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August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Pre-, during- and/or post-pregnancy bodywork can make all the difference. 

"I received bodywork before, during and after all 3 of my pregnancies and I highly recommend it, especially to any woman wanting to get pregnant. It was very helpful during pregnancy to help adjust to the rapid changes my body went through, supported the delivery and sped up my recovery," said Kim.
Because Kim so adamantly believes in pregnancy bodywork, she became trained in pregnancy bodywork to reduce pain and stress in the mother, which also applies to the baby, including trauma recovery from birthing. Kim has collaborated with Bryna Sampey at Doula My Soul. As a lactation specialist, Bryna is trained to troubleshoot any breastfeeding problems and often refers to Kim to work with mom and baby. 

If you're a DIY-er, here's an article with the top 10 breastfeeding problems and their solutions. 

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Breast Health

Castor-Oil Detox Treatment

Breast health is a concern for all of us, men and women alike. With the rise in toxicity found in our food, the air and our environment, we have an increased need to care for our bodies to prevent dis-ease. This is especially important when preparing your body for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There are various methods of self-care that can be done at home with minimal costs. Dis-ease comes when there is a lack of flow in the body somewhere. Similar to the difference between a stagnant pond where pathogens thrive vs. a flowing stream where there is continual movement. Commonly people think they’re over weight when in fact they have a lymph drainage issue. When they release the dam holding the lymph from flowing, they commonly feel as though they lost weight when in fact they slim down because their lymph is simply flowing again. It may be as easy as doing a local castor oil/hydrotherapy treatment a few times and sometimes there is a food allergen creating inflammation that keeps the lymph from draining. The latter would be a full body lymph issue.

This castor oil/hydrotherapy treatment is likely different from what your mother or grandmother may have used on you. I find it a bit easier. Keep in mind that castor oil can stain towels and clothing so using dedicated supplies for your home treatment might be helpful. Castor oil is a natural antimicrobial and antifungal that can help deal with stagnant toxicity where applied.

Some lumps found via mammogram are lymph nodes that are stuck in fascia or just full and unable to flow. While doing your self-breast exam you can do self-breast massage and incorporate this castor oil/hydrotherapy treatment. Be sure to do another self-exam after the castor oil to see if you feel a difference!

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8 Hands News!

Is your body holding onto injury?

The current buzzword in the athletic world these days is "fascia." Not a new concept to Kim. She's been studying it since she started massage in 1993. Fascia is everywhere in your body, it's holding us together. (Fascia is gray area in pic left.) It's actually quite common to hold onto a very old injury within your fascia. And it's quite easy to reverse it and relieve it with a fascia specialist.  

Kim is such a specialist! In fact, she's practicing and studying yet another new technique called Fascial Counterstrain. She's started a 2-3 year education from the Jones Institute and the Counterstrain Academy in Beaverton. “This new method is quick and effective to get strain patterns out of muscles, blood vessels, organs, virtually every part of the body, especially the fascia.” says Kim. 

This work is especially effective for concussion, car accidents, post surgeries, any injury that is current or is still holding on. Injury recovery is one of Kim’s specialties and she does billing for car accidents. 
Ask her to try it with you at your next session! Be sure to tell Kim if you've had any injuries or past injuries (e.g., car accidents, animal jerking your arm, athletic injury).

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