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Combining Involvement with Learning
There are two ways of going about citizen involvement: One is the classic, conventional approach where citizens are considered as study objects and a source of information, the other is the emerging contemporary approach where citizens are viewed as active subjects. At arki_lab we have chosen the latter. We strongly believe that citizen involvement should be a dynamic dialogue, rather than a one-way flow of information from the citizens. There are numerous reasons why we have chosen this approach, but this time around we focus on one of the most crucial ones: Education.

Our experience has shown that while people do care about their physical surrounding, they -in the majority of cases- lack the resources to articulate their views in ways that will carry weight and have an impact. Therefore, our work involves an educational process where people are given the tools to analyse their immediate surroundings, delve into its nuances, complexities and possibilities of change, and finally, express and articulate their opinions and wishes for it.

The City as a Classroom
We use our city as a classroom that has an abundance of learning material to offer. And no! It´s not anything like the traditional classroom. During our citizen involvement processes, we encourage people to break through the walls of habit and look at the city with fresh eyes, begin to consider aspects of their local urban setting and community that they havn’t considered before, and to re-explore their relationship to space, place and the people inhabiting it.

What do we get out of this? The benefit is twofold: Firstly, everyone participating actively in the process, practices to be more critical about their living environment; Secondly, plenty of local knowledge is gathered during the process that could be used to improve our cities in a way that servers each and everyone of us.

Designing from A to Z with arki_toolbox

What we have learned from experience is that people are not always consciously aware of their own perceptions of their city, their actual needs or what they want in their urban spaces. To access the phenomenological life-world of the citizens we need carefully constructed tools, and arki_toolbox, designed and developed by arki_lab, is one of our solutions to that complex issue. 

arki_toolbox is a diverse collection of tools and methods, described in an easy step-by-step way on a Method Card within the Toolbox, along with all the materials needed to use the tools. The tools are categorised according to the three overall phases in a design project:
  • the Discovery phase where you make your initial analysis.
  • the Dream phase where you generate and develop ideas.
  • the Design phase where you finalize designs and turn them into concrete plans.
And then the trick comes: the idea of the toolbox is to make the workshop participants become designers themselves by trying out and experiencing all the tools and methods themselves, so we stand aside, gently guide them through the process, and give them space to dream big and to design to improve their city. 
Project Example
Co-Creation Project:
An Outdoor Workshop Space

in collaboration with Høje Tåstrup Area Renewal

These days we, at arki_lab, are busy developing teaching materials for our new project at Gadehaveskolen in Høje-Taastrup. Throughout the spring we’ll work in close collaboration with teachers and students at Gadehaveskolen in designing and constructing a new outdoor classroom and workshop space. The new space will also serve as a place for the locals to come together and cook, repair bikes etc. and will open up the school to it’s local area as a part of the municipality of Høje-Taastrup’s efforts to develop Gregersens Kvarter.

Project Example
Action-Based Research Project:
A Lively Outdoor Classroom

in collaboration with BUF and Nørrebro Area Renewal

Today, as urban living becomes ever more the norm and digital interactions replace face-to-face, personal interactions, children are becoming distanced from nature as well as their immediate social surroundings. Outdoor school, an increasingly widespread trend, is a response to such change. In line with this development, arki_lab is carrying out an action-based project in Nørrebro to investigate potential solutions for multifunctional urban spaces as well as different outdoor classroom scenarios that could take place in an urban setting.  Read more...

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