Newsletter 5 for Music Makes Me Happy
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Welcome to the Music Makes Me Happy Chorus
Spring Newsletter!

Read on for some glimpses into what we've been up to, as well as what is coming up for our chorus! Highlights include:

Spring Concert May 21st:
"That's What Friends Are For"

MLK Day Performances
New Video up on YouTube
Harvard Presentation

Singer Spotlight: Peter Beaulieau
Please join us for our Spring concert on Sunday, May 21st at 3 pm at the Cotting School Auditorium (453 Concord Ave, Lexington) .
We will be singing songs about friends and friendship, and our audience will (as usual) be invited to sing with us!
Bring a friend!

Martin Luther King Jr. Performances

Music Makes Me Happy Chorus was pleased to present a "double feature" during the Lexington Community MLK Day back in January! We sang a program at Lexington Montessori School during a busy card-making event, then hopped on the bus to Benchmark Senior Living at Waltham Crossings and presented the same program to a wonderful audience of seniors and families. Highlights of the program included "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", "If I had a Hammer", "We Shall Overcome", and "This Little Light of Mine". Chorus members and volunteers enjoyed the experience of going "on the road" and spreading joy to multiple audiences!

New Video
Check out our stirring rendition of God Bless America, now up on YouTube!

You'll also get a glimpse into our rehearsals, and the general atmosphere of our chorus. Thanks to our new friends Charlie and Anastasia for their excellent video production work.

We can't wait to perform this for a crowd of 3,000+ baseball fans at the Lowell Spinners game on June 25th!

Harvard Presentation

Our director, Marsha Martin, was invited to give a presentation at Harvard University about her work with the special needs population, including the Music Makes Me Happy Chorus. On April 5, she visited the "Music and Disabilities" class, which is composed of graduate and undergraduate students majoring in different fields who all share an interest in people with various disabilities having ample opportunities to participate in making music. Marsha shared the general principles that guide her work, as well as many insightful personal experiences. The class members were introduced to our chorus by way of Marsha’s description of who we are, what we do during a typical rehearsal, and the kinds of music we sing. They were all invited to our spring concert.

We are grateful to have an experienced, thoughtful, and incredibly dedicated individual leading our group!

Above left: Harvard classroom, welcoming Mr. Happy as well as Marsha
Above right: Chorus on the bus inbetween MLK Day performances

Upcoming Dates:

Spring Concert: May 21st at 3 pm
Lowell Spinners Baseball Game: Sunday, June 25th



For Peter celebrating his birthday is monumental -- he will celebrate as many times as he can.  He has been reminding us for several weeks already that we will be celebrating his birthday at our annual picnic in June since he will be turning 54 on June 23rd

We are looking forward to that because Peter is one of our favorite friends.  As Peter enters chorus every week in his wheelchair, he is smiling ear to ear and greeting us all exuberantly.  Peter loves everyone and is eager to give and receive hugs.  Peter is blind and really appreciates the love and help he receives from his friends at chorus.

Peter has a large, loving family: his mother Rose Marie, two sisters, his guardian Anne and Liz (both MA residents), and two brothers Paul (MA) and Chris (Washington state), plus many nieces and nephews.  The time he spends with his family is precious to him.

His school years began in Fall River and then continued in the Melrose Public Schools. Now Peter lives in a group home in Waltham. 

His hobbies, the things he enjoys most, are music and art.  Peter often makes pictures to give to his friends at chorus as tokens of his affection.  His friendships are very important to him and he always tries to be a good friend himself.  Peter loves music.  He likes listening to music and going to concerts.  He especially loves singing and being in the Music Makes Me Happy Chorus.  His joy is evident in his robust singing and his big smile. He also likes to be in plays that are put on at summer camp.  This summer he will be attending both Grotonwood and Tulgey Wood (Nantucket) camps.  Peter also likes to travel.

When Peter was asked what he would like to say about chorus, he answered:  “I love it and I love all you guys!  You’re like my family!”
Hope you are having a wonderful Spring! Thanks for reading, and supporting the Music Makes Me Happy Chorus!

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