BEAM's Newsletter, Winter 2018 edition: the kickoff of college support, the launch of our matching campaign, and job openings for summer staff 2019.
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What happens now that BEAM students are in college?

Vielka (holding a SUNY ESF shirt) and Tanasia (holding a University of Rochester shirt) pose with the BEAM College Prep cohort.

This is the inaugural year of our BEAM College Support initiative, and our college cohort is off to an exciting start! This new initiative is coordinated by Ayinde Alleyne, who has been having check-in meetings with several of our students. Here's what their college experiences have been like.
  • Vielka, a freshman at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, has been enjoying her transition. She and her friends called college "summer camp with homework for the first few weeks”.
  • Zavier, a junior at SUNY Albany, discussed being interested in computer science and the arts but being unsure how he could connect the two. Thanks to Ayinde, Zavier is now in touch with a past BEAM staff member who studied exactly that intersection as a graduate student and now works at Microsoft.
  • Tanasia, a freshman at the University of Rochester, is interested in math education. She's looking forward to coming back to BEAM as a counselor, a perfect fit with her career path.
So far, at least five BEAM college students are volunteering their time in some way to teach in local schools. We are so proud that our students are not just excelling in their studies, but also finding ways to be involved and give back to the community.

Read about BEAM College Support, and so much more, in the 2018 Summer Report!
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Zavier with BEAM 6 students during his time as a counselor at BEAM 6 LA 2018.

Get in on a slice of the giving pi!

BEAM is thrilled to announce our annual matching campaign! Our campaign has a particularly mathematical flavor this year. Our board is not doubling, not tripling, but π-ing ALL new and increased end-of-the-year donations up to $275,000!

That’s right. To encourage increases in funding that will support our new Los Angeles expansion, the board will add (approximately) $2.14 to each $1 that is donated above a donor's prior level of giving. If you increase your donation by $100, board matching will turn that into $314.159... towards our programs. 

Donate now to have an outsized impact and help BEAM keep our new programs going strong!

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What We're Reading (and Watching)

BEAM was happy to see one of our BEAM students, Edson, appear on Good Morning America and even more overjoyed to know that he has secured a $40,000 scholarship from the College Board towards his education at the University of Southern California. Edson is set to start college at USC in January.

"We don’t have a system for making mathematicians, the way we do for football," states Jordan Ellenberg, BEAM supporter and professor of mathematics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in a powerful article about pro football player turned pro mathematician, John Urschel. The piece captured our attention with a crystal clear look into what it means to think like a mathematician, but also offered a sobering reminder of how crude and chancy the path towards advanced mathematics can be. 
An article in Inside Higher Ed, by Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, highlights a new report that offers a snapshot of how well universities are succeeding at efforts to recruit and retain black students. While the overall results are dismal, signaling a systemic failure to support black enrollment, there are glimmers of hope, institutions that are demonstrating what success looks like and what it requires.

Meanwhile, this article from The Hechinger Report is a reminder that efforts to level the playing field have to start well before college. San Francisco Unified School District choose to tackle two compounding problems, high failure rates in math (especially for low-income and minority students) and small numbers of students enrolled in advanced courses, with a controversial move. The district decided to focus on depth and rigor before acceleration in middle school courses. The result of their decision underlines one of BEAM’s core beliefs: rigor in middle school is key to later success in advanced math.
New York City is working to diversify non-specialized schools through the "Diversity in Admissions" initiative.  A new report from the Center for New York City Affairs shows the ways in which this project is and is not affecting change. "A voluntary plan that works through school admissions lotteries might make access more equitable to highly sought-after schools in mixed-income districts. But unless admissions priorities become significantly more ambitious, they will do little to open the doors wider in affluent districts."

Finally (and a few months late) we can’t let the centennial of this beautiful result in mathematical physics go by without a shout out to one of our favorite mathematicians, Emmy Noether. Although Noether pursued math and theoretical physics at a time when many academic institutions refused to recognize her genius merely because she was a woman, her work continues to prove doubters wrong and still has a profound influence on math and physics today. “Noether was not deterred or embittered by indignities from academic bureaucrats. She was, and was recognized as, a peer of towering intellects. And she did her work, by all accounts, with joy.”

A Roundup of Recent BEAM Events

The last month has been a rollercoaster of different events for BEAM, with our favorite field trip of the year (Yale Splash), our BEAM LA math competition, and Trivia Nights in New York City and Los Angeles all happening within the span of a few weeks.

BEAM students always have a blast at our field trip to Yale Splash, a special visiting day at Yale where 7th – 12th graders have a chance to tour the campus and attend classes that are organized and taught by undergraduates, but this year's Yale Splash was particularly exciting, as it involved a mini BEAM reunion!
Aishat (holding the umbrella) was reunited with some of her old friends from BEAM, Teo, Silvio, Rashik, Maria, Amanda and Elisa, before showing them around her campus.
On the other side of the country, on November 10th, 60 students gathered for the second annual BEAM Los Angeles Math Competition on Saturday, November 10th. See what they had to say about their experience
The best overall school performance went to the students from Virgil Middle School. 
Our Trivia Night Events, which each featured a delicious buffet-style dinner, drinks, and (of course) trivia, spanned both New York City and Los Angeles, with NYC Trivia Night taking place on October 29th and LA Trivia Night being held on November 13th.
Our NYC emcee, Xavier, has an animated exchange with one of our teams.

Join our Team!

BEAM is hiring for Summer 2019 in both New York and Los Angeles! We hire
  • college professors and middle and high school teachers as faculty, who design their own classes on favorite topics of their choice,
  • graduate students and early-career teachers as junior faculty who receive extra mentoring as they learn to develop curriculum, and
  • college students as student life counselors and teaching assistants.
All staff work together to create a thoughtful environment for the students, helping to instill in them a growth mindset, the belief in their ability to succeed, and a better understanding of what mathematics is. Both residential positions with housing and travel provided and non-residential positions are available.
Learn More and Apply Today
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Contribute with Confidence

BEAM is a project of the Art of Problem Solving Initiative, Inc., which was recently designated a 2018 top-rated nonprofit by GreatNonprofits, a leading platform for community-sourced stories about nonprofits. We also received a 2018 Gold Seal of Transparency from Guidestar, an organization that focuses on advancing transparency and informed decision making for charitable giving.

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