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Health concerns, new additions, and the eternal search for funds...

What a busy couple of months September and October have been. We launched our internship program, finally began work on our new secure boundary fence, and there have of course been health concerns for some of our equines, as well as a few new additions to our rescue centre. In other words, it's been busy as usual and full of surprises around every corner, ensuring that we constantly stay on our toes.

Health-wise, Jett needed to have a rotten tooth removed, Captain had a case of colic, but is doing much better now on a new soft food diet, and we have continued to keep a close eye on Freeda who has foot cancer.

We took in three new additions in the last couple of months - all donkeys. The most recent two were a pair of beautiful baby donkeys - one who is only about 6 months old, and the other slightly older at 8 months. They were malnourished with some facial wounds and riddled with worms, but are settling in well to life at our centre and their health is improving every day. 

You can read more about their rescue here.

We also rescued another donkey Paco, at the start of September. Unfortunately for Paco his neglect and mistreatment had left him with not only physical wounds, but also carrying tetanus: a fatal disease in equines.

We sent Paco to the equine hospital when his jaw became locked, and he was fed first through a feeding tube and later through an oesophecus feeding hole. Unfortunately his stomach muscles also became affected by tetanus and his digestion slowed down, leaving us with no other option but to put him down.

The one consolation to this sad loss, is that at least we gave Paco a pain-free death. We know that if we hadn't rescued Paco, he would have had an awful death – he wouldn't have been able to eat, he would have struggled to breathe and he would have had a long, painful death.

You can read more about Paco here.
Paco the donkey.
Our new baby donkeys. The white one is about 6 months old, and the brown one is about 8 months.

2017 fundraising horse calendar now on sale!

Exciting news: our new limited-edition 2017 calendar is now officially on sale. All proceeds will go towards buying the 80 wormers we need for our herd of rescued horses, ponies and donkeys – all up, this major de-worming operation will cost us €1250, so we only need to sell 63 calendars to hit that target.

And because everyone who worked on the calendar project volunteered their time, almost every cent raised from sales goes straight to the worming fund. Amazing.

Head here for a peek inside the calendar and to place your order. We'll also have copies for sale at our next open day on Sunday, November 6 from 1pm to 4pm.

A special thank you to our donors

We've been struggling to try and get back on our feet after the slow summer months in our shops, and the large veterinary bills from Lily and Bettina's deaths. So we were especially grateful to get this lovely message and €150 from Shannon Kelley, a Canadian donor:

"Having visited your rescue center this past June, you were the first place I thought of when my aunt asked me to make a donation to a horse rescue in lieu of a gift on her birthday. So here's a donation to help with those vet bills and I hope to visit the center again on my next visit to Spain."

We also received an incredibly generous donation from our long time supporter Kate Jensen. Kate has come to our rescue so many times before, and when she heard about our struggles she once again dug deep and donated a massive €600 at our last open day. Thank you so much, Kate. We feel blessed and incredibly grateful.
Our Canadian donor Shannon Kelly and her Aunt Wendy
Kate Jensen handing over her donation to Sue at the last open day.

A free pony greeting card for you to download & keep

Our volunteer media manager Koren has been working on some great new fundraising products, including greeting cards and posters, which will hopefully be on sale soon. 

In the meantime, as a thanks for your support and for reading our newsletters, Koren created a lovely Faith the Pony greeting card (blank inside) for you to download and print – free! To get your copy, simply click this link

As always, thank you.

To all our wonderful supporters here in Spain and across the world, thank you. With your help and support, we are making huge steps forward for animal welfare in Spain.

With best wishes,

Sue and Rod Weeding,
Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre co-founders
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