February 22 2017 General Meeting Announcement
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Fellow Democrats of Washington’s 31st Legislative District,

Hello! I am Allison Pincas, the newly-elected Newsletter Chair. First off, I would like to welcome all new members! I am happy to report that this year has begun on a note of determined enthusiasm. On January 7, the 31st District Democrats underwent a smooth and energized reorganization. Our new Chair has prepared a welcome statement, and a member list of the newly elected executive board can be found here.

Our January 25th informal meeting and pizza party drew a large and motivated crowd: we heard from neighbors who have been organizing, protesting, and demonstrating, we participated in small group discussions, we affirmed a sense of community and united purpose, and together we started to lay plans for the coming years. As members new and returning took turns speaking, a common theme emerged: many of us have long lived in this “red” district completely unaware that progressive neighbors and a local Democratic group even exist. This sense of isolation has not only made us feel lonely, but it has at times dampened hope and thwarted action. But another thing became clear during that meeting as well: we recognize that now, more than ever, we need to create an active and supportive community network.

To facilitate this, my personal mission for the newsletter this year will be to help you feel connected: to your neighbors, to the issues, and to opportunities to get involved. We will work to inform, to engage, and to put national issues in local perspective. And while I hope that you find this content inspiring, I also ask that you not turn away from the less-than-exciting, but very-necessary components of grassroots activism: fundraising and campaigning. I know that sometimes the “politics” of politics are off-putting, but the truth is, especially at the local level, candidates are not politicians. They are your neighbors. The direction and impact of the 31st District Democrats is ultimately not decided by nameless, faceless politicians and party-line positions, but by the people, like you, who show up! We hope to see you around.
Local activism in action: our January meeting
6 Things You Can Do Right Now

As the first few weeks of President Trump’s administration have unfolded, many of us have found ourselves overwhelmed, distressed, and looking for concrete opportunities to fight back. While you have likely been bombarded with emails and other petitions for action, we have attempted here to compile a short list that covers all the bases:
Around the Web...
Protests, rallies, petitions, meetings. News, social media shares, arguments with friends and family. Worry, anxiety, anger, fear. The Trump presidency has only just begun, and yet many of us might already be burning out. In this article, The Coffeelicious offers some sage advice about how to cope.
Upcoming Events
General meeting February 22 at the Edgewood Fire Station.  6 PM social hour, meeting begins at 7 PM. This month's meeting will feature a presentation by Marcie Maxwell, former State Representative from the 41st District. “Perspectives on Politics, Policies, Budgets …and McCleary.” You’ve seen the headlines and campaign mailers this year about McCleary and education funding. Many of you know the issues your local school districts, classrooms and kids are experiencing. The state legislative session began in January 2017 and faces key challenges and deadlines. We’ll review 21st century education and workforce needs, the Washington State Supreme Court’s McCleary K-12 education decision, plus our state’s values, budget and revenue issues, and your advocacy.  The topic is timely – and we need real solutions. (General meetings recur on the 4th Wednesday of every month.)
April 22, 2017March for Science 
February 23 at 1 PM: Dave Reichert PBS Facebook Live Event. As reported by The Stranger, "The digital conference will be moderated by KCTS anchor Enrique Cerna, who will select questions for Reichert from a pool submitted by participants."
March 5: Washington State Democrats 2017 Annual Crab Feed.  "Enjoy a delicious, locally-sourced seafood buffet and Washington-produced beer and wine provided by local Puget Sound businesses (non-seafood vegetarian option will be available). Listen to live music followed by speeches from some of our top Democratic representatives. Meet Democratic leaders, activists, and community members from across Washington as we kick off 2017." If you would like to VOLUNTEER (volunteers eat free!), contact Patti Dailey. (Facebook event page here.)
Feb. 1 - April 5: Washington State Advocacy Days. Each Advocacy Day begins with an hour briefing at 10:00 in the morning. See website for specific schedule of events.
March 18-19: Racism workshop "How to Talk to Your Racist Uncle."
Feb. 26 1 PM - 5 PM: Come to the King County Democrats 2017 Action Kickoff and Committee Day and learn about how YOU can take action and get involved with local causes that are more important than ever!
April 1: Pierce County Democrats Annual Fish Fry Fundraiser. For more information or to volunteer, contact Kirby Pollard.
February 26 (Sunday), 2:30 PM - 5 PM: VoteBuilder Training for PCOs at Sumner Library (1116 Fryar Ave., Sumner, WA 98390). No RSVP necessary; 31st District Dems PCOs only.
March 30 (Thursday), 6 PM - 9 PM: VoteBuilder Training for PCOs at Auburn Library (1102 Auburn Way South, Auburn WA 98002) Program to include team building exercise. No RSVP necessary; 31st District Dems PCOs only.
Call for comments: How do you like the new Newsletter format? Is there anything you'd like to see in upcoming issues?
New This Year!

You can now pay your membership dues ONLINE! Annual dues are $31 per resident of the 31st legislative district of Washington State, per calendar year (January-December). While our general body meetings are open to all, only dues-paying members have voting privileges. Additionally, dues are the primary source of revenue from which we are able to support candidates, host events, and generally work toward progressive causes. Reduced dues are available in limited income situations that include, but aren’t limited to: veteran, senior and/or student status, with a minimum of $5 that ensures full rights and privileges .
February Member Spotlight

Ingrid Curtis is a PCO and our current elected State Committee Woman. She has been actively involved in Democrat organizations for approximately 18 years, and she has also volunteered for numerous campaigns over the years doing the work of sending out mass mailings, doorbelling, phone calling, and sign waving. Ms. Curtis is also one of several members of the 31st District Democrats who attended the Women’s March this January in Washington, D.C.! And while this may not have been Ms. Curtis’s first march, she stresses that it was “absolutely” the largest she has attended!  She kindly agreed to share her experience with us:

Tell us about your decision to go to D.C.: “After Trump was elected and I got over the original shock, there was talk online about a Women’s March in D.C. There was no talk at the time about marches in other cities, so I talked to my granddaughter and she was totally willing to go, so I made our reservations.”

What was it like, being at the march? “First we all stood for almost 4 hours and listened to the speakers. And then the march began. Between all the pink hats (we had ours as well), the signs, and all the people, it was an unbelievable event. As we were marching, we chanted slogans. It put you on a high which can hardly be described. With all these women and some men marching, there was not one incident of disturbance. We made our mark in a peaceful way.”

What moment or aspect of the march made the biggest impression on you? What is the most important thing you’ve taken away from the experience? “Between all the anti-Trump chanting, we found moments to thank President Obama and Michelle. And again we chanted, ‘YES WE CAN!’ There weren’t any dry eyes. And we took with us the awesome knowledge that we can come out to voice our beliefs and with determination stand up to our elected officials, knowing that we can make a difference. Also that we are determined to carry on. This was not a one time event, this is a movement until we take back our government and we make our country great again the way it always was, not in the image of Trump.”

Any final words or comments? “For my granddaughter and myself it was an event of a lifetime. Will only be duplicated by more women going out into the street making their demands heard and righting such an awful wrong.”

QUESTION OF THE MONTH: What makes you proud to be a Washingtonian? E-mail us your response!
Important Links

Our website
Find your representatives, including your PCO (and what precinct you are in).
Indivisible:  A handbook for resistance, compiled by former congressional staffers.
Young Democrats of Washington: Seeking to "empower young people through voter registration, campaign activities, petitions, and grass-roots lobbying efforts."
Washington State Democrats: The official web resource for the Washington State Democratic party. Browse for events, elected officials, platform positions, news, and more!
Pierce County Democrats: The 31st Legislative District is interesting in that it spans two counties! For those of you residing in Pierce, here is your county party’s official web resource.
King County Democrats: The 31st Legislative District is interesting in that it spans two counties! For those of you residing in King, here is your county party’s official web resource.
Washington State Legislature: Everything you ever wanted to know (and more!) about our state government.
Become a member of the 31st District Democrats! While our general body meetings are open to all, only dues-paying members have voting privileges. Additionally, dues are the primary source of revenue from which we are able to support candidates, host events (including precinct caucuses!), and generally work towards progressive causes.
Our Facebook page: a great source for local info, local events, local discussion, and local calls to action, updated frequently by members of our community.
Our Twitter account: a great source of upcoming events and information!
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