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Hi, friends!

Episode #114 is live! We discuss The Mummy—the semi-quality 1999 film, not the one with Tom Cruise, which should never have been made.

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First & Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading our newsletter!

On Monday, I said, "I am posting this episode." Then a bunch of campaign stuff happened. There there was a bonus county Democratic committee event I volunteered to help organize because I'm a sucker. Then Tuesday I ended up doing actual in-person campaign work which, for the record, is very tiring. So, Wednesday, I thought. Definitely Wednesday.

Reader, the episode only technically got posted Wednesday, as it's 10:30PM in the land of Very Tired Campaign Staffers. Don't even ask how many emails I've sent and received in the last 12 hours.

There's so much more to tell everyone—and media to talk about—but so many things keep cropping up and derailing my plans to PUT THIS EPISODE INTO THE UNIVERSE that if I keep typing I will inevitably be given 160 tasks, 49 of them with subtasks. Instead of allowing me to curse myself, listen to Ana and I deconstruct our feelings about The Mummy.

— Renay

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