the kitchen, being able to communicate with others, or being able to better access areas of their home.

Since the introduction of assessments in the home around one year ago, the ILC has received over 160 referrals from people requiring assistance with their equipment and technology needs.

A broad range of referrals have been received, including for:
  • Kitchen equipment for chopping food or opening tins and jars, and easy to use kettles
  • Kitchen modifications to make it accessible for both wheelchair users and those who are still ambulant,  such as lower bench tops and lever taps
  • Wheelchairs, particularly for people with complex needs
  • Home modifications including ramps and improved access throughout the home, widening of doors and bathroom adaptations such as removing hobs
  • Equipment to assist transfers throughout the home such as rails in the bathroom and by the toilet, and hoists to assist people out of their bed and chair
  • Technology for communication
 Naturally, the team has grown to keep up with the demand – you can meet the occupational therapists and speech pathologists delivering these services here.

Contact Service Coordinator Alison Senior on (08) 9381 0600 or to see how our team can help you.
Improving Outcomes Through Equipment and Technology
 Thursday 19 May, 9am to 4pm

Technology and equipment has enormous potential to support and improve the lives of older people. Keeping up with what is available and what is new can be time consuming. Aged & Community Services WA and Independent Living Centre WA invite you to a full day symposium where you can hear how equipment and technology can make a real difference to the lives of people you support. Click here for further details and to register.
Did you know?
You can also find out about other exciting training and events being held in the coming months on our 'Whats On' web page including 'Addressing barriers to sexual expression from a health worker perspective: A “how to” guide', being held on 15 April and presented by Narelle Higson.

ILC Scholarships Enhance Service Quality

ILC staff members Linda Tran, Lynne Sinclair and Susan Glasson were recently awarded an ILC Scholarship to support their continued professional development and the work they do with people with disability and older people.

Occupational Therapist Linda Tran’s scholarship will enable her to further her studies and skills in assistive technology for people with a disability, in particular for people with vision impairment.

Team Leader for Noah’s Ark Toy Library Susan Glasson’s scholarship will see her undertake an educational tour of Noah’s Ark Toy Library in Brisbane to observe the operations of this much larger similar service for children with disability and additional needs.

ILC’s Accountant Lynne Sinclair will attend the CPA Health and Aged Care Conference 2016 – Responding to Future Funding Changes with the aim of learning more about the changes in the aged care and health environments, and to identify continuous improvement strategies to support the ILC in the changing environments. Read more...
Wheels Art Event marks International Wheelchair Day
To mark International Wheelchair Day on 1 March the ILC and Cockburn Youth Centre hosted an Art, Dance and Music Event.

Although International Wheelchair Day is in its ninth year, this event to celebrate the day was a first for Western Australia, something the ILC is proud to have been a part of.
At the event, local community members were invited to unleash their inner artist, ride, glide and roll their wheels over paint sandwiched surfaces to create unique paint prints. All wheels were welcomed including wheelchairs, walkers, scooters and skateboards. 
ILC HIRE is having a SALE to replace some of our stock.
So as with everything we have at home or work, we have items that are still in good condition but are no longer being used. We don’t want to throw them away and want to find a good home for them.

ILC Hire has just completed a stock take, we have discovered some hidden gems that may be of use to you or someone you know. Many pieces of equipment are still available and in good working order, they just may have been ‘updated’ in their appearance to the models you see out on our display floor.  Read more...

Ray’s Funding to Freedom
Did you know the ILC can give you advice about funding options, and perhaps support you with your equipment needs? Access to assistive equipment and technology can make a big difference to people’s lives. Read Ray’s story about accessing the Equipment for Living Grant funding and how it has positively impacted on not only his, but also his wife’s life.  Read more...

Disability and Sexuality

Disability and sexuality is a subject that can be perceived as a taboo or sometimes it can be the white elephant in the room, it’s there but who mentions it? Should it be mentioned? Who should mention it first? How can people with disability be supported to participate? What assistive products are available?   Read more...

Meet the ILC Management Team
In our recent Summer newsletter edition we brought you a story about changes at the ILC which led to an internal review and restructure of our organisation. The purpose of the restructure is to support further growth and development of the organisation and above all, to ensure that we are able to best meet consumers’ needs into the future.

Since the restructure took place, there have been some changes to the management team, including the departure of former Assistive Technology Services Manager Sally Hunter, who after having served the ILC for 14 years has moved on to share her knowledge and experience with others through a new role at Curtin University. We wish Sally all the very best and thank her for her outstanding contribution to the ILC.

Meet the ILC Management Team Members taking you into 2016 here
ILC Cockburn now open Mondays!
To improve access to our services, ILC Cockburn will now open
every week day from 9am to 4pm.
Come and visit us at our apartment style Centre for information about
assistive equipment, technology or changes you could make to your home
to maintain your independence, safety and wellbeing.
Read more about ILC Cockburn here 
Assistive Technology supports Wellness
and Reablement

As people age or develop chronic health conditions it is common to experience difficulties with doing every day activities. Traditionally community support services were introduced when people were faced with challenges maintaining their own personal care or social roles. There are many people however who with the use of alternative strategies, an assistive aid or home modification would be able to regain their independence. Read more about how assistive technology can support a person’s wellness and reablement.
Project Update - WA HACC Home Modification & Assistive Technology Project
The overall aim of the WA HACC Home Modification & Assistive Technology Project is to inform and develop a sustainable service model that will enable WA Home and Community Care (HACC) Program clients to access and receive home modifications and assistive technology that support independence and wellbeing through the WA Assessment Framework.
The ILC has partnered with the WA HACC Program on this project and over the last six months a range of developments have occurred.
These include work on a consumer tool kit; ongoing support and development for the WA HACC Regional Assessment Service (RAS); the completion of the Home Modification Best Practice Scoping Review; work on a Home Modification Provider Toolkit; and the development and delivery of a Technology to Support Home Modification Practice Workshop.  Read more about the project here
Andrew Browton (ILC OT), Geoff Curtis (Wesbar Vanquip), Simone Robinson (ILC OT) , Zoe and Gary Dunkerley (TL Engineering)
New transport module provides hands on experience
Collaboration between the Independent Living Centre WA (ILC), TL Engineering and Wesbar Vanquip gives drivers with disability an opportunity to view and trial products that assist with driving and can help them transfer safely into and out of their car.

Generously built and with equipment supplied by TL Engineering and Wesbar Vanquip, the new transport module is a great addition to the ILC display floor and allows people with common issues such as loss of function in arms or legs, difficulty lifting their legs into the car and standing up from the car seat and turning on the seat to explore a variety of driving and transfer aids. Read more here...
Nedlands 'Drop By' times extended
Our popular ‘Drop By’ times have been extended. Come and see one of our occupational therapists at our Nedlands Centre
EVERY Wednesday and Friday between 10am and 1pm
for free information and advice about assistive equipment to meet your needs.
New resource to support communication with people of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds
The ILC Technology Services Team has developed a new resource to support communication with people of Culturally and Linguistically diverse backgrounds. This resource has pulled together information on a range of options to support communication. This includes links to ready-made communication boards in a range of languages, apps for translating writing between languages and apps to record voice against pictures to support communication. Follow this link to view the handout.
Did you know?
Did you know you can visit the ILC website for a range of useful resources based on common enquires about the topics of communication; computer access and software; and tablets and smartphones?

These resources are designed to be a starting point when sourcing information on assistive technology. View the resources here.
Review of ILC services in regional WA
To help improve the services offered to people living in regional areas of Western Australia, the ILC will be working in partnership with Health Promotion Solutions to conduct an evaluation of our existing services and inform the development of new services. 

In the next few weeks you may receive an email from Health Promotion Solutions requesting your participation in a brief online survey.  The survey will seek feedback on your knowledge of and use and satisfaction with our current regional services and explore options for future regional service delivery. 

The survey will be sent to all of our stakeholders including people who use our services and equipment, allied health staff and carers.  If you do receive this email, we would be most grateful if you could complete the survey as requested.  If you do not receive an email and would like to provide feedback, please email or call us on 1300  885 886 so we can add you to our database. 

If at any time you have any questions about the survey you can contact Stacey at Health Promotion Solutions by email:  We look forward to sharing the findings of this evaluation with you and to working together to improve the services offered to people living in regional Western Australia.
Visit our website for more information about our services
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