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Edition 4

Our focus this edition is entrepreneurship. We have a special story from one of our IT alumni who knocked back a million dollars - find out why?  If being an entrepreneur sparks your interest, check out our IT-Based Entrepreneurship unit in the 'Did You Know' section, and everyone needs a bit of R&R, so join us at our FIT Games Night - details in 'Just Do It'. 

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Humans of IT

Troy Westley picture - scroll down and 'Load All Images' to see the pictures.
Troy Westley, 1989 alumnus, CEO at CareMonkey - Troy (left) with Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group. 

Seven kids, filling in medical forms for every camp, club, school year, etc.  was doing my head in.  Chats with other parents revealed it was a universal issue. While having 7 kids is not a pre-requisite to a start-up, it spawned CareMonkey - a health and safety system, which makes up-to-date medical and emergency details instantly available to authorised carers on their mobile devices in an emergency. 
CareMonkey is 4.5 years old, and I recently won a world-wide business pitching competition and knocked back the world's largest ever prize for a startup ~ $1 million.  Sadly, it wasn’t bank notes in a black briefcase – it was an investment offer in our startup, and it wasn't right for us. Our focus right now is on funding the business through creating a great product, having happy customers, earning revenue and we don’t need to take money to grow the business. 

I started my journey in IT just like you, with a degree in Computing.  First stop was Oracle, and there were a number of stops along the way, including stints at Salesforce and Google.  Each job gave me skills which helped build my global company.  I have never worked this hard in my life, have never been so tired, and have never had so much fun and so much energy. Entrepreneurship takes courage, passion and energy. I started in my forties but if I had my time over I would have started much earlier.  Don’t hesitate – if you have an idea, go for it.
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Just Do It

“Dare to desire, dare to do.” Amit Kalantri.


FIT Games Night

Are you a victim of Week 8? Are you feeling tired and stressed? Come to our FIT Games Night and have some fun before exams hit. FREE food and drinks are waiting for you.

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'The Big Idea' Competition

IT undergraduates,'The Big Idea' is a unique social enterprise competition run by the 'The Big Issue' to help those who need a hand. Join us at the information session to see how you can make an impact.

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Winter Research Scholarship Program

If you're interested in a research career or furthering your studies through an honours program, this is a great opportunity to get ahead over the holidays. Application deadline 20 May.

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Falling Walls Lab Australia 2016 - Take Your Innovative Ideas To Berlin!

Calling all bright young researchers and innovators. Applications to participate in Falling Walls Lab Australia 2016 is now open. The next generation of top scientists and entrepreneurs from around the world share their breakthroughs. Winners qualify for the Falling Walls Lab Finale in Berlin. Application deadline 23 May.

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IDEATOR - Startup Hackaton

Whether you're a die hard junkie of the start-up or just want to vicariously experience the buzz of entrepreneurship, come along to an immersive 27 hours tapping into essentials to build your start-up: mentorship, cofounders, training, resources & funding.

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My Career

"It takes initiative, persistence, motivation and adaptation to find the job you want – more often than not, it won’t just fall in your lap!."   Graduate Employer   

A few highlights:


nbn - 2017 Graduate Program

nbn is the team behind the design, build and operation of the nbn™ network. Working for nbn means that you will be part of the largest technology infrastructure projects Australia has seen. So why wait, send your application before the closing date 13 May.

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Accenture - Graduate Program

Accenture is now hiring the next generation of leaders. They are looking for graduates that have a genuine passion for technology who want to build a solid career on delivering the next best solution for their clients. Got what it takes? Apply now! Application deadline 15 May.

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We Did It!

Congratulations to our FIT student, Sajeeb Lohani who represented Monash at the Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC), and won first place in the hacking CTF (capture the flag) competition.

It was an exciting start to the Monash Data Science Society Sundowner Series with Senior Manager Advanced Analytics, Kathryn Gulifa from ANZ addressing around 40+ attendees, providing insight into her career progression as a data scientist.

Maracas were shaken, piñatas were bashed and a ridiculous amount of delicious nachos were eaten at the fun FIT Mexican Carnival.  
Mexican Carnival Picture
Mexican Carnival Picture
Monash Data Science Society Picture
Sajeeb Lohani at Australian Cyber Security Centre

Did You Know?

Enrol to IT-Based Entrepreneurship Unit

Enrol in FIT3134 IT-Based Entrepreneurship Unit 

We have our very own IT- Based Entrepreneurship unit taught by successful entrepreneur, Professor Chris Behrenbruch. Chris is a serial entrepreneur and highly experienced in the area of university technology transfer and innovation. The class will be a highly interactive program, drawing on the professional background and experience of a cohort of experienced professionals in venture capital, innovation, intellectual property, technology transfer and "real life" examples of successful entrepreneurs in the IT/Tech space.  

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How to graduate college with a job you love & less debt: Jullien Gordon at TEDxMidwest
Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread

Being “good” at what you do is likely the worst path to success, at least according to Seth. In this talk, he tells us that “good” doesn’t get you anywhere. It’s the bold, the bizarre and the downright crazy ideas that flourish into something remarkable. People in today’s world are busy, and an idea has to stand out to gain traction. It’s not so much your idea that is vital as it is your ability to get your idea to spread. In this talk you’ll learn how to do just that.


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Buzz Word

Lean Start-up

Most startups don’t fail because they lack product development, they fail because they lack customers. Lean start up focuses on testing. Instead of focusing on building a product, lean startups focus on gaining a concrete understanding of the customers’ problem and rigorously testing their proposed solution for validity and fit. 

A day in a the life of a startup

Ask Terence

Q. Terence, ugghh Week 9. Motivate me - NOW - please? 
A. Are you a glass half person? Is this you in this video? Geez I would be celebrating - it's just 3 weeks before the end (of semester not the world - don't panic).  Just like in the video, find someone who is willing to pick you up when you are down - friends ideally, if you have any.  Tutors and lecturers if you are desperate - they can actually be quite good, or you could just motivate yourself.


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