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Happy New Year!

And so we find ourselves in 2016. Last year was one of our busiest and most difficult yet. Our number of rescued equines rose to 97 – the most we've ever cared for here at the rescue centre – as we formed even closer bonds with local police and authorities.

This year we're committed to safeguarding the ongoing future of the rescue centre by securing stable financial support to allow us to continue our animal welfare work.

If you'd like to become a regular donor, sponsor or partner, check out our many options here.

And now to the latest news from our rescue centre...

We rescue a "walking skeleton"

This month we were involved in a joint rescue operation with the Torrevieja council to rescue a terribly thin horse from owners living near the San Luis salt lake in Spain’s Alicante province.

Rod was called to the site on December 11 by Torrevieja’s new animal welfare councillor Carmen, who has vowed to act swiftly to save other animals that remain on the site.

We're very glad as over the years, many people have contacted us about the horses, donkeys and even dogs that are kept there behind the Mercadona in really bad condition. We’ve had complaints about this place ever since we started the rescue centre eight years ago and we are delighted that Carmen is committed to stamping this out.

Oscar, as we have named this horse, had been tethered to a piece of rope beside the salt lakes, which is public land and therefore made the legal seizure much easier.

He’s about 17 years old and just absolutely skeletal, a walking skeleton, but he has shoes on so they were obviously still riding him. He has problems with the joints of all four legs from being overworked.

Oscar is now recovering well at our rescue centre, as you can see in the photo below, taken two weeks after his rescue.
This case just shows the commitment to animal welfare by the people who are coming into the police forces and local authorities. Our biggest challenge now is funding and finding the space to keep the horses so that these seizures can continue.

Dear old Wally passes away peacefully

On the same day as the Oscar rescue, an aging horse rescued from a Callosa de Segura dealers yard passed away peacefully at our rescue centre.

Wally (pictured below on the right, with his best friend Maverick) was rescued in March last year along with 13 other horses, which had been chained to walls in a falling-down building.

Wally was in his 30s and enjoyed his time here with lots of companions. He died in his sleep of natural causes, which is a lovely way for a horse to go.

So Rod had the shock of that one, and had to move the horse to where the body could be taken away, and then suddenly he’s off rescuing another horse – and then he has to be back by 3pm to start the feeds because it takes a couple of hours with 97 feed bowls and all the different medications.

It’s Rod who does it all, and he’s in his 60s. That’s the reality of it here. We really do desperately need some sort of financial support to allow us to continue to do it all.

Find out about our many donation options here.

Muffin the mule rescued by kind local people

We had a second rescue this past month, when this adorable young mule was rescued from gypsies by some very kind people and brought to our rescue centre on the morning of Sunday, December 22.

He's only nine months old and is just 70 cm tall. He is just gorgeous and we have called him Muffin. If anyone would like to sponsor him, please contact us.

Incredibly generous donation by the family of the late June Margaret French

At the end of December, we were visited by the husband and daughter of June Margaret French, who sadly passed away on December 1.

After visiting the rescue centre earlier this year, June was so moved by our work that she decided to sponsor Mystery (shown in the photo below, which was taken soon after she arrived at the centre).

June became a very keen supporter of our work and because of this, her family and friends decided to donate €630 raised at her funeral to the rescue centre. We were very moved to receive this donation – a huge thank you to everyone involved in this very kind gesture.

Taffeta the Pony opens our new Gran Alacant charity store

The grand opening of our new furniture shop in Gran Alacant on December 15 was a huge success, with many people coming to meet Taffeta the Pony.

Our Christmas raffle draw also made a fantastic €300 for the rescue centre. We would like to say a huge thankyou to all our wonderfull volunteers and supporters in the Gran Alacant area that have made these two shops so successful.

Meanwhile, we have to thank our fantastic volunteers who run the La Siesta charity shop. The Christmas raffle this year made and amazing €430. Also a huge thank you to everyone that donated the prizes to make this possible.

This money will be a tremendous help towards the care of the 97 horses, ponies and donkeys we care for at our rescue centre. Thank you guys for always being there for us.

As always, thank you.

To all our wonderful supporters here in Spain and across the world, thank you. With your help and support, we are making huge steps forward for animal welfare in Spain.
With best wishes,
Sue and Rod Weeding,
Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre co-founders.
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