Vision Statement for St. Paul’s, Marfa, Texas
St. Paul’s is an open, loving community
growing in the experience and understanding of the love of God,
acting to share the visible presence and compassion of Christ.
Mission Statement for St. Paul’s, Marfa, Texas:
Our mission is to be a welcoming, prayerful, caring community
actively sharing the love of God.

Values Statement for St. Paul's Marfa, Texas
To accomplish our mission, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church bases its decisions and actions on the following core values:
Love of God and neighbor by honoring the worth and dignity of every human being including ourselves.
Daily relationship with God all through our lives through prayer and service.
The importance of giving and receiving forgiveness through the generosity of the Holy Spirit.
We value continual learning.
We value the Episcopal tradition of communal worship.
Practicing hospitality by welcoming all and serving and sharing with our communities.
The stewardship of God’s creation and all its inhabitants.


"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful,
for beauty is God's handwriting." -Ralph Waldo Emerson 


In anticipation of Epiphany - January 6
By Lilly Lewin

A gift I want to give to myself and to all of us in 2021 is the The Gift of Compassion and Attention.

Actually, I want us to imagine three gifts, like the three gifts of the Magi.
Let’s open each one and really receive them in 2021.


First Gift:
I want us each to open the gift of compassion for ourselves. 

Let’s be honest, we have had a hard year.
We have gone through a lot, on so many levels.
Let’ give ourselves the gift of compassion that where we are is totally OK.
We don’t have to be different, better, or farther along.
Let us truly receive the gift of compassion for ourselves.

Second Gift: 
Let’s open the gift of attention.

What does taking care of ourselves look like in 2021?

We give attention to our work, our homes, our friends and family, but what does it look like to give attention to ourselves?
Giving ourselves the attention we need and deserve
just like we’d give a favorite friend or a child.

We need to give ourselves that attention and care, so we can heal
and so we can have margin to give to others.

What does this gift of attention look like for you?
Take some time to reflect on this.

Is it a ritual of a walk each day, a bubble bath, or a nap? Is it time to create something or making a phone/zoom date with a friend?
Actually put it on your list and/on your calendar!


Now open the Third box…
the gift of attention and compassion for others.

I really want to give this gift to our world!
I want everyone to pay attention to one another in 2021

Really look and really see each other…
not just the person or people who live in your house or my house,

But the people in our neighborhoods, on your street, in your town or city.
Who are they?
What are their lives really like?
How are their lives different or the same because of 2020?

Actually take the time to consider this and walk a bit in their shoes.
These people matter to God
These people reflect God’s image.
Our Actions or In-actions truly do affect their lives.

How can we open the Gift of Compassion and attention in 2021?

Let’s pray and ask God to give us eyes to see and ears to hear the needs of those around us!


Happy Epiphany! (Tomorrow) If you don't have any gold, frankincense, or myrrh sitting around the house, give to the world something even more valuable: your kindness, your patience, and your humor. But don't get too close and wear your mask! 


For January 6 @ 7 pm central time
Mark 1: 21-45
•    Watch (1minute, 23 seconds) “UN Secretary-General António Guterres video call with refugee doctor.”
•    Watch (1 minute, 55 seconds) “Refugee educates future generation of doctors.”
•    Watch (27 minutes) AMA Journal of Ethics EthicsTalk with Holly Cooper, JD: “COVID-19 in U.S. Detention Camps.” “Undocumented immigrants detained during COVID-19: How to help.” 

If interested, please sign up at or
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Evening Prayer with the LGBTQ+ Community, Our Allies and Friends
in the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande

Please Join Us
Sunday, January 10 at 6:00 pm (Mountain Time)

Preacher: The Very Rev’d Mac Brown
Rector, St James, Taos

Via Zoom

To call in:
Meeting ID: 705 889 430. -  Password: 251202


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Rev. Chuck Jones at

JANUARY 31 - Noon

The Bishop's Committee has set a threshold number for active cases in the Tri-county area to determine whether to offer in-person worship. When that threshold is crossed, we will have only live-stream worship on that particular Sunday. The decision will be made every Friday and put in an email with the regular Saturday announcements We will always live-stream!


Just go to the VIDEO tab and at 10:30 a live stream will begin, you just need to push the play button on the live video to join us.

As we have done since our pandemic responses have been in place, please let me know if you wish to receive communion at home or wish for a pastoral visit in person or by Zoom. We will look forward to seeing you, one way or another, on Sunday.

Love one another.
Pray for one another.
Stay calm.
Wear a mask, keep your distance and wash your hands.


A Prayer for Quiet Confidence
O God of peace, who hast taught us that in returning
and rest we shall be saved, 

in quietness and confidence shall be our strength: 
By the might of thy Spirit lift us, we pray thee, 
to thy presence, where we may be still and know that thou art God; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Book of Common Prayer, p. 832




5th - Tuesday

Verse of the Month
A good person produces good from the good treasure of the heart. ~Luke 6:45

Tuesday, January 5: So much evil is done in the name of doing good. Jews were driven out of Spain for the sake of Christianity. Noncombatant Japanese were exterminated for the sake of saving soldiers in World War II. Babies go hungry so that we can force their parents to find work that does not pay enough to feed them. What do we do about goodness like that?

Sarah, Theodora, and Syncletica of Egypt, Desert Mothers, 4th-5th century

6th - Wednesday


Wednesday, January 6: It is so easy to criticize people for not being good enough when we have no idea how bad they could be if they weren’t as good as they are.

3:30 - Sin Fronteras Book Study
The U.S. Immigration Crisis by Miguel De La Torre


7:00 - Bible Study
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7th - Thursday

Thursday, January 7: Goodness is a virtue, not a role. The good mother, the good sister, the good woman makes a person a thing. What we really need are women who can function out of their hearts, not out of the public expectations and definitions imposed on them by others. Sometimes, breaking a role to find a person is the greatest good we can do.

4:00 - Book Study Group on Zoom
Return of the Prodigal Son by Henry Nouwen


8th - Friday

Friday, January 8: George Orwell wrote, “On the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.” And that sounds very healthy to me. The good child who lives up to everyone else’s expectations all the time is too often a time bomb waiting to happen. Life is an exploration, not a straightjacket. Goodness is what I do because it must be done, not what I do because I have no other choice

Harriet Bedell, Deaconess and Missionary, 1969

9th - Saturday

Saturday, January 9: The former Buddhist patriarch of Cambodia, Maha Ghosananda, saw his entire family killed by the Khmer Rouge. And he was the one who initiated the Walks for Peace through the Khmer Rouge countryside in the hope of bringing the country to reconciliation. Now that’s goodness.

Julia Chester Emery, Lay Leader and Missionary, 1922

10th - Sunday

Sunday, January 10: Everything we do in life, the Scripture reminds us, goes into the treasury of the heart. The ideas with which we fill our hearts determine the way we live our lives. Those are the things wedraw on in those moments when we need to reach down deep inside ourselves for character, courage, endurance and hope. That’s why what we read, what we see and what we do from day to day counts so much in life.

10:30 -First Sunday after Epiphany
The Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ
​Live Streamed at 10:30 am


William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1645

Evening Prayer with the LGBTQ+ Community, Our Allies and Friends
in the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande

Please Join Us
Sunday, January 10 at 6:00 pm (Mountain Time

11th - Monday

Monday, January 11: “Good, the more communicated, more abundant grows,” John Milton wrote. What we note and praise and affirm and publicize changes the world.

12:30 - 1:00 -  Centering Prayer
The Casita

12th - Tuesday

Tuesday, January 12: If we want to know how much good we do, we need to ask ourselves how much good we do for which we do not get paid. Good work and work that is good are two different things.

10:30 - Marfa Ministerial Alliance
Aelred of Rievaulx, Abbot and Theologian, 1167

13th - Wednesday

Wednesday, January 13: A Chinese proverb reads: “To talk goodness is not good—only to do it is.” The question becomes, To what degree do we involve ourselves personally in making possible what we say is good?

Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers, 367

7:00 - Bible Study
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14th - Thursday

Thursday, January 14: Goodness is not a single act in a sea of indifference. It is a pattern of actions, a habit of acting that starts in principle and ends in courage.

Richard Meux Benson, Priest,
and Charles Gore, Bishop, 1915 and 1932

4:00 - Book Study Group on Zoom
Return of the Prodigal Son by Henry Nouwen


15th - Friday

Friday, January 15: To be smart is an accident, to be beautiful is a cultural definition but to be good is a choice.

16th - Saturday

Saturday, January 16: The thing that’s wrong with goodness is that it too often masks as piety but lacks principle.

17th - Sunday
Sunday, January 17: Goodness carries a person through the hard moments of life and
brings us out better on the other side. It is patience when we have reason to be frustrated, generosity when we qualify to be frugal, the public commitment to truth when not a soul in the world would be expecting us to speak out.

10:30 -Second Sunday after Epiphany
​Live Streamed at 10:30 am

Antony of Egypt, Monastic, 356 

18th - Monday

Monday, January 18: Making a moral mistake or becoming socially indifferent is not what makes a person bad. Badness is the point at which we cease to care what effect our own actions will have on others.

12:30 - 1:00 -  Centering Prayer
The Casita

19th - Tuesday

Tuesday, January 19: Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “The meaning of good and bad, of better and worse, is sim- ply helping or hurting.”

Richard Rolle, Walter Hilton, and Margery Kempe,
Mystics, 1349, 1396, and c. 1440

Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester, 1095
20th - Wednesday
Fabian, Bishop and Martyr of Rome, 250

Wednesday, January 20: “If a friend is in trouble,” Edgar Watson Howe wrote, “don’t annoy them by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.” “Just call if you need something,” is no gift at all, in other words. It is a false promise in an empty box.

7:00 - Bible Study
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21st - Thursday
Agnes and Cecilia of Rome, Martyrs, 304 and c.230

Thursday, January 21: We live in an era in which we set out to irradiate not one city but two, both Hiroshima and Nagasaki; in which we invented the end of the world and stored it in the corn fields of Kansas; in which we put more money into weapons than into public welfare programs; and technology, rather than ethics, became the norm of the doable. At the time, the bombing brought “victory” and a sense of “invincibility” to the United States. But seventy-five years later, as we look around the state of the country, we might ponder what Mahatma Gandhi said at the time, “The atom bomb brought an empty victory to the Allied Armies.... What has happened to the soul of the destroying nation is yet too early to see.”
4:00 - Book Study Group on Zoom
Return of the Prodigal Son by Henry Nouwen


22nd - Friday
Vincent of Saragossa, Deacon and Martyr, 304

Friday, January 22: “No one can be good for long,” Bertolt Brecht wrote, “if goodness is not in demand.” What we expect in a society is what we will get. Very few people can live beyond the standards of the society in which they exist. Those who do are saints; those who don’t are normal.c

23rd - Saturday
Phillips Brooks, Bishop of Massachusetts, 1893

Saturday, January 23: Lots of things seem to be goodness that are simply political choices. It’s when we do what must be done despite the fact that people either won’t understand or won’t approve that the grain of goodness grows to fullness in us. Don’t be discouraged. It is often a lifetime in coming.


24th - Sunday

Sunday, January 24: Goodness grows in us like flowers grow in any garden: by being planted and watered and nourished.

10:30 -Third Sunday after Epiphany
​Live Streamed at 10:30 am

Florence Li Tim-Oi, Priest, 1992
25th - Monday

Monday, January 25: Goodness is a process of becoming, not of being. What we do over and over again is what we become in the end. In the meantime, Agnes Repplier comforts us with this: “Our dogs will love and admire the meanest of us, and feed our colossal vanity with their uncritical homage.”


12:30 - 1:00 -  Centering Prayer
The Casita

26th - Tuesday
Timothy and Titus, Companions of Saint Paul

Tuesday, January 26: Courage can be a hidden virtue. Faith can be per- sonal. Goodness is the kind of character trait, however, that cannot be practiced alone. Goodness requires a public posture.To be good you have to be good to someone else. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


All Day - Forma Conference
27th - Wednesday
John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, 407

Wednesday, January 27: We like to believe that there is a supernatural source of all evil. We refuse to admit, Jo- seph Conrad says, that we ourselves are quite capable of doing all the evil there is. Indeed, who of us has not already done it, at least in microcosm? But once we real- ize that, we are suddenly capable of the im- measurable good that comes from humility.

All Day - Forma Conference

7:00 - Bible Study
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28th - Thursday
Thomas Aquinas, Priest and Friar, 1274

Thursday, January 28: The love we owe our friends is a commitment to their own goodness. Those who enable us in our weaknesses do not love us; they are exploiting us for some reason of their own.

All Day - Forma Conference

4:00 - Book Study Group on Zoom
Return of the Prodigal Son by Henry Nouwen


29th - Friday

Friday, January 29: Who we are today is what the future will be like. The future, you see, has already arrived. We are it—for good or ill.

30th - Saturday

Saturday, January 30: Never confuse goodness and acceptability, goodness and conformity, goodness and piety. They are dangerous confusions.

10:00 - Noon: Episcopal Peace Fellowship's virtual
Annual Member Meeting

31st - Sunday
Sunday, January 31: What is goodness? It is the person in your life who surprised you
with virtue at a time when evil would have been understandable.

10:30 - Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
​Live Streamed at 10:30 am

NOON - Annual Meeting

1st - Monday
First Day of Black History Month

Brigid (Bride), 523
12:30 - 1:00 -  Centering Prayer
The Casita

2nd - Tuesday
3rd - Wednesday
 The Dorchester Chaplains:
Lieutenant George Fox, Lieutenant Alexander D. Goode,                              Lieutenant Clark V.   Poling, and Lie
utenant John P. Washington, 1943

7:00 - Bible Study
If interested, please sign up at or
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4th - Thursday
Manche Masemola, Martyr, 1928 
Anskar, Archbishop of Hamburg, Missionary to Denmark and Sweden, 865
4:00 - Book Study Group on Zoom
Return of the Prodigal Son by Henry Nouwen


5th - Friday
Agatha of Sicily, Martyr, c.251 
Roger Williams, 1683, and Anne Hutchinson, 1643,
Prophetic Witnesses

6th - Saturday
The Martyrs of Japan, 1597 
7th - Sunday
10:30 - The Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
​Live Streamed at 10:30 am

Cornelius the Centurion
8th - Monday

Bakhita (Josephine Margaret Bakhita),
Monastic and Prophetic, Witness, 1947

12:30 - 1:00 -  Centering Prayer
The Casita




Prayers of the People - Second Sunday after Christmas Day

Raising our voices in proclamation and praise, let us rejoice as we offer our prayers to God, responding, Holy God, be born is us today.

+ May Prince of Peace may lead all who are the children of the one God to seek peace and justice In thanksgiving for the peacemakers who toil in troubled lands, and in families of discontent, that the Prince of Peace may give them words of wisdom as they seek to encourage new means of communication and the mending of relationships; let us pray....Holy God, be born is us today.

+ For those who exercise leadership throughout our Church, that they may bear in their actions the love of Christ, enlightening the hearts of those who have a hidden faith, and strengthening those of a weak spirit; let us pray....Holy God, be born is us today.

+ For Donald , our President, and Joe, our President-elect, members of our legislative bodies, and those who serve on the Supreme Court, that they may honor our historic inheritance and take us along new pathways in the service of bettering our nation; let us pray....Holy God, be born is us today.

+ For all who are traveling and away from home, especially those in the military, that like the Shepherds and the Magi, God will guide their footsteps, and bring them in safety, to the place where they would be. Let us pray. Holy God, be born is us today.

For all who suffer from the Coronavirus and those who care for them, and for those who live in the shadows of fear, violence, and poverty, that, in Christ, they may find healing, hope, and peace. Let us pray. Holy God, be born is us today.

+ For those who have died in the noonday of their lives, and for parents who grieve the loss of children, that they may be comforted by the Father of us all, whose only Son was not spared an early death; Let us name those who we wish tto remember who have died....let us pray....Holy God, be born is us today.

As God’s adopted children, through the will of Jesus Christ, let us add to these prayers and thanksgivings.

+ In thanksgiving for those who bring treasures to the poor and needy of the world, offering precious gifts of hope to God’s fragile people... For this church family, that we may welcome all those whom God leads to us and be blessed through the diverse gifts and talents which they bring....In thanksgiving for all the blessings of this life, remembering those who have been our mentors and teachers, and through whose companionship we have experienced the riches of divine grace; Let us take time and name who and what we are thankful for....Let us pray... Holy God, be born is us today.

+God of mercy, we pray for all in any kind of need or trouble: For the many who are suffering economically, that God will watch over those who have lost employment, struggle to pay their bills or have enough to eat.....For all whose lives have been touched by storms, fires, and the pandemic, ALS and other diseases that they may find help, hope, and compassionate care from those around them....Let us remember by name those we know and can name in the silence of our hearts; for those we don’t know but know about, and for those worldwide who suffer...Awaken in us compassion and humility of spirit, as we seek and serve Christ in all persons....Let us pray... Holy God, be born is us today.

Concluding Collect:     O God of everlasting glory, accept the prayers we offer you in this joyful season, and grant that as we celebrate this mystery of your love, we may also delight in the joy that will be ours as children and heirs of your kingdom. Glory to you for ever and ever. Amen.

For Our Country

Almighty God, who has given us this good land for our
heritage: We humbly ask you that we may always prove
ourselves a people mindful of your favor and glad to do your will.
Bless our land with honorable industry, sound learning, and
pure manners. Save us from violence, discord, and confusion;
from pride and arrogance, and from every evil way. Defend
our liberties, and fashion into one united people the multitudes
brought here out of many kindreds and tongues. Endue
with the spirit of wisdom those to whom in your Name we entrust
the authority of government, that there may be justice and
peace at home, and that, through obedience to your law, we
may show forth your praise among the nations of the earth.
In the time of prosperity, fill our hearts with thankfulness,
and in the day of trouble, suffer not our trust in you to fail;
all which we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prayer for St. Paul's 
(adapted from a prayer written by Richard Rohr)

O Great Love,
thank you for living and loving in us and through us.
May all that we do
flow from our deep connection with you and all beings.
Help our faith community become a community
that vulnerably shares each other’s burdens and the weight of glory.
Listen to our hearts’ longings for the healing of our world.
Guide us in living out our mission to to be a
welcoming, prayerful, caring community
actively sharing the love of God . . .
Knowing you are hearing us better than we are speaking,
we offer these prayers in all the holy names of God,


Prayer for the Pandemic

Loving God, hasten the day when the virus will have run its course; quicken scientists to develop medications and vaccines; call out the best instincts of your people- love, neighborliness, compassion, and a sense of caring for every member of your beloved community on Earth. We pray out of the depths to you, O God of hope. Amen.


Prayers are asked for…..

The Church

Justin, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael, our Presiding Bishop, Michael, our 
Bishop and Michael, our Vicar…In the Anglican cycle of prayerthis  we pray for The Episcopal / Anglican Province of Alexandria, The Diocese of Abakaliki – The Church of Nigeria, The Diocese of Aberdeen & Orkney – The Scottish Episcopal Church, The Diocese of Abuja – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), The Diocese of Abyei – The Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (Northern Bahr el Ghazal Province), The Diocese of Accra – The Church of the Province of West Africa (Ghana Province), The Diocese of Adelaide – The Anglican Church of Australia (South Australia Province), ....In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer: Michael Hunn, Diocesan Bishop…We also pray for St. James, Alpine, St. Stephens, Ft. Stockton, Santa Inez, Terlingua, Chapel of St. Mary & St. Joseph, Lajitas, and the Marfa and Alpine Ministerial Alliances…. For Connor Travis and the ministry of Young Life

For Our Leaders

For Donald, our president, Greg our Governor, Manny our mayor and the mayors and city managers of our surrounding communities…. For Joe, our president-elect and 
Kamala, our vice president-elect and all newly elected officials as well as our elected officials in Washington and all who exercise authority at any level of government. For all who struggle to make a more just society


St. Paul’s Prayer Box and Prayer Wall

Living out our mission to be a welcoming, prayerful, caring community actively sharing the love of God….On our wallTo day I Pray: For all who serve in a hospital...Amy, Sam George, Laurel, Chase, April, Chris, Creede, Bennett,...All my family,...Rudy with ALS....MDS Anderson patients and doctors...Today I Hope: Love wins, Everyone loves each other...To remain sober....the teepees will be warm at Big Bend....For unity...For a safer tomorrow....Things will get better...Ending racism...Today I Thank: Jesus,... Heavenly Father...St. Paul's....Merry Christmas....God for Camillia m y friend....His grace, patience, guidance...God for His grace...Universe for its enduring family...For our Democracy...Live to see another day...God for Gace...Finding a home here...Marfa for being accepting of all...His grace, patience and guidance...For this life I've been given...God 4 my life...God, that I live to see another day...Prayer Box: For our long trip and our families far away...Becca's recovery from a broken ankle...For our family friend "R" who is facing serious surgery on October 1...Mariano Faiardo reecovery from cancer (my father)...Victor Amram, grandfather of 92 that is struggling for strength...Zanfini...


St. Paul’s Prayer List

Gail, Patty, Holly,  D'Ette, Merit and the Fowlkes family, James, Shere, Kevin and Jay, Lesly, Lila, Melodie, Mimi, Pat & Mary, the Vana Family… FOR Jeanie Olivas, Vijaya, Frank, Larry, Jack Risen, Kathryn Anschutz, Sue Ellen, Kelly, Brian Hutchins who have cancer… for Michael Simpson, Lee Ann,. for James, Brian Neal & Jacob, Linda, for Jenny, Megan and Elizabeth, for David who has MSA, Frank, for Ralph...Kathleen….Bishop Jerry and Jane Lamb…Jessie Ann….Francisco Javier Del  Hierro Vega, Juan Paul Del Hierro Vega, Arlyn Del Hierro…..Canon Carole McGowan... Help us remember that whereas some sections of the media are skewed and biased or even untruthful, Your essence is truth and light...for the media that  they present with truth, compassion and unbias... Douglas...for those with the coronavirus, those living in isolation because of the virus, caretakers and researchers to find a cure and a vaccine...MEMBERS OF THE TIPTON FAMILY...Amanda, a nurse on the frontlines in New York City....Debbie Hamilton who is a paramedic on the front lines in San Antonio....Dawn who has cancer..Airman First Class Sidney Davis who is overseas.....Andrea, a nurse recovered from COVID-19 and back at treating others, Safe travels, Protection from COVID-19,...Ellen Boyd. After 15 years of being cancer free, her cancer has returned.... Itze who is in hospice...For the Kinney-Morrow family...Father Phil West recovering from a stroke...Gary Stonum who has Covid-19....for Katie who is dying.....Aurie....Mary Steele who is battling stage 3 breast Cancer...Kellie and Rick on their journey together....Pearl....Paul Woods, Cancer....Dorothy Swanson who fell and now has the Coronavirus....Lee Ann....Kaley Bowerman & Judah...Kristy Kimmell...Burt and Doris Ann Brownfield.......Corina & Carlos and their daughters, Iris and Lily....Rudy and Allison....Roberto who has cancer and Julia his wife....Luane Porter...Carol Janocek who has cancer...Layne who is struggling....Marina Z with Covid-19....Yvonne who is in hospice care...Roger Cribdin, Cancer medical trial...Patricia, congestive hear failure....

Those who have died

Victims of Covid-19

World News This Week in Prayer

Holy One, let us hear afresh your words of life: 

Lies, partial truths, fudging the issues at best are all swirling around in briefings, media outlets of all kinds, and thoughtlessly spread without a moment’s pause for reflection and discernment. The resultant increase in confusion, fear, distrust, and sometimes total frustration leading to ignoring of basic safety measures, disturb and devalue the essence of Christmas.

Light has come into the darkness and confusion. Love is born. The infant baby is not merely cute but the embodiment of eternal truth, justice, and joy for then, for now, for all time and all creation including each person and all that is created.

Holy One, let us hear afresh your words of life: 

As another year dawns, may we take a moment

  • to recognize where the light appeared in our life this year (because it did);
  • to recognize who was the light and for you (for there was more than one person);
  • to acknowledge how you were the light for someone else in need (because you were)
  • to recognize where and how you experienced love this year (because you did);
  • to recognize who showed you the love (for there was more than one person);
  • to acknowledge how you expressed love to someone who felt unloved (because you did).

Holy One, let us live each day your words of life: 

This year has been a maelstrom and living on a knife-edge with threats to all areas of life and society as we knew it, regardless of the country we live in, has shaken us to the core. The separation and loss of security in so many areas all at once has removed a lot of what we foolishly thought to be important or even essential, like status, material goods, and illusory social media popularity. We rejoice in the rediscovery of what we so often took for granted like love, family friends, a home, health, enough to eat and drink and be able to pay our bills, and the healing power of nature in all its forms has been a revelation for so many.

Jesus, Word of God, by you all things were made and love displayed say: 

Spirit of God, rescue us from despair and give us hope, trusting in your promise of making all things new. And start with me, with us, with our communities, our leaders whether religious, political, business, fiscal, social, educational or health.

We look forward to the possibilities of protection now 3 vaccines are approved for use to combat the pandemic in different countries. We pray for a fair distribution so that all nations, regardless of their economic wealth, can help protect their people. We pray for patience so that we can all battle through this prolonged crisis knowing that we are all in it together or else we will all suffer even more horrors than 2020 has brought. the way the virus is mutating similarly in different continents simultaneously underlines that we are all one body.

Holy One, let us hear afresh your words of new life options: 

The continuing saga of disasters flow endlessly: the earthquake in Croatia, mudslides in Norway and Japan devastating communities; floods, gales and snow in the UK, disappearances in Turkey, Belarus, Russia, droughts, starvation, oppression in Yemen, Syria, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya and so many parts of your world – our hearts ache with all those suffering. Be close to those in fear today, let them know they are not alone as you are with them. When it is too much to bear, let them hear you whisper, “Peace be still. I am with you closer than your next breath.” Give them the courage to keep on going on, trusting in your ever faithful love and mercy.

Strengthen all who work for peace where they are
often at the risk of their own lives.
You are the way. Help us to walk You.
You are Truth. Help us speak You.
You are Life. Help us breath you.
You are Love. 
Enfold and infill us to share you.
Each day. 
Each moment. 
Today and whatever this coming year brings.
We are Yours and you still say: 


Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote:
We all have known
Good critics,
who have stamped out poet’s hopes;
Good statesmen,
who pulled ruin on the state;
Good patriots,
who, for a theory, risked a cause;
Good kings,
who disemboweled for a tax;
Good Popes,
who brought all good to jeopardy;
Good Christians,
who sat still in easy chairs;
And damned the general world for standing up—
Now, may the good God
pardon all good people!

Point: Beware the kind of goodness that destroys anything in the name of superior virtue.

The Rev. Michael Wallens
Vicar - Saint Paul's Episcopal Church
P.O. Box 175, Marfa, Texas 79843
Office - 915.239.7409  |  Cell - 214-862-7292

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church · P.O. Box 175 · 101 E. Washington street · Marfa, TX 79843 · USA

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