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Despite all the progress made every day to improve the world, only the bad news seems to make the headlines. Impact Stories of International Geneva showcases the solutions, positive results and heart-warming stories, offering a window into the positive impact International Geneva has on everybody's lives.

Improving air travel for animals 

Animal owners, breeders and shippers rely heavily on airlines to carry precious cargo around the world, desiring the highest attention and care to be applied for a stress-free travel experience for these animals. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Animal Transport Association (ATA) help ensure that the best standards and practices are in place to protect the welfare of these animals when they travel by air. Do you want to know how they achieve this? 
Learn more about standards for animal transport
Photo by Tomas Ryant from Pexels 
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Cleaner cruises thanks to particle accelerators 
Did you know a single cruise ship emits as much air pollution as one million cars? Thanks to the Horizon 2020 project, coordinated by CERN, accelerator scientists have proposed a solution to reduce the pollutants in the ships’ exhausts through the use of innovative particle accelerator technology.
Discover more about the first test of this technology
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Digitizing the Geneva conventions
For the last 70 years, the Geneva Conventions have formed the cornerstone of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) to ensure that people who are affected by armed conflicts around the world are protected. Discover some of the ways ICRC use their new digital app to allow users to explore new IHL treaties and texts at their fingertips. 
Have you seen the new IHL app yet?
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Four women help save lives in Sudan
In Sudan, four women aid workers go to remote communities, providing vital information, support and services to women and girls who would otherwise be out of reach. But being a female humanitarian comes with it challenges. Meet the four featured women and see how they have overcome obstacles of sexism, discrimination and sexual harassment.
Who are these four #WomenHumanitarians?
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How to ensure green trading across borders  
The UNCTAD National Green Export Review (NGER) project is working with nations as varied as Madagascar, Moldova and Senegal to identify the trade potential of eco-friendly products. The NGER project has been successful in guiding policymakers toward export sectors that benefit the planet as much as people.  Discover how their meaningful work helps fight against environmental degradation while promoting new income opportunities. 
Learn more about this green trading initiative
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Solidarity in women leaders ends violence against women in politics 
UN Women organized ‘Experience Sharing’ workshops for the women candidates who ran for election in Turkey. The workshops aimed to serve as a cross-party platform of solidarity.  More than 100 women from different political parties and provinces came together to share their experiences on the candidacy and election processes to formulate a road map for their effective participation in local decision-making processes. 
How did these workshops help empower women in politics?
© UN Women / Ender Baykuş
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What are the standards for safe and secure holidays? 
Everybody loves to go on holiday and more importantly, to return from holiday without having had any bad experiences. From trying all kinds of new foods, sports and taking different modes of transport, we want to know we can partake activities safely. Did you know there are thousands of ISO standards to ensure safe travel adventures wherever you are? Click here to learn more about the top five areas of safety.
How do standards provide safety during your holidays?
Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels
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