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Hi, friends!

Episode #121 is live! It’s Vault time again! We discuss the cult classic Clue and the still relevant 9 to 5.

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Episode Breakdown

What's inside? 🕒
Clue — 1:20
There were less clues here than we were led to believe.

9 to 5 — 14:55
Anyone who takes credit for your work is not to be trusted. Also, unions are cool.

Progressive Millennials and Gen Z @ everything racist white people love.

"The Hungry Tree" is a tree in the grounds of the King's Inns in Dublin, Ireland. The 80-year-old tree has been gradually devouring a cast-iron bench.
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Final Thoughts

It's Wednesday and this newsletter is running a little behind. But there's a good reason! I won my election for secretary of my county Democratic Party (36 to 7, if ballot numbers are your thing), and then promptly crashed. As with most things in my life, I did not accomplish this alone at all. I had people making calls on my behalf, good friends to help me make sure my platform was fire (spoiler: it was), and have been doing so much socializing that is very unnatural for me in order to accomplish this goal.

But now I get to build a solid organization that has very clear documentation guidelines and directions for how to update everything and I am Very Excited, like a true Nerd. Also, some advice if you ever run for anything: don't assume you have people's votes because you know them or they know of you and your work elsewhere. Make calls. Send personal emails (one mass email with your platform is fine; do a personalized follow-up). Voters deserve to be told what you plan to do with your new power and asked if they can support you and what you plan to accomplish while you have access to that power. Don't try to skate in because you think your reputation will carry you. That's disrespectful of voters, and also not very kind to yourself, either. Asking for power is hard, but if you believe you will make good use of it, go all in! Don't phone it in.

"Renay," you might be asking, "what the heck does this have to do with podcasting?" Well, I assume some of you reading this listen to us semi-regularly, so you've been hearing us talk at each other and have opinions in public for awhile now. I know we're not talking directly to y'all, but we know you're listening, so it's almost the same thing. And I wouldn't have been able to get up in front of 42 people and ask them to hand me power without talking to Ana, and indirectly, you, if I hadn't been doing this podcast and learning to trust my voice and my ideas. I mention this Hot Rural Politics Content because in this episode we talk about a movie where women don't have a lot of power to accomplish their goals, because they're their only advocates in a sick system. That really drove home to me yesterday how lucky I've been. Every person who has listened to me shout about Jupiter Ascending or the Hugo Award or killing queer characters in narratives when there's only one of them what the heck are you doing!?: you helped me do this. Because you listen and you take our commentary seriously even when you disagree and when you disagree you do so in a way that makes us better critics, thinkers, and speakers.

All that to say: thanks.


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