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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2019!

What a roller coaster year 2018 has been. It was filled with many amazing ups but also some bone crushing downs. We were especially busy this year as we were asked by the Police every month to take in one or more abused or abandoned equines, which took our total number of rescues this year to 19 which means a total number of 163 rescues to date! Despite securing the future for so many animals, our hearts were broken when Kisses the little baby donkey died despite all our efforts to save him. In the middle of all this we also achieved our milestone 10th anniversary this year.
Sue and little Miracle wish you a Merry Christmas!
Our work always involves very long hours and strenuous physical labour. But all our effort pays off every time we see battered and abused animals blossom under our care when no else was interested in saving them.

You can help all the rescued animals under our care in many ways and here are just a few, by ordering some much needed products from our Amazon wish list. You can also help us fundraise by purchasing our beautifully illustrated equine greeting cards or our 2019 fundraising calendar with gorgeous photographs of our horses, donkeys and ponies taken by our volunteer photographer, Elaine Warnock.

Upcoming events:

Sunday January 6: Free open day from 1pm to 4pm
Join one of our guided Tours of the rescue centre, meet our animals and hear their heart warming survival stories, then stop for a vegetarian meal or drink in our café and win a raffle prize!

Book a private tour: 
We now run private tours of our rescue centre in English, Spanish, Russian and French! For information about pricing and how to book, click here.

Don't forget to use the hashtag #easyhorsecarerescuecentre on social media so we can see all of your beautiful photos taken in our centre!

We'd also really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review on Trip Advisor afterwards.

Mayoral visit

We were honoured when the Mayor of Rojales Antonio Perez Garcia, his Deputy Inmaculada Chazarra and several other very interested Delegates from the Town hall visited the Centre on our 10th Anniversary.

Our latest rescues

November 14: Kisses

we received a phone call informing us that a little baby donkey had been found dumped like a piece of rubbish  in a blue plastic bag near the Segura river in Las Heredades. He was less than a year old, covered in his own faeces with his intestines starting to come out of his body and unable to move as he was trapped inside the blue plastic covering him. He couldn’t even stand up and looked utterly exhausted with half closed eyelids. It was as if he had already given up on his life because of the horrors he had gone through at such a tender age. We rushed him to the veterinarian hospital and were ready to do whatever it took to give him a home and a future. But our hearts were broken when this frail baby donkey died less than 24 hours after his rescue due to pneumonia. To honour this poor baby donkey’s memory, we posthumously named him Kisses.

October 22: Décimo

Décimo the donkey came to us on the day of our 10th anniversary. He was found by Almoradí Police in Heredades, alone and tied to a bag of rubbish with a very tight rope around his neck. He had got scars on his nose and was very frightened of people most likely due to the abuse he had suffered in the past.  We named him Décimo (which means tenth in Spanish) to commemorate his arrival on our 10th anniversary day. He is absolutely lovely and has stolen everyone’s hearts. He has been castrated and has become a member of Franky’s herd.

Our anniversary donkey has been turned out in Franky's field.

Update about Marty

Click to watch Marty's progress!
Marty has been walking far better day after day and has even started trotting, Marty is a such a lovely and friendly donkey and his moving story was covered by the Dodo recently. Now that he is on his way to becoming an internet star, he may soon start giving competition to our YouTube star Franky the donkey!

Current volunteering opportunities:

We're always in need of some extra pairs of hands to help us out with all things Easy Horse Care related. Here are some of our latest volunteer positions that need fulfilling:

Working holiday programme

Our working holiday programme is designed to be a relaxed and fun way to enjoy sunny Spanish life while helping an excellent cause in a hands-on manner, creating a lasting impact on your own life as well as on the daily lives of abused and neglected animals that need your help.

Charity shops-related volunteering – needed on a weekly basis.

Help raise vital funds to keep our centre going by volunteering in our network of charity shops across the Alicante region. Serve customers, sort and price donated goods, design and update shop displays, share our story with customers.

Rescue centre-related volunteering – needed on a regular basis.

Fundraising, event organising, help with our open day café, open day tour guide, photography, videography, administrative work, grant writing, graphic design, public relations and media communication, marketing, promotion, donation collecting.

Equine-related volunteering – needed on a regular basis.

Mucking out, feeding, daily chores, grooming, care of equines and other animals, tack cleaning and repair.

Stables-related volunteering – needed on an occasional basis

Clean-up and work days, carpentry, building fences and shelters, general maintenance, painting and decorating, electrical and plumbing works.

For more information about these positions, including how to apply, please click here.

As always, thank you.

To all our wonderful supporters here in Spain and across the world, thank you. With your help and support, we are making huge steps forward for animal welfare in Spain.

With best wishes,

Sue and Rod Weeding,
Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre co-founders
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"Maybe you can't change the world by saving one horse, but you can change the whole world for the horse that you save." – Sue Weeding, Easy Horse Care co-founder.
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