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Although its super easy to unsubscribe to this newsletter at anytime, please take a second to check it out first.   The DUG Network newsletter is a comprehensive list of workshops, events, programs, job openings, grants and gardening tips for the urban AG, food security and environmental world, happening in the greater DC area. 

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DUG Network is an all volunteer network that has minimal upkeep costs.  These costs are met by board member donations and sponsorship organizations.  We only accept sponsorships  from local DC organizations that we believe are a valuable resource to DC. 




To learn more or become a sponsor for DUG please email


DC Coronavirus Updates

DC Gov Coronavirus website


How a Baltimore pastor is organizing Black farmers and Black churches for food security and freedom
Full Article Here

A Bookstore Dedicated to Food Opens in Mt Pleasant
Bold Fork Books, a new culinary bookstore, has taken over the former Pear Plum Café space in Mt. Pleasant, sating the literary appetite of restaurant industry veterans and the meal-kit beginner alike.
Full Article Here

Washington Gardener - Garden Photo Contest
The 15th Annual Washington Gardener Magazine Photo Contest kicks off now! The entry period is January 1-22, 2021.
Full Information Here

Your Family Recipes Could End Up In A New D.C. Exhibit
New DC Exhibit showcases family recipes, you could submit.
Full Information Here

31 Days of Black Women in Food - Nominations Open!
March is Women's History Month and each year, Dine Diaspora honors 31 dynamic Black women in the food and beverage industry from around the world. The honorees are selected through an open nomination process and several rounds of reviews. Nominations close Jan 8.
Full Information Here

Hypothermia Alert Activated
If you see someone in need of shelter:
Call: 202-399-7093 or 311, 911 for an immediate safety risk
Please check on neighbors, seniors and anyone that may need assistance.
More information here

Happy Kwanza!
Kwanzaa is an African-American celebration of life from December 26th to January 1st. The annual celebration brings a cultural message which speaks to the best of what it means to be black and human in the fullest sense.
Click here for a quick guide.

The Serviceberry, An Economy of Abundance, by Robin Wall Kimmerer
As Robin Wall Kimmerer harvests serviceberries alongside the birds, she considers the ethic of reciprocity that lies at the heart of the gift economy.
Read Full Article

Eating Behind Bars: Ending the Hidden Punishment of Food in Prison
This six-part report explores the inequities and troubling trends in prison food, centering the perspectives of people who have been incarcerated while also examining food services policies and practices that affect more than 1.3 million people incarcerated in state prisons nationwide.
Read full report

Study Finds California Farmworkers Infected by COVID-19 at 3X The Rate of Other Farmworkers
More Information Here

The U.S. spends $4 billion a year subsidizing ‘Stalinist-style’ domestic sugar production
Full Article Here

Solar panels made from food waste win inaugural James Dyson Sustainability Award
Engineering student Carvey Ehren Maigue has been named the James Dyson Awards first-ever global sustainability winner for his AuReus system, in which waste crops are turned into cladding that can generate clean energy from ultraviolet light.
Full Article Here

Food Justice

Below we highlighted different initiatives, events, and resources that support food justice directly or indirectly through a food apartheid framework, such as supporting anti-racism, immigration, housing, and other social justice efforts.
"What I would rather say instead of “food desert” is “food apartheid”, because “food apartheid” looks at the whole food system, along with race, geography, faith, and economics." Karen Washington, Rise & Root Farm
Monthly Highlighted Causes
3 Ways to Get Involved with the Georgia Senate Runoff Races
(please email us if you know of more ways to get involved)
1. Spread Important Information about the Races
After the 2020 Election Republicans hold a 50-48 majority in the U.S. Senate with (2) Republican held Senate seats still undecided in Georgia.  Since no candidates receive at least 50% of the votes both Georgia Senate seats will go to a run-off election on January 5th.  With incumbents GOP Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue running against Democrat candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.  If Democrats win both seats there will be a 50-50 tie, with Vice president elect Kamala Harris casting the tiebreaker vote.

We at the DUG Network, believe winning both special elections for the Democrats is imperative to helping the goals that the DUG Network share of improving food, health, and environment justice in this country by having a Senate willing to pass much needed legislation such as COVID relief bills, including the Heroes Act which passed the House back in May, passing desperately needed climate change legislation, raising the federal minimum wage, creating a healthcare public option, promoting food justice legislation such as the Fairness for Farm Workers Act, and so much more.  But none of this will likely be possible if Democrats lose a Georgia Senate runoff race and control of the Senate, allowing the Republican controlled Senate to continue to ignore these issues at a time that millions of us can't afford to ignore any longer.  Regardless

Further Information about Georgia Election and Candidates
(Video) Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff Slams Sen. Perdue in Debate

(Click on Photo for short video from the debate)
2. Donate
3. Volunteer

Groups to Follow for Various Volunteer Options Updates
Phone Banking
Friend Banking
Check in with your friends in Georgia to see if they are registered to vote and if they have a voter plan for January 5th.  Urge them to vote early starting December 14th.  Ask them to check in with 3 of their local friends and to ask those friends to check in with 3 as well.  And so on.

For a Frequently Updated List of Resources
Georgia Senate Runoff Resource Webpage by People's School of DC


Urgent Needs

Happy Hour Fund Grant - Now Open!
The $200 grant application is opening on Sunday, December 20. There are 24 available grants (12 for each area) for this month. We now require all applicants to be excluded workers that live or work in Los Angeles County or the Washington metropolitan area (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia). Please read the eligibility requirements on our website to see if you are eligible.
Full Information Here

Help DC's Local 3-Part Harmony Farm Go Solar!
"Help us get the solar panels we need to grow more vegetables, grow our self-sufficiency and grow our communities in the process." Gail Taylor, owner/ operator of Three Part Harmony Farm (3PH) in Washington, DC"

Justice for Black Farmers Act - Sign the Petition Today!
Decades of farmer-led organizing combined with our heightened collective efforts over the last three years laid the groundwork for the Justice For Black Farmers Act of 2020. The Justice for Black Farmers Act is historic legislation that finally includes full debt cancellation, federal tax relief, and a foreclosure moratorium for our Black legacy farmers. Due to Congress being out of session today, the Act will be officially introduced by U.S. Senators Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand on November 30th.
Full Link Here
More information on "Justice" act
More from Acres of Ancestry Here

Piscataway Land Trust
The Piscataway Land Trust is a long-term Indigenous-led effort led by the501(c)(3) Cedarville Band of Piscataway Indians Inc. to restore and rematriate ancestral land and sovereignty in the Chesapeake region to Piscataway and other Chesapeake Indigenous people.
Donation & More Information Here
A Reparations Map for Farmers of Color May Help Right Historical Wrongs

Help Rescue Food for People In Need During COVID-19!
These are very challenging times for many, but one silver lining of all this is the many organizations and individuals who are working tirelessly to help those in need in their communities. Food assistance organizations are already facing higher demand for food. However, as restaurants close or alter their menus, events and catering orders are canceled, and offices are moving to 100% telework, there is a large amount of excess food that could be donated and needs to be placed with a food assistance organization very quickly. Food Rescue US- DC’s network of volunteers is ready to rescue that food and get it to the organizations who need it. What can you do? Please, spread the word to restaurants, cafes, caterers, event spaces, offices, and any other businesses who may find themselves with excess food to donate that Food Rescue US - DC can rescue that food and make sure it gets to the right place. If you have food to donate or would like to volunteer to rescue food, you can:
Sign up via the Food Rescue US app (scroll to the bottom)


Follow these accounts and newsletters for lists of daily actions, frequent updates, and urgent protests needs in Greater DC Area

East Towson: From Jim Crow to Black Lives Matter
Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 7 PM EST – 9 PM
Historic East Towson, an African-American community unique to Baltimore County and the nation, is a thriving, tight-knit enclave adjacent to Towson’s urban core. Descendants of the original settlers - men, women and children formerly enslaved at the nearby Hampton Plantation - still live in the neighborhood today. This presentation focuses on the political events that have had a major impact on Historic East Towson for generations and the new plans that could determine its future.
More info here

(Click on photo for more details)
Police, Police Unions and Racial Capitalism | Socialist Night School
Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 7:30 PM EST – 9:30 PM
In the wake of protests against police violence and calls to defund the police, a major obstacle opposing any and all reform or even criticism, are police unions. How do police operate as political actors? What is the role of police unions in preventing reform? How can we address policing when police and their unions wield such power? In this session, we will discuss these questions, situate them within the idea of racial capitalism and abolition, and connect the fight against policing to the broader struggle for socialism and left movements more generally. We will also discuss how you can get involved in the fight against the DC Police Union and the push to Defund the MPD.
For more info here

Geographies of Racial Justice in Chicago Webinar Series Modern Day Redlining: Gentrification and the Legacy
Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 8 PM
While gentrification is often portrayed as a positive phenomenon that revitalizes disinvested neighborhoods, it builds upon the legacy of redlining and other segregationist policies to realize profit for those who can afford to invest while displacing longstanding Black and Brown communities. This talk will explore how the geography of gentrification in mapped on to that of redlining and argues that gentrification is a modern manifestation of redlining that re-inscribes racial segregation onto the urban landscape. (Cover image courtesy of Dr. Winifred Curran).
For more info here

Black Lives Matter Curriculum
Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 5 PM EST – 7 PM
Baltimore City School teachers will share curriculum they created on redlining, Black urban farming, art curriculum about building community and more. This curriculum was created to be implemented by teachers across the city who are interested in participating in the Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools.
For More info
Blood and Money: From Primitive Accumulation to Racial Capitalism (10-session reading group)
Monday, January 25, 2021 at 1 PM EST – 3 PM
This online 10-session reading group will address how the history of capitalism since its origins in the fifteenth century is entirely bound up with the subordination of racialized peoples. Even before capitalism fully emerged, money and markets were implicated in the rise and fall of states and empires that conquered and enslaved vast numbers of human bodies. We will read and discuss 3 books: David McNally’s Blood and Money, Cedric Robinson's Black Marxism, and Jairus Banaji’s The History of Commercial Capitalism. Additional readings will include chapters from Marx’s Capital and essays by Robin D.G. Kelley, Barbara Fields, Arun Kundnani and others.
For more info

Frantz Fanon: an Introduction
Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 6:30 PM
Frantz Fanon—psychiatrist, political theorist, poet, and revolutionary—was one of the twentieth century’s foremost theorists of race, colonialism, and decolonization. His writings became a touchstone of the global anti-colonial struggle of the 1960s, and they continue to inspire scholars and activists to this day. To what extent do Fanon’s writings, produced largely during the 1950’s, continue to speak to our situation today? And if they remain relevant, what does this indicate about our general failure to effectively oppose both old and new versions of racism and imperialism in the years since? Through a close reading of selections from Fanon’s two most influential books—Black Skin, White Masks and The Wretched of the Earth—we will consider the lasting importance of concepts like recognition, violence, intersubjectivity, and emancipation. We will place Fanon into conversation with a variety of theorists, including Hannah Arendt, Angela Davis, Jamaica Kincaid, and Kimberlé Crenshaw. Finally, connecting his writings to contemporary anti-racist and revolutionary struggles—in the United States and around the world—we will explore questions of political violence, nonviolence, and the problems and possibilities posed by international solidarity.
For more info

Housing Race & Justice, Web Series
Thursday February 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
In this interactive series, we will travel chronologically through the history of DC and explore the themes of housing and race through the lens of biblical justice. Through a combination of teaching and conversation, we will seek to expand our understanding of how we, as disciples of Jesus, can more effectively pursue biblical justice in our communities. The series starts in February but registration is open now.
Register Here.

Recurring Events

DC Grassroots Planning Coalition
Gathers every second Saturday
A network of DC residents & organizations from all 8 Wards committed to pursuing racial, economic, and environmental justice through equitable development.

ONE DC Right to Housing Committee Meeting
Every Thursday - 6 PM to 8 PM
ONE DC - 614 S St NW, Washington D.C. 20001
Join the Right to Housing Committee every Thursday at our Shaw Office! Come together with other ONE DC members to discuss our tenant rights, and build power to fight displacement and gain community control of land and housing for low-wage, long-standing Washingtonians.

ROC-DC Member Orientation / Orientación para MiembrosMonthly orientation every last Monday of each month from 1pm-2:30pmAre you a restaurant worker who has been affected by COVID-19? Do you want to make changes in the restaurant industry for the better? Do you believe in justice and equity for all workers? The Restaurant Opportunities Center of DC (ROC-DC) is a worker-led organization that is fighting for better wages and working conditions for restaurant and food service workers across the DMV.
The Hunger for Justice Series
The COVID-19 crisis is exposing an enduring and extremely dangerous problem – the inequities within our food system. In honor of a global response, A Growing Culture (AGC) is announcing The Hunger for Justice Series, a weekly live broadcast about how we feed everyone in a Post-Covid World. AGC will showcase the stories and voices of our global network, highlighting local solutions to feeding the world on a changing planet. Each week, we will be hosting an hour long, candid conversation with activists at the frontlines of the global food movement. Themes like gender equality, farmworker rights, trade policy, seed patents, climate change, and land grabs will be explored through the lens of food sovereignty.
Recent Recorded Series and Events

BLM DC press conference on white supremacist violence protected by MPD during Proud Boys rally
Full video

Uprooting Racism, Seeding Sovereignty - Film By Soul Fire Far"Uprooting Racism, Seeding Sovereignty” features a riveting keynote address delivered by Soul Fire Farm’s Co-Founder and Farm Manager, Leah Penniman, and closes with a performance by world-renowned poet, Soul Fire Farm’s Program Manager, Naima Penniman. The 45 minute long HD video also highlights other members of the Soul Fire Farm team, and includes premier footage of the farm itself. 
Trailer Link
Full Video Exclusive Access

National Museum of Women in the Arts & DC Mutual Aid ApothecaryIn this new series, please join our in depth interviews with the Curative Collective, a group of Women, Arts, and Social Change partners working at the intersection of food, art, and social change
Full Video Link
DC Mutual Aid Apothecary Instagram

Chickpeeps Vegan Podcast - New Episode - Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity in Veganism with Aryenish Birdie
In this episode, Aryenish describes how she inherited her respect for animals from her parents, who bonded as teenagers while protecting stray dogs on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan.
Available anywhere you get your podcasts.
More information Here

(Click on Flyer for Video Recording)
(Click on Flyer for Video Recording)
DC Food Policy Council: Racism, Racial Equity, and the Food System Recordings
The DC Food Policy Council, in its role as a convener, invites those who are engaged in the DC food system (as a professional, student, or resident) to this 8-week conversation to reflect, learn, and hold ourselves accountable. Following sessions have been recorded
  • The History of DC’s Grocery Gap
  • Land Access and the Racial Wealth Gap
  • How Racism and White Supremacy Influence Nutrition Education
  • Racial Injustice and Workers in the Food Supply Chain (recording coming soon)
2020 Intro to Racism and White Privilege Webinar Course
July 2020 to February 2021
The People’s School of DC 2019 “Introduction to Racism and White Privilege course” has been converted to a webinar format, that will be recorded and publicly shared, starting in July. This is a FREE 24-class course, (3) 2-hour classes a month, on the many different forms of racism and white privilege in the US, specifically focusing on forms beyond the “explicit” and “easy to see”, through a multi-media lecture series presenting hundreds of anti-racism concepts, perspectives, strategies, resources, speeches, quotes, videos, books, articles, and ways to get involved in modern day efforts to dismantle white supremacy.
Current Webinar recordings available Now


Local Resources
DC Social Justice Newsletter
This bimonthly newsletter is a partnership between the People’s School of DC, a volunteer cooperative organizing and connecting people to social justice education and resources in greater DC area, and Georgetown Environmental Justice students, with the goal to connect people to social justice resources, events, actions, job openings, and education in greater DC area.  This newsletter will only focus on local social justice resources, not solicitations, and will remain an all-volunteer effort.
Follow link view the first newsletter or sign up to recieve future newsletters

People's School of DC Anti-racism Resources
Advocacy for COVID-19 Essential Workers
Essential workers have continued reporting to their physical places of employment during the pandemic. COVID-19 has cost the lives of people who have had to continue to work throughout the pandemic—often with low pay and limited benefits—while also putting their families and communities at greater risk. In this link, we provide information that can help you advocate for and create a safer workplace.
Read full article here

DCFPI: A Resident’s Guide to the DC Budget

Educational Webinars

To promote social distance DUG is only highlighting Webinars and events with social distancing at this time.  Please send any other webinars and social distancing events needing promotion to to be included on the next newsletter.

This lecture series will take place entirely online, with a new speaker on the second Wednesday of the month from October 2020 to September 2021.
(Click on Photo for more info)

Host your own Little Red Bird Botanicals plant walk, medicine-making workshop, or botany class!
Topics can be customized to the event, and may include:
  • Edible wild plants
  • Local medicinal herbs
  • Botany and plant identification
  • Ethical and respectful harvesting practices
  • Making your own herbal medicine
  • Health-specific topics

A plant walk can happen anywhere! Tree boxes, railroad tracks, and alleys can be just as interesting as your local park or woodland. Walks usually last 1-3 hours depending on the interest level of the group. Kids are always welcome. I’ve done classes for individuals, families, organizations, schools, and neighborhood groups. The optimal group size is under 20. During Covid restrictions in-person class size is limited to 10 outdoor participants. To schedule a walk, please email

Fox Haven Organic Farm and Learning Center
3630 Poffenberger Rd, Jefferson, MD 21755

Calendar of Events

Bloom December Webinar Schedule
  • January 5 - The Psychology of our Nature Connection with Vanessa Durant
  • January 7 - Crafting a Dream Time Tea with Nadeja Johanna Zoller, TWH
  • January 14 - Herbal Heroines/Heroínas herbales with Yuré Calvo Santana
  • January 17 - Yoga for Creativity with Namita Kulkarni
  • January 19 - Plant Spirit Communication 101 with Catherine Feliz
  • January 26 - Race & Cultural Competence in Holistic Health: Insights for BIPOC with Dr. Deena Class
  • January 26 - Grow Your Own Herbs - 2 Part Series with Henriette den Ouden
Click on link for many more classes throughout year


Virtual Shephard's Symposium
January 6,7 @ 7:00p.m.
The annual Virginia Shepherd's Symposium will be held virtually via Zoom on January 6 & 7, 2021 from 7-9 PM each evening.
Register at

Fundamentals of Tomato Grafting - FREE Webinar!
January 7 @ 2:00p.m.
Join Daniel Yoder, Johnny's Tomato Product Technician and Julie Fine, Johnny's Commercial Sales Rep, as they cover the fundamentals of top-grafting tomato plants. A how-to demonstration will be included. Northeast growers Skip Paul (Wishing Stone Farm) and Andre Cantelmo (Heron Pond Farm) will share their experiences healing grafted plants.
Info and Registration Here

2021 DC Master Naturalists Program
Starting in February TBD
Must sign up by 1/8/21
Information can be found via the main webpage here.
We are also looking to expand our pool of instructors for the February to April taught portion of the program. Details here:
US Botanic Gardens Online Yoga
January 9, 23, 30 @ 10:30-11:30 a.m.
Join WithLoveDC as they continue the USBG’s weekly community yoga class. Typically offered on-site at the USBG Conservatory or outdoor gardens, the Garden is supporting an online yoga class to continue the program for community health and well-being. Pre-registration is required.
Registration Link
Full List of Programs
School Garden Support Organization - Best Practices Webinar Series
Virtual Gatherings are peer to peer networking events on specific topics with many SGSOs sharing out.

Apply Today - ECO City Farm's Growing Urban Farmers and Farms Program
Sessions Begin January 6 - March 11, 2021
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm

ECO City Farm in Prince George's County is running a 10-month-long beginning farmer training program with 3 hours a week classroom learning that results in a Certificate of Urban Commercial Agriculture. This program helps aspiring and beginning farmers gain the information and practice the skills they need to grow healthy food for themselves and their communities. Because of COVID-19 realities, until further notice, all classes will be held via Zoom Video Conferencing. For more information, please  • 301-288-1125 Applications available at


The Creative Root Herbal Education
Mid-Atlantic Women in Agriculture
2nd & 4th Wednesday of each Month at Noon
1 hour webinars, Cost is FREE
  • 1/13/2021: Creating a Farm Business Continuity Plan
  • 1/27/2021: Drying Foods Safely
  • 2/10/2021: Cover Crop Mixtures
  • 2/24/2021: Planning for Retirement
  • 3/10/2021: Cultivating Conversation: Understanding Opportunities to Access Federal Conservation Programs
  • 3/24/2021: Getting The Most Out of Your High Tunnel- Best Management Practices
Full Schedule

Kokedama: The Art of Crafting Living Moss Balls
Jan 16, Sat 10am to 11:30am
Brookside Gardens
Instructor: Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine
Originating in Japan, kokedama are living plant and moss balls. Traditionally displayed sitting, they also look magical bound up with string and hanging. Similar to bonsai, they are a lovely way to bring a bit of greenery indoors and can live for years with proper care. In this hands-on workshop you?ll have access to all the materials needed to make your own beautiful kokedama and will be taken step-by-step through the unique process. Everyone will make two kokedama to take home with them at the end of the class. FOBG:$36
Casey Trees Advocacy in the District
Mon, January 18, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Advocacy in the District will prepare you to navigate D.C.’s unique political geography to help increase tree canopy in your neighborhood and across the District. By the end of these two classes you will be on your way to reviewing development plans, writing persuasive public comments, and delivering testimony at important District hearings.
Winter Sowing - Following Mother Nature's Way to Jump Start Your Gardens
Jan 19 Tue, 11:00 Am - 1:00 Pm
Winter Sowing offers the perfect opportunity to help you increase your plant diversity and harvests by getting a head start on your spring, summer and fall gardens. You will be able to grow more flowers and food with very little effort and minimal supplies. By using the winter sowing method, you are literally following the ways of the master of all gardeners - Mother Nature. The Winter Sowing Method was officially documented in 2006 in the United States Department of Agriculture's Thesaurus as an effective growing method and since that time, the number of growers using the winter sowing method has skyrocketed across the US.

Depackaging & Commercial Composting - An Integrated System for Organics Recycling
Wed, Jan 20, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

DIY Tincture Making Workshop by House of Lukaya
Sunday January 24
Want to learn about making tinctures at home? Join House of Lukaya in the Zoom Zoom Room!

Level 2 Foragers: Advanced Land Stewardship & Reciprocity (Early Bird)
Saturday, February 13, 2021 at 1:00-5:00 p.m. EST
In Level 1, Foragers were exposed to a wide variety of plants and skills and began to build the concept of reciprocity. In Level 2 we will take those lessons and put them into action by designing and stewarding a Foragers Patch that will ground us in our ecosystem and the complex relationships within it. 
Information and Registration

Companion Planting For Pest Management in Organic Growing Environments
Sat, February 13, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
For the urban farmer who intends to market and sell your harvests, this effort can make or break your volume of sellable items that are aesthetically pleasing to a buyer at the market. By incorporating a variety of beneficial plants that attract beneficial insects above and below ground you can also add a variety of trace minerals to the soil that further ensure edible, healthy and vibrant harvests throughout the growing season. Our goal is to demonstrate how some well-known and lesser-known companions do their jobs in organic growing environments. You'll gain the knowledge you need to successfully grow without harsh chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. Join us for a talk as we walk through our organic farms and gardens and discover how the magic of natural companions works to create more successful future harvests.

DC Home Vermicomposting Virtual Workshop
Sat, Feb 20, 2021 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Learn how to vermicompost – compost with worms – at home! After attending the workshop, residents will qualify for a rebate, up to $75, towards the purchase of a worm composting bin. (Attending this workshop will not qualify you for a rebate towards the purchase of a traditional backyard home composting system.) Attendance is required to qualify for the rebate.

Home Apothecary Program - Mark your calendars!
March-November 2021
Join me at Common Good City Farm for a season-long program on growing, harvesting, preparing, and using your own herbs. Meets twice monthly, March-November. Setup will be flexible to accommodate COVID safety guidelines; all foreseeable options include small group hands-on classes.

  • Saturdays 10am-1pm: planting, tending, harvesting, and making herbal preparations from the plants we grow together.
  • Mondays 6-9pm: lecture format-- community herbalism, herbal theory and practice, materia medica
Info and registration will be found here when the class is formally announced. Please send Josh Singer an email to request a heads-up when it's official ( Details from 2020 on the above website are similar to details for the upcoming program.
Recent Recorded Classes

Race, Racial Equality, and the DC Food System
Thank you to all who joined us last Friday and to our great speakers and moderators for hosting an important conversation on Racism in Lending Practices and Supporting Business Owners of Color. You can find the recording for that event on our Food Policy Council website:
You can also find the recordings of the other discussions in the series at that same link.

11th Street Bridge Park Winter Wellness - Herbalism Class
Taught by Kelly Miller Farm Manager Violet Marley
DUG Network Online Learning Page
Comprehensive list of locally made digital workshops, webinars, and podcasts, etc. covering many topics of interest including gardening, farming, herbalism, food, and food justice.

DPR Urban Grower Webinar Courses Recordings
Online classes and courses taught by DC Parks and Rec and dozens of other local teachers.
Class List:
  • DPR Urban Grower Webinar Course
  • DPR Basics of Urban Growing Webinar Series
  • DPR Advanced Grower Webinar Series
  • Food Justice Webinars

Free Food Safety Online Courses
For 30 years, ServSafe has been at the forefront of preparing restaurant and foodservice workers to deliver safe dining experiences for their guests, while also keeping themselves safe. Every day, we train the restaurant and food service industry on topics like cooking temperatures, safe storage, and cross contamination, as well as hygiene, sanitation, and other risk mitigation activities. Because of the challenges presented by COVID-19, we have developed a number of free resources aimed at keeping our workers and the dining public safe.

Centro Ashé Online Herbal Medicine Course: Part 1 - Foundations in Herbalism
Gain a foundation in herbal medicine right from the comfort of your own home! Our Online Herbal Medicine Course provides a foundation in folk herbalism and is oriented towards those interested in self care and learning to care for their families and loved ones.  Our students will learn how to source, prepare, and utilize their own herbal medicine preparations! Additionally participants will gain a basic understanding of how to understand the medicine of the plants through herbal tastes, herbal energetics, and we will cover basic herbal formulations and building your home apothecary as well. Our course is self paced, there is no pressure and no rush.  You will have lifetime access to our course and course videos.  All students will need for the course is access to the internet in order to tune in and stream our course videos. 
Course Topics:
- Introduction to Folk Herbalism
- Basic Herbal Preparation Making (teas, tinctures, linaments, oils, salves,)
- Intro to Herbal Tastes
- Intro to Herbal Energetics
- Creating Basic Herbal Formulations
- Building Your Home Apothecary
- Resources Lists!

Botany Everyday: Online Classes
6 day online class about plant botany and foraging
Mycologos Online Mushroom Classes
  • Mushroom Identification: Basics & Beyond
  • Everything’s Connected: Fungal Ecology from the Sea to the Sky
  • The Many Ways of Fungi: First Steps Into the World of Mycology
  • Growing Mushrooms for Food, Fun, & Profit
Good Gardening Videos
Learn to garden and be inspired by over 1,000 gardening videos curated for accuracy and quality. Use the Search Box, Browse by Topic, or go to Best Videos for each month in the sidebar. Good Gardening Videos is pro-science, pro-environment, ad-free and nonprofit

P.S. Rate Your Garden Teachers!
There have been many garden workshops citywide this year.  Please help shape these classes by rating your teachers here:


Program Highlights

 Blueprint for Community Ownership, Empowerment & Prosperity in the Chesapeake Region
Created by The Community Ownership Empowerment and Prosperity Action Team (COEP) of the Chesapeake Foodshed Network. The Blueprint is designed for all engaged in food and land justice and sovereignty, but especially for those who hold resources and power to support systemic transformation. The COEP Action Team invites you to use this Blueprint to spark robust dialogue in your respective institutions and boardrooms, and to build relationships, capacity, and funding for food and land equity in the Chesapeake region. 

Join the DC Urban Grower Network Google Group!
This group is a platform for urban growers in greater DC to ask questions, partner on projects and bulk purchases, and share resources and events about urban growing in greater DC.
To join a google group you need a google email or a google account link to a non google email.
See instructions to join here

Extension Master Gardener Help Desk
Our Help Desk operates year-round and we welcome your garden-related questions, including those related to plant and insect identification. The Help Desk operates from 9 a.m. to noon weekdays at the VCE office at the Fairlington Community Center 3308 S. Stafford St., Arlington, 22206 Contact us at 703-228-6414 or, or drop by to speak with our Help Desk volunteers.  It’s best to call before you come to make sure we’re available.

Local Monthly Garden Podcasts
Edible Activist Podcast
Edible Activist is a podcast where dynamic people of color in the food and agriculture space share personal food journeys, stories and perspectives that stem from the land. Hosted by Melissa L. Jones, she interviews a diverse group of everyday growers, farmers, artists, healers, and other extraordinary individuals, who exemplify activism in their own edible way.
Newest Episode
Episode #098: Celebrating Black Women in Food and Agriculture
We celebrate ten divine black women in food and agriculture who have been charting territories unapologetically. These women are farmers, business owners, and artists building from the ground up, getting their hands dirty, serving their communities, and preserving black food history, all while representing the beauty of our culture. Listen in as Melissa L. Jones highlights the women she admires in this space!

Seeds And Their People radio show
Seeds And Their People is a radio show where we feature seed stories told by the people who truly love them. Hosted by Owen Taylor of Truelove Seeds and Chris Bolden-Newsome of Sankofa Community Farm at Bartram’s Garden.
DC related episode
Ep. 6: Fish Pepper
This episode is all about the Fish Pepper, an extremely flavorful, productive, and decorative variety that makes an excellent hot sauce. The white unripe fruit were used to flavor seafood dishes in the Black catering community of Baltimore in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Horace Pippin, the now-famed painter, shared this variety (and many others) with H. Ralph Weaver in the early 1940s in exchange for bee-sting therapy. Weaver's grandson (William Woys Weaver, who you will hear from in the second half of this episode) found the seeds in a baby food jar in his grandmother's deep freezer a couple decades later, many years after his grandfather's death, and was able to reintroduce them via Seed Savers Exchange. In this episode, you will hear from Xavier Brown from Soilful City in Washington DC who makes Pippin Sauce from fish peppers grown by black farmers and urban gardeners in the DC and Maryland areas (including Denzel Mitchell, who you will also hear from). Soilful City offers their seeds through Truelove Seeds. You will also hear from Michael Twitty, author of the Cooking Gene.

All about gardening in the greater Washington, DC, and Mid-Atlantic area. Hosted by Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine (www.
Newest Episode
GardenDC Podcast Episode 40: Latin and Labels
This episode we talk with returning guest Marianne Willburn all about Botanical Latin and Plant Labels. The plant profile is on Sage and I am planting 'Amazing Grey' poppy seeds.

Gardens 'n Plants
Join Peggy Riccio and Teri Speight as they discuss what is happening in their gardens (and kitchen!).
Newest Episode
Celebrating Calendula, Harvesting Greens, and DIY Holiday Gifts
Join Peggy Riccio and Teri Speight as they discuss what is happening in their gardens. Peggy talks about calendula and Teri talks about harvesting greens from her community garden. Together they discuss the change in date and venue for the annual Philadelphia Flower Show and DIY holiday gifts.
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer While Social Distancing on the Farm at Kelly Miller
DC Farmers are still growing because we still need to feed people. Dreaming Out Loud, Inc. is looking for a *small* group of people with gardening/farming experience might want to come to the farm on a limited basis to help with big jobs. You’ll take some instruction from Farm Manager, Violet and, of course, all workers will maintain proper spacing, wash hands frequently and wear gloves. Please email if you want to help.
Help with Food Access!
Volunteer with Joyful Food Markets and Increase Food Access in DC!
Joyful Food Markets are run exclusively in elementary schools in Wards 7 & 8. In each school, colorful tables are filled with baskets of fresh produce and piled high with healthy non-perishable food, while festive music plays. The markets are joyful community events, where families and children can mingle with volunteers and school administrators while selecting from fresh, seasonal produce and healthy pantry staples, totaling 23 pounds of food per enrolled student. In addition, our markets feature kids’ cooking activities, recipe samples, and chef-led culinary demonstrations, designed to get children excited about healthy eating and cooking. To volunteer please create an account here on our Volunteerhub website. After creating an account, you should be able to see all of our upcoming shifts for the next three months in a calendar view format. Finally, you can find more information about the impact of our JFM’s by watching this video.
DC’s First Food Runner Program "Food Rescue US"
One of the biggest barriers to donating food is transportation. Food Rescue, a national food rescue platform, is a FREE food runner app that coordinates volunteers to help transport food that would normally be thrown away (40% of all food ends of in the dump!) from a donor (restaurant, grocery, caterer, farmers market, event, etc.) to a place that feeds people in need. Food Rescue US is looking for volunteers, food donors, receiving organizations, and anyone who wants to lend a helping hand. Please email Kate Urbank, the DC Site Director, at with any ideas or questions and sign up at to volunteer or receive more information.

Stretch your SNAP dollars at 20 Healthy Corners stores in DC
Healthy Corners supplies fresh produce and healthy snacks to corner stores in DC’s low-income communities. Products are sold at below-market prices, making them affordable options for shoppers. Find a store here:
At select Healthy Corners stores, shoppers who earn SNAP/EBT benefits can participate in the "5 for 5" coupon program to earn $5 in free fresh fruits and vegetables. The SNAP/EBT purchase must contain at least 1 fresh fruit or vegetable.
More information and participating stores at:

Local CSA

DC Local Grown CSAs

Three Part Harmony Farm CSA (veggie)

flowers x flores (Flower CSA)

Common Good City Farm
Plant CSA
Veggie CSA

C.R.I.S.P. CSA  (THEARC and Kelly Miller Farms)

Ecocity Farms CSA

Cultivate the City (Produce & Seedlings)

Find a Local Farmer Outside DC
Humane DC
Looking to avoid factory farms but not ready to go vegan?
Check out, a resource list of local (Mid Atlantic) pasture-raised meat and dairy farms, with higher animal welfare than most factory farms, and serve Greater DC area with CSAs, Buyers Clubs or home delivery.  There's also a lot of great vegan resources for DC too!

Future Harvest CASA: Find-A-Farmer or Market Map

Local Harvest: Find a Local CSA

Order Locally Grown Rice, Wheat, Oats, Buckwheat, and Flours from Purple Mountain Organics

SEYLOU Bakery & Mill // Flour club

Aunt Bertha
Aunt Bertha’s network connects people seeking help by zip code. (Food pantries, shelters, free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, etc.)

Job and Apprenticeship Openings

Applications for 2021 Undocupoets Fellowship are now open!
Deadline: 2/28 at 11:59 PST.
Two $500 fellowships will be awarded to poets who are currently or were formerly undocumented in the U.S. Through our continued partnership with Catapult, 2021 Fellows will also receive a scholarship for a six-week workshop (or its equivalent value toward other Catapult classes).

Cook for Meals on Wheels
We seek a part-time skilled cook (“Section Cook”) to help expand our meal option offerings. The successful candidate will prepare healthy, delicious vegetarian entrees for our homebound neighbors and also provide support to our Head Cook. 
Job Application Here

Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture Job Openings
  • Food Access Director
  • Mobile Market Operations Manager
  • Mobile Market Mobile Market Community & Innovation Manager
  • Farm Manager- Farm Trainer

Falls Church Farmers Market Manager (Part-Time)
The City of Falls Church Recreation and Parks Department is recruiting for a Farmers Market Manager (Recreation Specialist) to manage its year-round, award winning farmers market. The Farmers Market is held in the City Hall Parking Lot (300 Park Ave.) on Saturdays, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. April through December and 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. January through March. The “Regular Season Market” runs from the first Saturday in May through the last Saturday in December, with approximately 50 vendors and the “Winter Market” runs from the first Saturday in January through last Saturday in April with approximately 35 vendors.

Friends of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens Communications & Community Engagement Manager 
We are seeking an experienced and highly motivated individual to help us build and grow our communications and community engagement.

Casey Trees Urban Forester Crew Chief
The Crew Chief executes the day-to-day operations for all tree planting, care and related activities in the Tree Planting Department, including the management/oversight of Tree Planting Crew members and their daily tasks. The position is also responsible for use, maintenance, inventory and management of all vehicles, tools and equipment. The Crew Chief reports to the Urban Forestry Manager and interfaces with members of other departments in the execution of their work. The incumbent maintains a general knowledge of best practices in horticulture, forestry, and urban forestry in order to achieve the mission of Casey Trees. This is a full-time, year-round position with competitive benefits upon hire.

Common Good is Hiring for a Bookkeeper
Common Good City Farm is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007 and has a mission to create a vibrant, informed, and well-nourished community through urban farming. Common Good’s half-acre farm in DC’s LeDroit Park is the principal site for programs providing hands-on training in food production, healthy eating, and environmental sustainability to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Common Good City Farm Board of Directors Opening
Are you looking for a meaningful way to contribute to your community? Join Common Good City Farm's board of directors. Common Good City Farm is currently recruiting new board members with applications requested by Tuesday, December 15 for 2020 consideration. We will consider applications received after December 15 for 2021. We are recruiting board members in the following areas: financial expert, human resources/ legal/ administrative leader, food justice champion/ community organizer, and strategic communications champion.  We ask board members to make a 3-year commitment and dedicate approximately about 5 hours a month to board activities, plus a few additional hours per month for farm activities.

The Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship
Fellows gain vital first-hand experience through placements with community-based organizations across the country as well as policy-focused organizations in Washington, D.C. The program bridges gaps between local efforts and national public policy, as fellows support partner organizations with program development, research, evaluation, outreach, organizing, and advocacy projects.

Food Empowerment Project Job Openings
  • Executive & Programs Assistant
  • Campaigns Associate

USFWS Directorate Fellows Program
11-week summer Fellowship for students interested in conservation careers.

Peter’s Plants Part/Full Time Plantsmen
Peter’s Plants [] is seeking help with a number of initiatives Spring-Fall 2021. We deliver heirloom vegetable, herb and pollinator plants grown in Root Pouches (made of recycled water bottles) and Pittmoss soil (made of recycled paper and cardboard) to the local Northwest DC community.  Our non-profit arm Trees for the Planet is also starting an innovative “Beans & Greens in a Bag” program to confront urban food insecurity, food deserts and ways to increase food self-reliance for people in DC whose neighborhoods do not adequately support fresh food availability. We are in need of either one full-time or two part-time positions, ideal for college students balancing work and school or freshly graduated and ready to get to work.  Experience with plant propagation and care a plus. A valid drivers license required.

Heal Food Alliance - Political Leadership Coordinator
The Political Leadership Coordinator (PLC) works with HEAL staff and member organizations to deepen and sharpen the alliance’s work toward political power-building. The PLC’s primary role is to support HEAL’s School of Political Leadership. In this role, the PLC engages member organizations and potential members to ensure leadership in creating, driving, and implementing HEAL’s work to drive shared Political Education, Analysis, and Advocacy consistent with HEAL’s values, and ensuring that HEAL’s work supports the needs of member organizations and grassroots community organizations.
Send in your applications by December 14. 
Job Posting Link

DC Water & Sewer Authority
We are looking for a Tech III, Resource Recovery Biosolids. This position Assists Resource Recovery staff with the biosolids operations at the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant. Coordinates logistics for all Bloom biosolids product distribution, as well as feedstock receiving for blending.  Monitors Bloom product processing, including taking and sending samples for analysis. 
Job Information Here

Green 2.0, Open Positions
Green 2.0 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing racial and ethnic diversity among the leadership of mainstream environmental NGOs, foundations, and federal government agencies.
  • Communications Manager - We seek a communications manager with a mind for strategy and the capacity for tactical execution in traditional and social media. The ideal candidate will have hands-on expertise, contextual knowledge, leadership abilities, and the tactical skills to advance the strategic mission and vision of Green 2.0., as well as a high degree of initiative, personal resilience, attention to detail, and intellectual engagement with relevant subject matter.
  • Deputy Director, Government Affairs and Organizational Program - As we build alliances with policymakers who share our vision, Green 2.0 is adding a full-time deputy director to support the executive director in our programmatic efforts. The ideal candidate will have hands-on expertise with and contextual knowledge of federal policy, a mind for strategy and critical thinking, and the desire to learn about the environmental movement landscape, along with a high degree of initiative, attention to detail, and intellectual engagement with relevant subject matter.
Anacostia Riverkeeper - Program Coordinator
We are looking for a motivated self-starter to fill a Project Coordinator (PC) position. As a new PC, you will run their citizen science water quality monitoring programs and will assist on other projects. Please apply via
Job Information Here

National Black Food & Justice Alliance - Administrative & Logistics Coordinator
The Administrative and Logistics Coordinator will assist with all of the administrative needs of NBFJA including managing general NBFJA email correspondences, scheduling and sending reminders for recurring meetings (work groups, bi-weekly Leadership Team meetings, ad-hoc committee calls), documenting decisions and outcomes via notes, managing internal contacts database, coordinating logistics for all in person and virtual events, and other duties as assigned. Job Posting:
Full List of Open Jobs:
Food Empowerment Project - Executive & Programs Assistant
Food Empowerment Project (F.E.P.) is looking for a full-time Executive & Programs Assistant (EPA) to work closely with F.E.P.’s Executive Director and help with a variety of administrative tasks that align with F.E.P.’s mission and support the organization’s goals. The EPA will help organize F.E.P.’s physical and virtual offices; we currently have a team of four full-time and two part-time staff—most of whom are remote. 
Full application here

Pasa Sustainable Agriculture
We're a community of farmers and supporters, focused on education and evidence-based research, for the purpose of building a more economically-just, environmentally-regenerative, and community-focused food system. Current job openings listed below.
Full list of job openings:

Casey Trees Washington DC
Hiring for an Urban Forester and Urban Forester Crew Chief. The Urban Forester 1 (UF1) is responsible for the management and smooth execution of Casey Trees’ tree planting programs on both public and private lands. This incumbent fields and schedules tree planting and related consultations
on a year-round basis with property owners and others, responds to referrals from local government, industry partners and others. The Urban Forester also coordinates spring, fall and winter tree plantings to flow seamlessly with other tree planting activities and events.

Crossroads Community Food Network
We are seeking a motivated and organized self-starter to join our team as a full-time Community Kitchen Program Manager. The Community Kitchen Program Manager oversees all aspects of our shared-use community kitchen and associated programming, which is focused on the needs of small-scale food business entrepreneurs who have been historically excluded from economic opportunities within the food system.
Job listing and details:
DC Greens - Open Positions
DC Greens is hiring several positions. See links to information below. Job Posting Website:

NPS Supervisory Park Ranger
This position is located in National Capital Parks East (NACE), in the Division of Visitor Services. You will oversee day to day interpretive, educational, and community outreach programs and operations in Anacostia Park, manage the community gardens program at Fort Dupont, and coordinate with the Civil War Defenses of Washington (CWDW) staff in planning programming activities.

Future Harvest - Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture
Applications are now open for their 2021 Beginning Farmer Training Program. The BFTP provides a FREE, year-long immersive training experience that combines a comprehensive classroom curriculum with hands-on learning at Chesapeake region farms that employ practices that are profitable, protect land and water, and build healthy communities.

Dreaming Out Loud Open Positions
Dreaming Out Loud -- an organization established to create economic opportunities for marginalized communities in DC through building a healthy, equitable food system -- needs your help finding the best candidates! Please review the open positions below and share with anyone that may be interested.

Applications and referrals can be sent to

The Environmental Law Institute, five full-time positions
The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) is looking for several talented individuals to fill the following open jobs:

Potomac Conservancy Community Conservation Manager
The Community Conservation Manager is responsible for the creation and nourishment of community driven volunteer teams that leverage hands-on stewardship and outreach to inspire clean water action, which addresses root causes of pollution through civic engagement and advocacy. Working in the larger DC Metro area, our clean water advocacy efforts are informed by communities,our Policy team,and our Clean Potomac Plan. The Manager will interpret a broad strategic vision for community action in a local context, requiring the ability to listen to community needs and enact change.

Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Positions

Community Forklift - Open Positions
We are hiring a Vintage and Specialty Products Coordinator, and Receiving and Processing Associate. Full list of jobs and descriptions below:

Deep Roots Farm Full and Part Time Field Crew (Brandywine, MD)
Deep Roots Farm is a regenerative ''O'', women owned and operated farm located in Brandywine and Upper Marlboro, MD. We grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers, and raise chickens on 50 acres for our community. We are looking for 2 part time workers. Details below:

Winding Root Farm (MD)
Looking for someone who can work 8-10 hours per week, Saturdays preferred, through the end of August 2020. Tasks include but are not limited to harvesting, transplanting, weeding, wash and pack, bed preparation, hauling compost, etc. Pay starts at $11/hour and is based on farming experience. We are a small startup located in Rohrersville, MD. Please email for more information and to apply.

The Ecological Society of America

  • Director of Society Programs - NEW Posting November 2020

UDC Project Specialist, Environmental Health
The Project Specialist for Environment Health reports to the Assistant Director of the Center for Sustainable Development and Resilience, which is one of five land-grant Centers of the College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES) of the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). Consistent with the Land-grant mission of CAUSES, the Project Specialist has three primary responsibilities: community outreach, research, and teaching. This may include assessing community needs; developing and implementing an applied research agenda to address identified needs; designing, implementing and assessing programs to address identified needs; identifying and securing resources to build identified research and program goals; collaborating with community partners, including District and Federal agencies, schools, non-profit and private sector organizations to achieve identified goals and objectives.

City Blossoms Open Positions
  • Community Green Spaces Intern
  • School Garden Partners Intern
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Cooperative Intern

Internships at the Climate Reality Project
The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit organization founded by former Vice President Al Gore, is dedicated to leading a global cultural movement demanding immediate action on the climate crisis. Available Jobs:

UDC Urban Agriculture Internship Opportunity
Interested in learning more about hydroponic and aquaponic farming, food insecurity, and sustainable agriculture? UDC CAUSES is offering paid internships to UDC students, at the PR Harris Urban Food Hub, looking to develop controlled environment agriculture skills and learn more about the District of Columbia’s food system. With a commitment of just 20 hours a week, and a flexible schedule, this opportunity is a great way to help combat food insecurity in DC, while building foundational skill sets for the future of farming! Read More. Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to

Little Wild Things Farm
No current openings but check back to their site seasonally for new opportunities!
Full Listings Here:

Center for Science in the Public Interest
  • Senior Policy Associate - Healthy Retail
  • Communications Associate
  • Community Organizer
  • Public Interest Program Internship

DOEE Green Fellows
In Fall 2015, DOEE proudly launched the Green Fellows Program. The Green Fellows Program is a leadership development program in the fields of energy and environment. Most applications will be closing November 8th so apply now!

For more food-related job opportunities, check out these links:

Green America Open Positions

Multiple Capital Area Food Bank Open Positions

DC Central Kitchen

NO KID HUNGRY: Share Our Strength Open Positions
Numerous job listings at this link

CAUSES: (The College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences) Open Positions
Numerous job listings at this link

DOEE Green Pathways
Are you interested in a career, fellowship, internship, summer job, or volunteer experience in the field of energy and the environment? The goal of DOEE’s Green Pathways is to provide students, young adults, and those interested in energy and the environment with jobs and opportunities in this field.


Grants and Funding
Happy Hour Fund Grant - Now Open!
The $200 grant application is opening on Sunday, December 20. There are 24 available grants (12 for each area) for this month. We now require all applicants to be excluded workers that live or work in Los Angeles County or the Washington metropolitan area (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia). Please read the eligibility requirements on our website to see if you are eligible.
Full Information Here

Tell Us Your Plan To Reimagine Capitalism and You Could Win $5,000 to Fund Your Idea
Teen Vogue is partnering with Omidyar Network to host the Reimagine Capitalism Contest. We’re calling on our audience of talented, passionate, and informed young people to share their ideas for how they’d redefine economic success in our society for a chance to win $5,000.

Happy Hour Fund
This $200 grant application is currently open. There are 24 available grants (12 for each area) for this month. We now require all applicants to be excluded workers that live or work in Los Angeles County or the Washington metropolitan area (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia). Please read the eligibility requirements on our website to see if you are eligible.
More Information

Serve DC Funding Alert
Listed below are a few opportunities with upcoming deadlines from the full list found here. Sign up for their newsletter to get updates on incoming grands and funding in the area.

USDA 2021 Farm to School Grants
Deadline: Jan 08, 2021
The Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act (NSLA) establishes a Farm to School Program in order to assist eligible entities, through grants and technical assistance, in implementing farm to school programs that improve access to local foods in eligible schools.

DSLBD Robust Retail: Citywide Grant
Deadline: January 28, 2021
The Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) is excited to announce that we will be accepting applications for the2021Robust Retail: Citywide grants starting December 7, 2020 and closing January 28, 2021. A robust retail sector is critical to maintaining the vibrancy of DC neighborhoods, but due to market realities of the past year, retail businesses are under threat of business decline and closure. Thus the Robust Retail Citywide grant(s) support existing DC-based retail businesses maintaining operations and viability during the current small business crisis. DSLBD intends to award up to $7,500 per business to 106 businesses from the total $800,000 in available funding for FiscalYear 2021. This grant will be operated as a reimbursement grant, awarded via lottery, open toDC retail businesses that have met all eligibility requirements by the final deadline.

Anacostia River Corridor Restoration Planning Grant
DOEE seeks eligible entities to submit an application to develop a restoration plan for the Anacostia River corridor. This plan will serve as a roadmap for restoring habitat, enhancing resiliency to climate change and sea level rise, reducing pollution, and increasing inclusive and equitable public access. A requirement of the restoration plan is to engage multiple stakeholders as part of its development. Examples include local agencies, federal agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations, and District residents. 
More Information Here

December ServeDC Funding Alert
The Funding Alert, a free, bi-weekly resource produced by Serve DC, highlights grant opportunities and resources for community-based, faith-based, 501 (c) (3) nonprofits, and District government agencies. In response to the District’s current public health emergency, the Funding Alert also includes coronavirus (COVID-19) related funding opportunities!
See full List Here

DOEE Notice of Funding Availability

On-going Grants (no deadlines)

Serve DC Funding Alert
Full list of funding opportunities and resources found here. Recently updated on Sept. 11:

GreenWrench Technical Assistance Program
This fall, DOEE will be releasing a Request for Applications (RFA) for the GreenWrench Technical Assistance Program. This RFA would be to provide technical assistance services to auto body and repair shops and coordinate giving shops an opportunity to try out products that contain safer chemicals. DOEE launched the GreenWrench Technical Assistance Program to work with and educate District automotive repair shops on the effects of pollution and the benefits of source reduction.

Chipotle Capacity Building Grants
Chipotle announces funds to support educational programs for youth, food agriculture, community improvement and capacity building.  Eligibility: Public and state controlled institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, Local Educational Agencies and State Educational Agencies  Deadline: None Funds: Awards are available up to $350 Contact: Chipotle Philanthropy Website:

Costco Wholesale Foundation.
Costco Wholesale Foundation provides Grants and in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations for programs in the areas of human services, health, education, and children. This program is open to organizations operating in communities where Costco has a business presence.

GFFA Mini-Grant Application
The purpose of GFFA mini-grants is to enable members of communities that have been historically excluded from federal food and agriculture negotiations to generate, refine, and advocate for their policy priorities and innovations. Projects funded through the grants will be used to increase member collaboration and channel the expertise, skills, and knowledge of the GFFA coalition to strengthen its capacity to inform the policy making process. Applicants for mini-grants must provide answers to a series of questions developed by the Funding Advisory Board and may not receive more than 2 grants per cycle or 3 per fiscal year.

Costco Wholesale Foundation
Costco Wholesale Foundation provides Grants and in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations for programs in the areas of human services, health, education, and children. This program is open to organizations operating in communities where Costco has a business presence.  For an organization to receive a grant or an in-kind contribution the decision is based on several factors, including: type of program; identified community need not otherwise available; indication that evidenced based data will establish measureable results of intended outcomes; community collaboration; broad base of financial support; project budget and operating expenses.  For more information visit

Nature Works Everywhere School Grants
The Nature Conservancy announces funds to support school projects that implement green infrastructure to address local environmental challenges. The goal is to support young people who work as social innovators to help their communities through project design and implementation Eligibility: Independent school districts and Local Educational Agencies  Deadline: None Funds: Fifty awards are available up to $2,000 Contact: The Nature Conservancy at Website:

Empowering Families and Individuals Funds
Deadline: None
James M. Cox Foundation announces funds to support programs and projects in the areas of conservation and the environment, early childhood education (birth to five years), empowering families and individuals for success and health.  Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations  Contact: James M. Cox Foundation at Website:

Value Added Producer Grants
The USDA Rural Development's VAPG program helps agricultural producers enter into value-added activities related to the processing and or marketing of new products. Independent producers, agricultural producer groups, farmer- or rancher-cooperatives, and majority-controlled producer-based business ventures, are eligible to apply. Learn more and apply here.

Initiatives Addressing Climate Change and Inequality
Nathan Cummings Foundation announces funds to support the four focus areas that together advance the vision of a healthy planet and a healthy democracy. Letters of inquiry may be submitted at any time.  Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations  Deadline: None  Contact: Nathan Cummings Foundation  Website:

SBIR Funding Opportunities

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Competitive Grants Program
The National Institute of Food and Agriculture awards AFRI research, education, and extension grants to combat childhood obesity, improve rural economies, increase food production, create new sources of energy, mitigate the impacts of climate variability, address water availability issues, ensure food safety and security, and train the next generation of agricultural workforce.

DOEE RiverSmart Rewards and Clean Rivers IAC Incentive Programs
Apply for RiverSmart Rewards and receive discounts on your DC Water bill. District residents, businesses, and property owners can earn a discount of up to 55% off the DOEE Stormwater Fee when they reduce stormwater runoff by installing green infrastructure (GI) such as green roofs, bioretention, permeable pavement, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Fair Food Fund
Provides financing & business assistance to good food enterprises that are growing vibrant local food systems.

The Pollinator Project
On-going grants for social change

The Cornell Douglas Foundation
Environmental, Health and Justice. Cornell Douglas Foundation announces funds to support environmental health and justice, land conservation, sustainability of resources, mountaintop removal mining, watershed protection, and financial literacy. Introductory of letters are required and are reviewed throughout the year.  Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations  Deadline: None  Funds: Awards are available up to $10,000  Contact: Cornell Douglas Foundation at (301) 229-3008  Website:

USDA/NRCS Conservation Programs
(Funds for High Tunnels for Urban Farms)
Financial Assistance Programs, Easement Programs,  Partnership Programs and funds for High Tunnels
Environmentall Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)
AMA (Agricultural Management Assistance Program) (Irrigation System can be financed through this program.

ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Grants
Timeframe: Ongoing — No Deadline
The ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Grant Program supports nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies dedicated to the prevention and elimination of animal cruelty throughout the United States (animal agriculture included).

The Awesome Foundation DC 
The Awesome Foundation gives out a $1,000 monthly grant every month to fund any awesome idea.

Join FarmRaiser:
Your student Champions (and their parents) sell great products and good prices, earning an average of 53% profit for the cause, while learning about the importance of a healthy local food system. Join these successful organizations who are revolutionizing school fundraising and make your next fundraiser a FarmRaiser.
Online source for lots of government grants in many areas


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