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So long, Summer...

The 'summer's really over' edition.

Photo Credits: Pie Aerts

We've been enjoying a beautiful 'indian summer' in Amsterdam this past month. Sadly though, the weather has turned: the time has come to say farewell to summer and dig out our raincoats.

With autumn, we welcome a string of fascinating new projects relating to beers & beverages, mobility, heavy equipment, poultry, destination marketing and education. Also, we are delighted to welcome some amazing new talents to our team (please see the 'Aloha' section below). 

Friends and contacts frequently remind us that our work appears more 'different' than it feels to ourselves. Even after 8 years of business, the most-frequently-asked-question we get is 'So... what exactly is it that you do?'. To answer this, please find below a selection of recent projects. Also, if you're interested in innovation, disruption and/or mobility: don't miss the next edition of 'An Afternoon At the Fronteer', organised in collaboration with ADAM&Co at the wonderful A'DAM tower next month. For those interested to know (even) more about what we do: feel free to contact us at Fronteer HQ, we look forward to hearing from you!

Spice up your cheese
Dutch cheese is renowned the world over and a lunchtime favourite in the Netherlands. But lack of innovation in the category has led to a sea of sameness, with supermarkets offering a wall of very similar yellow squares in branded plastic packaging. We helped our client Westland Kaas to take the spotlight back from bread by creating a new product range for their Gouda Cheese brand Maaslander.

We learned from, and co-created with, the best experts in the worlds of juices, fish, fruit & vegetables and even soups & sauces. The results: the Maaslander ‘Kruid & Pit’ range. Available now in supermarkets near you! 

Shuttel Mobility Card

In recent years, many employees have been spoiled by having lease cars. But times are changing. For millennials in particular, owning a car is no longer a necessity. Today, the focus is more on flexibility, low costs and travelling with less impact on the environment.

Volkswagen Pon Financial Services (VWPFS) saw and seized the opportunity and asked our friends from Kraftwerk and Fronteer to design the mobility service of the future.

Through ‘collaborative innovation’ with external experts, the VWPFS team and Kraftwerk we developed a new service, brand and company: Shuttel.

With Shuttel, employees have access to a wide range of transport options, from public transport to the shared vehicles of Greenwheels. All mobility transactions are registered online via the mobility card. Shuttel is being used as a pilot by several large Dutch companies. VWPFS will soon launch an app (developed by Q42) for users of the Shuttel card.

WWF Netherlands loves Young Families
At Fronteer, we strive to co-create towards positive impact for brands, society and the planet. To our great delight, we were invited to work for one of the coolest NGOs on the planet: the World Wildlife Fund.

Who doesn't love the Panda, Tiger, Elephant and Barrier Reef programmes? WWF is undisputed as one of the most aspirational global organisations, raising funds and running programmes to protect wildlife ecosystems around the world.

To further strengthen the 'household' relationship between nature conservation and young families, WWF Netherlands and Fronteer collaborated with school teachers, game makers, FMCG marketing experts as well as mums, dads and grandparents.

The result? A programme of concepts that will inspire, connect and activate families around wildlife, here in the Netherlands. Interestingly, one of the key insights was that families' lives are already filled with (time) pressure and ‘things to do' - so whatever we came up with, needed to be both 'larger than life' (to fit with WWF's 'Big 5' energy) and a helpful solution that fits in with existing habits and family moments - as opposed to an ‘extra' or ‘homework for parents’.

Do you have a family with young kids? Stay tuned for exciting 'Wildlife' news soon...
Aloha Alexandra!
Aloha Max!
Since the last newsletter we welcomed two new faces into the Fronteer team: Alexandra (Expert Connector) and Max (Strategist) Who are these new faces and where did they come from?

Where did you come from Alexandra?
'Before I joined Fronteer, I worked in advertising as a projectmanager/producer.'

What inspires you?
'If I have to name one person it would be the director Alexander Payne. All his movies are great (and make me laugh and cry).'

Soundtrack of your life:
'The new album of Chance the rapper and particularly the songs No problem and All Night. Another great song; Old thing back by Notorious BIG ft. Ja Rule (Matoma reeeeeeemix). I love eighties music as well. Especially the songs Jessie's girl and Come on Eileen.'

Must read:

'The graphic novel Maus from Art Spiegelman'

Where did you come from Max?
'I've had a variety of exciting experiences in recent years, including studying history, engineering and environmental economics in cities as far apart as Montreal, Paris and Milan.'

What do you do in your spare time?
'Reading gives me so much pleasure. I feel relaxed, smarter and away from it all.'

What inspires you?

'De Correspondent and The Economist are magazines that push me to stay openminded and critical.'

What would you like to change?
'People's mindset about climate change.'

Soundtrack of your life:
'Bob Dylan's music has the power to be fresh and inspiring to me time and time again.'

An Afternoon At The Fronteer X ADAM&Co.

During the latest edition of our event An Afternoon At The Fronteer we teamed up with A’DAM&Co., the members’ club of the brand new A’DAM Toren. The theme of the day was ‘Changing the Game’, with speakers Sander Groet, Blanca Juti, Mirjam Riethof and our very own James Veenhoff.

During an inspiring afternoon we invited marketeers, business developers and ambitious individuals to experience co-creation. Chief Corporate Relations Officer to Heineken, Blanca Juti, recently launched her book ‘Game Changers’ and shared her view on what it takes to be one. According to Blanca, they are ‘those who want to seize that opportunity; those who believe they can make a positive impact in our fast changing world.’

James and Mirjam Riethof teamed up in their presentation about how the ROC Jean School is changing Dutch education and the denim industry at the same time. Finally, Sander Groet told the audience about his A’DAM Toren and how it will change the face of Amsterdam and its music industry.

Our next Afternoon and second edition in the A’DAM Tower is coming up next Thursday and will centre around the theme 'Mobility'. Interested in taking part? Shoot our events team an email at:

Sprint: A shortcut to learning

At Fronteer we aim to help our clients enter new markets, create new products, develop new propositions, define new marketing strategies, and much more. Clients often wonder aloud how to reach a solution to a complex problem, without spending a year on it? We organised a Google Ventures Sprint week for our client Pon Tyre Group (PTG) to achieve results fast.

As Google states, ‘Sprint gives teams a shortcut to learning, without the building and launching.’ It gives the team a huge amount of energy and the product is way better than we imagined at the start. Instead of ending up with a sketch of what the product might be, you end up with a working prototype. You can showcase this to all your stakeholders, potential business partners and customers.

The PTG team was so energised that, two weeks after the Sprint, we received a promo video they made themselves in order to reach even more partners and showcase their new product direction. We hope to see their MVP launched soon...

Interested in innovating fast? Check out our website for more information about our approach.

Strategy and Production Interns Wanted! 
Fronteer is looking for Dutch-speaking, enthusiastic and remarkable interns to join our team from February 2017!

We are looking for a strategy intern:
...who is interested in strategy, innovation and brands
...someone who enjoys working on complex brand and innovation challenges

And a production & expert connector intern:
...who is an organisational talent, a real fixer
...who loves finding the best locations, caterers and experts to join our co-creation sessions

Want to find out more? Check out the internship openings on our website or send your motivation and resume to:

Fronteer Winterschool #3 
We all know that Amsterdam has more to offer than the Dam, Red Light District and The Anne Frank House. But tourists often limit their stay to the city centre. Amsterdam ranks among the top 20 tourist destinations worldwide and has attracted approximately 7 million visitors in the last 4 years. Although tourism is an income source for local economies, the high amount of tourists does cause hassle for the city's inhabitants. How to spread tourism in Amsterdam? We believe that this challenge deserves breakthrough thinking. 

Our third Fronteer Winterschool will take place February 2017 and center around this interesting yet urgent challenge.
The Fronteer Winterschool is our annual crash-course in co-creation. Ten ambitious professionals from different industries are invited to the wharf for two days of co-creation. During the previous edition in February of this year, an interesting mix of professionals from companies like Ahold, Pon and KPN created concepts for the bike problem around Amsterdam Central Station. 
More info:
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