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Despite all the progress made every day to improve the world, only the bad news seems to make the headlines. Impact Stories of International Geneva showcases the solutions, positive results and heart-warming stories, offering a window into the positive impact International Geneva has on everybody's lives.
As leaders from governments, businesses, and civil society discussed decisive steps to address climate change at the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit in New York, international organizations in Geneva and around the world continue to stride forward to combat climate change.

Young Swiss climate change champion participates in the first-ever Youth Climate Summit 

At United Nations Headquarters in New York on Saturday, 21 September, the Swiss environmentalist Marie-Claire Graf joined more than 500 young climate leaders from around the world for the first-ever Youth Climate Summit. This Summit served as a prelude to UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit on Monday, 23 September. Activists, innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers who are driving climate action took this opportunity to showcase their solutions at the United Nations and to engage meaningfully with decision-makers, alerting them to the need to do more and faster to meet the challenge of the defining issue of our time.
Learn more about the Youth Climate Summit
Watch Marie-Claire at the UN Press Conference before her trip to New York
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A Great Green Wall for Cities 
FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu announced the initiative: “The Great Green Wall for Cities” - nature-based solutions to tackle climate change. The Great Green Wall for Cities builds on the progress made under the “Great Green Wall of Africa and the Sahel” project, and fosters the creation of urban green areas to be integrated into wider landscape restoration activities. FAO and its partners aim to support at least three cities in each of 30 countries in Africa and Asia. Discover how this initiative will help cities and reduce the costs of preventing and addressing the impacts of climate change.
Discover the world's future largest green wall
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Increasing the amount of tech entries on the online market for climate-friendly technologies 
WIPO Green is an online marketplace for climate-friendly technologies. It facilitates connections between owners of green technologies and others seeking to use them in an effort to combat climate change. WIPO Green has registered more than 3,000 entries since its launch in 2013. 
How does WIPO Green help fight climate change?
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Video games industry levels up in the fight against climate change
In response to the climate crisis, some of the biggest names in the video games industry have committed to take action by harnessing the power of their platforms. Commitments from 21 companies will result in a 30 million tonne reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030, millions of trees planted and new “green nudges” in game design with improvements to energy management, packaging, and device recycling. 
Learn more about the commitments made
© Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels
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How can humanity turn the digital revolution into climate action?  
Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, block chain, the Internet of Things and 5G, amongst others, bring people, places and ideas together. Simultaneously, the growing climate crisis is disrupting ecosystems, jeopardising biodiversity, destabilising food and water security and threatening the future of life on the planet. How can digital technology help in the fight against climate change?
Read ITU’s recently published report to find out
How can we turn digital innovation into climate action?
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Trees in Cities Challenge to promote climate action in urban areas 
Did you know that urban areas are responsible for an estimated 75% of C02 emissions worldwide? UNECE and mayors from around the world are launching the “Trees in Cities Challenge” to scale up climate action in urban areas. The city of Bonn, for example, will plant around 25,000 trees in the city forest by the end of 2020.
Discover which cities have already signed up for this initiative
Has your city joined the Trees in Cities Challenge yet?
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Focus on women, climate change and migration in Tajikistan 
IOM Tajikistan is launching a major new project on climate change, gender, and migration. This mountainous Central Asian nation is highly vulnerable to disasters, which are being exacerbated by environmental degradation and fluctuations in climate. This has had an adverse impact on the economy and thousands of people – mostly men – have had to adapt and seek work elsewhere. The women left behind are having to adapt too, dealing with the impacts of disasters such as drought and floods on their households and communities. 
What technical support can IOM provide to them?
© IOM/Elyor Nematov
Mushrooms for a greener life 
Bangladesh is a low-lying nation and this makes it extremely vulnerable to climate and environmental change. Providing green jobs is therefore fundamental. The ILO has been supporting the Bangladeshi Government for more than a decade to strengthen the country’s skills system and to help promote ‘green’ skills and enterprise opportunities. Fatema, who had a difficult upbringing, was able to complete a mushroom farming course, on which she learnt about the economic and nutritional benefits of mushroom production and how to run a business. Read her heart-warming story and how the right policies can protect the environment, improve workers’ lives and promote a greener economy.
Read Fatema's heart-warming story
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