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Although its super easy to unsubscribe to this newsletter at anytime, please take a second to check it out first.   The DUG Network newsletter is a comprehensive list of workshops, events, programs, job openings, grants and gardening tips for the urban AG, food security and environmental world, happening in the greater DC area. 

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DUG Network is an all volunteer network that has minimal upkeep costs.  These costs are met by board member donations and sponsorship organizations.  We only accept sponsorships  from local DC organizations that we believe are a valuable resource to DC.





To learn more or become a sponsor for DUG please email



COVID Updates


D.C. Offers All Residents Free Month Of Bikeshare To Ease Metro Disruptions

Northern Virginia farm (Arcadia Farm) looks to grow a new crop of farmers

Abolitionist Organization Takes On Maryland’s Prison Food System

You might want to think twice about raking your leaves this fall, Maryland experts say. Here’s why.

Here’s Where to Find Colorful Fall Foliage Around DC

Beloved Vegan Bakery Sticky Fingers Goes National With a New Online Store

Have a Swarm of Bees? Here's What To Do
As nerdy as it may seem, “swarm” means something different to a beekeeper than it does to a normal person, but we are still here to help you out. Please email, call (202)255-4318 if you have a swarm like this, and we will try to collect it.
Full Information Here

Food Justice


Highlighted Causes
"And over the years, each action, big or small, virtual or in-person, has brought us closer to bringing Wendy’s into the Fair Food Program! Mark your calendars: From November 15-21, we will be sending instructions directly to your inbox each day for quick, virtual actions designed to increase the pressure on all fronts of the Wendy’s Boycott. Make sure to sign up for our mailing list today to receive details of the virtual actions. And if you’re interested in planning an in-person protest outside your location Wendy’s, be sure to reach out to for resources and support on how to make it happen!" fairfoodnation

Join a SURJ DC Reading Group
If you’re looking to get involved in the racial justice movement, interrupt bias and challenge white supremacy but aren’t sure where to start, join our reading/action groups. Our trained facilitators will create spaces for learning, authentic discussion, useful resources, and commitments to action. The reading groups will kick off in January 2022, and space is limited! The deadline to sign up is November 15th. Sign up with a friend and we’ll do our best to place you in the same group. Learn more and sign up here!


As we approach the end of year holidays, many of us will have the opportunity to engage our families and loved ones in conversations about race. The Indigenous Solidarity Network has developed a toolkit geared towards white folks to help discuss Thanksgiving with family, friends, and broader community.This toolkit offers incredible depth for understanding a wide variety of topics, including:
  • The history of the Thanksgiving holiday
  • The land we all occupy
  • Natural resource extraction
  • Family history and lineage
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Christianity’s impact on Indigenous peoples
  • Taking action for land reparations and Indigenous sovereignty
Click here to view the toolkit


Urgent Needs

“Students at Howard University are staging a sit-in at the Blackburn University Center, while university officials say some of the participants could face expulsion if they continue. Student demonstrators are demanding representation on the university's board of trustees, and want something to be done to address housing conditions in student dorms. University students began staging the sit-in protest late on Tuesday. The founder of The Live Movement, one of the organizing groups, said the Howard University Student Association held a forum Tuesday hoping to connect the administration with students so that they could address concerns, but she said none of those leaders showed up, frustrating students.” WUSA9: Howard University students stage sit-in over board representation, housing issues

Follow The Live Movement for Updates and Instructions on How to Donate

Help us stop unsafe demolition at the historic McMillan park and filtration plant!
On September 29, the Council and DC Court of Appeals decided that DC government and developers do not need to abide by health, safety, and preservation laws as they seek to redevelop the McMillan Sand Filtration Site -- a twenty-five acre decommissioned water treatment plant in northwest DC, built as part of the historic McMillan Reservoir Park. We already know that asbestos is a huge risk for people living near the site, and there is still a pending court case seeking to spare McMillan from the local government’s demolition plan that would pave way for yet another profit-driven redevelopment. Help the Save McMillan Action Coalition (SMAC) demand that Chair Mendelson's push to start unsafe demolition at our park not be tolerated. Ask the Council to immediately repeal the McMillan exemption amendment!

ASPCA: Shop With Your Heart Grocery List
Every food purchase is a chance to change our food system, no matter what you eat. We’ve made it easier than ever to Shop With Your Heart by searching for food made from plant-based ingredients or to find animal-products that have earned one or more recommended animal welfare certifications. Our search engine allows you to further refine welfare-certified products by how animals were raised: on pasture, with outdoor access, or indoors in an enriched environment. Results are displayed with the highest animal welfare environment available in alphabetical order.

Follow these accounts and newsletters for lists of daily actions, frequent updates, and urgent protests needs in Greater DC Area
Individual Events
Upcoming DC Peace Team Training: 
  • 10/30 We will offer an ONLINE training: Introduction to Unarmed Civilian Protection and Accompaniment from 12-5pm EDT with a 1 hr. break. REGISTER HERE
  • 11/20 We will offer an ONLINE Training for Trainers for those seeking to facilitate Restorative Circles from 12:00-5:00pm EDT with a 1 hr. break. REGISTER HERE
SURJ National Worshops

Equal Exchange Virtual SummitNov 5 At 6 pm – Nov 6 At 3 pm
We are building a grassroots movement to support a better food system. This is our biggest event that brings together worker-owners of Equal Exchange, farmers, and you! We believe you are an integral part of this movement and we need your participation. Join us on November 5th and 6th for two days of workshops and organizing as we advance our vision of building a better food system![%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%7D]%7D

Unhoused Leadership SummitSaturday, November 6, 2021 at 11 am – 6 pm
The National Coalition for the Homeless will be holding a Leadership Summit for people who have directly experienced homelessness (either now or in the past, or are at risk). Due to the ongoing public health emergency, this event will take place online (via Zoom). Agenda includes lots of discussion and reflections, led by advocates who have been unhoused. There will also be sessions on policy, legislation and the history of homelessness.  Please register! Attendance is free and open to anyone who is ready to end homelessness for good![%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%7D]%7D
A Community Conversation Series about Food in DC Jail
November 17, 2021, Noon - 1PM

During this third conversation we will continue to explore the state of DC jail food through firsthand accounts of formerly incarcerated residents and begin to chart a path forward for DC Department of Corrections food. We will hear examples of innovative meal programs from other cities, explore some of the challenges and opportunities we face in DC, and begin to dream up what a more nourishing, dignified meal program could look like. As some background, DC has one of the highest incarceration rates in the country. On any given day, there are nearly 2,000 residents behind bars who rely on these facilities during this time to eat. Impact Justice’s report Eating Behind Bars: Ending the Hidden Punishment of Food in Prison reveals how prisons and jails are sites of food apartheid where people are prevented from accessing plentiful, nutrient-dense food that contributes to genuine health and well-being.

Lastly, we are collecting stories and information from those who have been incarcerated in DC about their experience eating in DC-based correctional facilities (Central Detention Facility and Correctional Treatment Facility). The goal of this survey is to gather testimonials on the experiences and impacts of eating in confinement in DC from the experts--those who have eaten the food themselves and their loved ones. The results will inform organizing work and prioritize efforts based on the top needs of those directly impacted. Please complete the SURVEY HERE if you want to share your experiences and opinions. Responses are anonymous and will not be published or shared publicly with any identifying information.

On Demand Workshops
Wild Seed Society
Cultivating a spiritual community that supports activists and organizers in Movement
  • Caring Circles - A bi-weekly online drop-in space for BIPOC who want to practice caring for themselves and bearing witness to others - in service of our healing and liberation.
  • Collective Caring PODS - A 5-month online course for BIPOC who want to heal from internalized oppression & create a caring community around them - for these burning times.
  • Healing From Internalized Whiteness - A 10-week online course for white allies who want to do the inner work necessary for them to co-create with others - from a consensual and humanizing place.
Upcoming Study/Reading Groups

Join a SURJ DC Reading Group
If you’re looking to get involved in the racial justice movement, interrupt bias and challenge white supremacy but aren’t sure where to start, join our reading/action groups. Our trained facilitators will create spaces for learning, authentic discussion, useful resources, and commitments to action. The reading groups will kick off in January 2022, and space is limited! The deadline to sign up is November 15th. Sign up with a friend and we’ll do our best to place you in the same group. Learn more and sign up here!

Sign up for Defund MPD's Study and Struggle group
The Defund MPD Coalition is hosting a Study & Struggle reading group that will meet every other week from Sept–Dec! People of all experience and knowledge levels are encouraged to join, and all the readings and material will be freely available online. Study and Struggle organizes against criminalization and incarceration in Mississippi through mutual aid, political education, and community building. They provide a bilingual Spanish and English curriculum with discussion questions and reading materials, as well as financial support, to over 100 participants in radical study groups inside and outside prisons in Mississippi. Learn more at  Following the lead of abolitionists Ruth Wilson Gilmore and Mariame Kaba, we’ll be exploring why abolition must be intersectional, environmentalist, socialist, and internationalist. Each time we meet, we’ll be focused on a specific sub-topic — relationships, community care, land, climate justice, class, revolution, nation, and state. You can dive into the full curriculum at

Racism in Policing: A Guided Course by the ACLU
The systemic issues inherent in American policing are nothing new. While everyone deserves to feel safe in their own community, we know Black people in our country have been terrorized and killed at the hands of the police for centuries. It’s a reality that has led millions to finally follow the lead of Black organizers and Black-led grassroots groups by calling for change that goes beyond mere reform: to divest from police as an institution and invest in community-based, life-affirming programs and solutions.These are the issues the ACLU invites you to explore in our inaugural email course, “Racism in Policing” – a four-lesson series taught by our experts and sent to your inbox every week.
Recurring Events

DC Grassroots Planning Coalition
Gathers every second Saturday
A network of DC residents & organizations from all 8 Wards committed to pursuing racial, economic, and environmental justice through equitable development.

ONE DC Right to Housing Committee Meeting
Every Thursday - 6 PM to 8 PM
ONE DC - 614 S St NW, Washington D.C. 20001
Join the Right to Housing Committee every Thursday at our Shaw Office! Come together with other ONE DC members to discuss our tenant rights, and build power to fight displacement and gain community control of land and housing for low-wage, long-standing Washingtonians.

ROC-DC Member Orientation / Orientación para MiembrosMonthly orientation every last Monday of each month from 1pm-2:30pm
Are you a restaurant worker who has been affected by COVID-19? Do you want to make changes in the restaurant industry for the better? Do you believe in justice and equity for all workers? The Restaurant Opportunities Center of DC (ROC-DC) is a worker-led organization that is fighting for better wages and working conditions for restaurant and food service workers across the DMV.
Recent Recorded Series and Events
Limited Equity Cooperatives Town Hall: Part 1
Panelists describe limited equity cooperatives, show why they are a solution to homeownership for low and moderate income people, and give suggestions about how to get started creating one in your community.

Episode 38: Land Access Solutions in the Agrarian Commons Model
In this episode, we discuss alternative land access strategies with Ian McSweeney, Director of the Agrarian Trust.

Food Solutions New England Winter Series
View their wrap-up and recordings on food policy, narrative strategy, the power of the network, and racial equity leadership all online.
More Information and Links

National Museum of Women in the Arts & DC Mutual Aid ApothecaryIn this new series, please join our in depth interviews with the Curative Collective, a group of Women, Arts, and Social Change partners working at the intersection of food, art, and social change
Full Video Link
DC Mutual Aid Apothecary Instagram
DC Food Policy Council: Racism, Racial Equity, and the Food System Recordings
The DC Food Policy Council, in its role as a convener, invites those who are engaged in the DC food system (as a professional, student, or resident) to this 8-week conversation to reflect, learn, and hold ourselves accountable. Following sessions have been recorded
  • The History of DC’s Grocery Gap
  • Land Access and the Racial Wealth Gap
  • How Racism and White Supremacy Influence Nutrition Education
  • Racial Injustice and Workers in the Food Supply Chain (recording coming soon)

2020 Intro to Racism and White Privilege Webinar Course
July 2020 to February 2021
The People’s School of DC 2019 “Introduction to Racism and White Privilege course” has been converted to a webinar format, that will be recorded and publicly shared, starting in July. This is a FREE 24-class course, (3) 2-hour classes a month, on the many different forms of racism and white privilege in the US, specifically focusing on forms beyond the “explicit” and “easy to see”, through a multi-media lecture series presenting hundreds of anti-racism concepts, perspectives, strategies, resources, speeches, quotes, videos, books, articles, and ways to get involved in modern day efforts to dismantle white supremacy.
Current webinar recordings available:

Local Resources
People's School of DC Anti-racism Resources
Advocacy for COVID-19 Essential Workers
Essential workers have continued reporting to their physical places of employment during the pandemic. COVID-19 has cost the lives of people who have had to continue to work throughout the pandemic—often with low pay and limited benefits—while also putting their families and communities at greater risk. In this link, we provide information that can help you advocate for and create a safer workplace.
Read full article here

DCFPI: A Resident’s Guide to the DC Budget

Workshops and Events


DC Food Policy Council Working Group Meetings

  • Urban Agriculture:
    • Wednesday, November 2: 4-5pm
    • Join: WebEx
    • Meeting Number: 172 240 9799
    • Password: hMbREpEX863
    • Join by phone: +1-202-860-2110 United States
  • Nutrition and Food Systems Education:
    • Wednesday, November 2: 4-5pm
    • Join us on Zoom
    • Meeting ID: 883 2071 3488
    • Passcode: 327698
    • Join by phone:+1-301-715-8592
  • Entrepreneurship & Food Jobs:
    • Wednesday, November 2: 4-5pm
    • Join on: Webex
    • Meeting number: 180 643 2016
    • Password: FOOD
    • Join by phone: +1-202-860-2110 United States Toll (Washington D.C.)
      • 1-650-479-3208 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)
    • Access code: 180 643 2016

University of Maryland Extension

Foliar Feeding Workshop
Thu, November 4, 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Arcadia at Woodlawn - 9000 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA 22309

Tap into 50 years of farm knowledge with journeyman organic farmer Dan LeFever! This is a learning opportunity for home gardeners, school gardens, and professional growers looking to improve their crops' health, disease resistance, and productivity. Farmer Dan will conduct a hands-on lesson at Arcadia's Dogue Farm on improving plant fertility through foliar feeding.

US Botanic Gardens
Find the list of upcoming webinars below. Registration closes prior to the event so sign up today:
  • 11/5 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Horticulture As An Act Of Conquest (Online Lecture)
  • 11/6 at 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM - Gardening For Pollinators In Fall And Winter (Online Lecture)
  • 11/13 at 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM - Unearthing The Secret Garden (Online Book Talk)
  • 11/19 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Fall Favorites (Live Online Cooking Demo)
Casey Tree Tree Planting and Care Events

Bloom Webinar Schedule
Find the list of upcoming webinars below:

  • November 2 - Relax Relate Release! A Yoga Class with Ayesha Boykins-Koukoui
  • November 4 - Herbs for Dream Recall + Dream Work Part 1 with Charmaine Bee
  • November 9 - Rooting for Community Food Systems with Katrina Weakland
  • November 16 - Caring for Desiring, Prenatal and Post Partum Bodies Class 2 with Ellenie Cruz
  • November 18 - From Picky Eater to Food Explorer! with Melanie Yukov
  • November 30  - Herbal Bread Making Class with Lacey Walker
Click on link for many more classes throughout year
Johnny's Seed WEBINAR Series: Producer Cooperatives for Small-Scale Farmers
Thursday, November 4, 2021
Join Our Panel of Professional Growers & Advisors on Shared Business Models, Options & Strategies
For more info
Equal Exchange Virtual Summit
NOV 5 AT 6 PM – NOV 6 AT 3 PM
We are building a grassroots movement to support a better food system. This is our biggest event that brings together worker-owners of Equal Exchange, farmers, and you! We believe you are an integral part of this movement and we need your participation. Join us on November 5th and 6th for two days of workshops and organizing as we advance our vision of building a better food system!

Fox Haven Organic Farm

Mid-Atlantic Women in Agriculture
2nd & 4th Wednesday of each Month at Noon
1 hour webinars, Cost is FREE
  • 11/10/2021     Wildlife management on the farm
  • 11/24/2021     No webinar, Thanksgiving week
  • 12/8/2021     Helping Farmers to be Good Neighbors

Full Schedule

Ward 7's East End Market
Sat, November 13, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Maya Angelou Public Charter School
5600 East Capitol Street Northeast

East End Market (EEM) is a quarterly event that serves Ward 7's residents. EEM events are held on weekends at Maya Angelou Public Charter Sc

Hungry Harvest Festival of GoodnessSATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2021 AT 12 PM – 6 PM
700 Delaware Avenue Southwest,,Washington,20024,US
Come out for a day of good food and good music to help raise money for a good cause! All proceeds support Breadcoin & DC Dream Center. Hungry Harvest's Festival of Goodness is all about coming together to celebrate the best in art, music, food and giving back. In this first installment of the fest, we'll be featuring live music from Juan Wauters (NYC), Frass Green (DC) and Proper Nouns (Baltimore) alongside delicious eats and drinks from local food trucks and breweries. All proceeds from the event will be donated to local hunger-solving organizations Breadcoin and DC Dream Center. Breadcoin is a currency provided to people who are hungry or food-insecure, whether chronically or situationally. Those people take the coins to participating vendors and use them just like cash, without stigma. DC Dream Center will be distributing the Breadcoins to the local community.
A Community Conversation Series about Food in DC Jail
November 17, 2021, Noon - 1PM

During this third conversation we will continue to explore the state of DC jail food through firsthand accounts of formerly incarcerated residents and begin to chart a path forward for DC Department of Corrections food. We will hear examples of innovative meal programs from other cities, explore some of the challenges and opportunities we face in DC, and begin to dream up what a more nourishing, dignified meal program could look like. As some background, DC has one of the highest incarceration rates in the country. On any given day, there are nearly 2,000 residents behind bars who rely on these facilities during this time to eat. Impact Justice’s report Eating Behind Bars: Ending the Hidden Punishment of Food in Prison reveals how prisons and jails are sites of food apartheid where people are prevented from accessing plentiful, nutrient-dense food that contributes to genuine health and well-being.

Lastly, we are collecting stories and information from those who have been incarcerated in DC about their experience eating in DC-based correctional facilities (Central Detention Facility and Correctional Treatment Facility). The goal of this survey is to gather testimonials on the experiences and impacts of eating in confinement in DC from the experts--those who have eaten the food themselves and their loved ones. The results will inform organizing work and prioritize efforts based on the top needs of those directly impacted. Please complete the SURVEY HERE if you want to share your experiences and opinions. Responses are anonymous and will not be published or shared publicly with any identifying information.


Save the date for Future Harvest's annual conference!
January 13-15, 2022
The Hotel at UMD in College Park, MD

The Chesapeake region's premier three-day event of workshops, inspiring speakers, and farmer and foodpreneur learning and networking will take place January 13-15, 2022 at The Hotel at UMD in College Park, MD. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned farmer, an agricultural service provider or an ag-tivist, a sponsor or exhibitor, or someone concerned about the environment, or a foodpreneur, this conference offers you something special.  Submit a Proposal: The conference increases each year in diversity. While the topic of each session proposal is important, it is also important that workshop presenters reflect the gender, race, ethnicity, religious, and class differences of our audience. We seek voices that reflect a variety of operations from small (may or may not be urban), to mid to large-scale. In short, the program should be as vibrant and diverse as our farms! The deadline for proposals is August 30th. Learn more and submit here.

2022 Harvest CASA Beginner Farmer Training Program (BFTP)
Currently accepting applications for 2022
A 12-month immersive training experience that combines a comprehensive classroom curriculum with hands-on learning at some of the region's leading sustainable farms.

No-cost ECO City Farms 7-month Intensive Beginning Farmer Training Program
Stating January 5, 2022.
While there is no simple step­-by­-step method to become a farmer, ECO City Farm’s Growing Urban Farms and Farmers Program is designed to help an aspiring, new, or beginning farmer learn the information and practice the skills they need to farm– from the ground up. The training program builds upon all of ECO’s offerings over the past 10 years; It includes comprehensive, practical hands­-on experiences, one­-on­-one mentoring, and a well-tested, graphics-­rich, culturally­-appropriate curriculum that includes all of the crop production, resource management, business and administrative skills needed for graduates to roll up their sleeves and farm on their own land.

Recent Recorded Classes

FREE Urban Agriculture and Best Practices Presentations on Demand By Master Gardeners of Northern Viriginia

DUG Network Online Learning Page
Comprehensive list of locally made digital workshops, webinars, and podcasts, etc. covering many topics of interest including gardening, farming, herbalism, food, and food justice.

DPR Urban Grower Webinar Courses Recordings
Online classes and courses taught by DC Parks and Rec and dozens of other local teachers.
Class List:
  • DPR Urban Grower Webinar Course
  • DPR Basics of Urban Growing Webinar Series
  • DPR Advanced Grower Webinar Series
  • Food Justice Webinars

Free Food Safety Online Courses
For 30 years, ServSafe has been at the forefront of preparing restaurant and foodservice workers to deliver safe dining experiences for their guests, while also keeping themselves safe. Every day, we train the restaurant and food service industry on topics like cooking temperatures, safe storage, and cross contamination, as well as hygiene, sanitation, and other risk mitigation activities. Because of the challenges presented by COVID-19, we have developed a number of free resources aimed at keeping our workers and the dining public safe.

Botany Everyday: Online Classes
6 day online class about plant botany and foraging
Mycologos Online Mushroom Classes
  • Mushroom Identification: Basics & Beyond
  • Everything’s Connected: Fungal Ecology from the Sea to the Sky
  • The Many Ways of Fungi: First Steps Into the World of Mycology
  • Growing Mushrooms for Food, Fun, & Profit
Good Gardening Videos
Learn to garden and be inspired by over 1,000 gardening videos curated for accuracy and quality. Use the Search Box, Browse by Topic, or go to Best Videos for each month in the sidebar. Good Gardening Videos is pro-science, pro-environment, ad-free and nonprofit
P.S. Rate Your Garden Teachers!
There have been many garden workshops citywide this year.  Please help shape these classes by rating your teachers here:

Program Highlight
Extension Master Gardener Help Desk
Our Help Desk operates year-round and we welcome your garden-related questions, including those related to plant and insect identification. The Help Desk operates from 9 a.m. to noon weekdays at the VCE office at the Fairlington Community Center 3308 S. Stafford St., Arlington, 22206 Contact us at 703-228-6414 or, or drop by to speak with our Help Desk volunteers.  It’s best to call before you come to make sure we’re available.

Join the DC Urban Grower Network Google Group!
This group is a platform for urban growers in greater DC to ask questions, partner on projects and bulk purchases, and share resources and events about urban growing in greater DC.
To join a google group you need a google email or a google account link to a non google email.
See instructions to join here
Local Monthly Garden Podcasts

All about gardening in the greater Washington, DC, and Mid-Atlantic area. Hosted by Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine (www.
Newest Episode
Episode 81 - Beginner Houseplants
In this episode, we talk with Louisa Zimmermann-Roberts at Thanksgiving Farms in Adamstown, MD, about houseplants for beginners and what first-time plant parents need to know. The plant profile is on Tatarian Aster and I share what's going on locally and in my garden.

Edible Activist Podcast
Edible Activist is a podcast where dynamic people of color in the food and agriculture space share personal food journeys, stories and perspectives that stem from the land. Hosted by Melissa L. Jones, she interviews a diverse group of everyday growers, farmers, artists, healers, and other extraordinary individuals, who exemplify activism in their own edible way.
Newest Episode
#120: Mama Nature's: Mississippi's First Plant-Based Juice Bar
#TheSip has got the juice! Jackson, Mississippi native, Keyah Williams, is the owner of Mama Nature's, a plant-based juice bar in the heart of the capital, along with two other locations. The beginnings of the business not only started with a whopping low personal credit score, which Keyah is completely transparent about, but in the trunk of her car selling juices to customers. Keyah shares an inspiring story in this episode of how she "lost it all" but is now walking authentically in her purpose. The 2020 Young Entrepreneur of the Year spills her future plans for the business, and talks about supporting black entrepreneurs to help launch their wellness pursuits.
The Garden Thyme Podcast
A monthly podcast where we help you get down and dirty in your garden, with timely gardening tips, information about native plants, and more! The Garden Thyme Podcast is brought to you by the University of Maryland Extension.
Newest Episode
S2:10 Carnivorous plants
In this episode, we keep with our October tradition of talking about spooky plants by chatting all about carnivorous plants! Carnivorous plants are predatory flowering plants that kill animals, primarily insects, to derive nutrition from their bodies.   Fun fact: Did you know that there are 19 different species of carnivorous plants found in Maryland. This episode covers the famous Venus flytraps (~2:57 ), native pitcher plants (~9:17), bladderworts(~15:28 ), and and the cutest of all carnivorous plants, the sundew (~19:54 ).

The Farmers I Know
A new podcast that gives farmers a platform that honors their role as thought leaders in environmental and social justice issues. If you are interested in hearing from the dedicated people growing your food, you can check out the first episode and subscribe on Apple or Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also check it out on Instagram @thefarmersiknow.
Newest Episode
Curt Canda runs an incredible school garden program at Stoddert Elementary--where kids learn about being a steward of the earth and take part in a sustainable food system. He holds a master's in Elementary Education from American University and a master's in Social Work from the University of Iowa.

Volunteer Opportunities

DPR Communal Farms
In 2020 DC Parks and Rec (DPR) started a new program called Communal Farms, which are communal production farms, managed by DPR staff and community volunteers, with the purpose of providing various ways for community members to receive free food, volunteer, and participate in hands-on educational opportunities.  We're currently looking for volunteers to help during our open hours and weekly veggie giveaways at the following sites:

Lederer Gardens
  • Location: 4801 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave NE (ward 7)
  • Open Hours: Every Monday and Wednesday from 9-1pm
  • Veggie giveaways – Every Wednesday 11-12pm
Edgewood Rooftop Farm
  • Location: 4300 Evarts St NE (ward 5) 
  • Open Hours:  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-2pm 
  • Veggie giveaways – Every Tuesday 11-12pm
For more info:
Email if you want to volunteer, have questions, or want to receive weekly updates about available volunteer opportunities and what’s ready to harvest.

Volunteer With the Farm at Kelly Miller
Wednesdays 10am - 2pm and Fridays from 10am - 2pm
301 49th St NE, 20019
Are you looking for a fun socially distant outdoor activity? Look no further. The Farm at Kelly Miller is the spot for you and your crew!
Starting this week, volunteer hours at the farm are now on
Wednesdays 10am - 2pm and Fridays from 10am - 2pm. Email for more details.

Horace Mann Elementary School - Spring and Summer Gardening Volunteers
Horace Mann Elementary School in Ward 3 is looking for volunteers for their spring and summer gardening seasons.  Mann has nine learning gardens from land to the rooftop. We are committed to teaching children about the importance of native plants and raising food, and we maintain nature play areas with sustainable landscaping to support their environmental literacy. All work is socially distanced and masked. Come work in a group (Thursdays & Saturdays 11-2) or work on an independent project. Contact Amy, the School Garden Coordinator at to sign-up.
Volunteer with DC Mutual Aid Apothecary
The DC Mutual Aid Apothecary is a community based project that provides free herbal medicine, education and a network for local herbalists and herbal enthusiasts to come together to make herbal medicine and share herbal traditions. In 2020 we provided free herbal medicine, medicine making sessions and apothecary Pop-Ups in DC. We are currently looking for volunteer leaders who can commit 8-10 hours a month to help support this project during the 2021 growing season (May-September). BIPOC Herbalists encouraged to apply!
Help with Food Access!

Meals on Wheels of Takoma Park/Silver Spring
Please join us preparing or delivering meals to our homebound neighbors. You can make a difference! Our 50-year-old community program doubled during the pandemic and volunteers are a critical part of our operations. In our 2021 volunteer survey, 100% of our volunteers said that they’d recommend volunteering with us; we hope more of our community will join our growing program to help nourish our neighbors. We have three different shift options from Monday through Friday. Please give us a call at 301-434-1922 or visit for more information or to sign up.

Volunteer with Joyful Food Markets and Increase Food Access in DC!
Joyful Food Markets are run exclusively in elementary schools in Wards 7 & 8. In each school, colorful tables are filled with baskets of fresh produce and piled high with healthy non-perishable food, while festive music plays. The markets are joyful community events, where families and children can mingle with volunteers and school administrators while selecting from fresh, seasonal produce and healthy pantry staples, totaling 23 pounds of food per enrolled student. In addition, our markets feature kids’ cooking activities, recipe samples, and chef-led culinary demonstrations, designed to get children excited about healthy eating and cooking. To volunteer please create an account here on our Volunteerhub website. After creating an account, you should be able to see all of our upcoming shifts for the next three months in a calendar view format. Finally, you can find more information about the impact of our JFM’s by watching this video.
GetGroceries - Be an early Adopter
We are bringing the first zero-waste grocery delivery service to the Washington DC Metro area. We are a values-driven organization that believes:
A) Food should not be packaged in toxic packaging;
B) A zero-waste kitchen is our best defense to protect Earth’s land, water and air;
C) It’s time to bring compassion back into the grocery shopping experience.
Become an early adopter and sign up today:

Help Rescue Food for People In Need During COVID-19!
These are very challenging times for many, but one silver lining of all this is the many organizations and individuals who are working tirelessly to help those in need in their communities. Food assistance organizations are already facing higher demand for food. However, as restaurants close or alter their menus, events and catering orders are canceled, and offices are moving to 100% telework, there is a large amount of excess food that could be donated and needs to be placed with a food assistance organization very quickly. Food Rescue US- DC’s network of volunteers is ready to rescue that food and get it to the organizations who need it. Please, spread the word to restaurants, cafes, caterers, event spaces, offices, and any other businesses who may find themselves with excess food to donate that Food Rescue US - DC can rescue that food and make sure it gets to the right place. If you have food to donate or would like to volunteer to rescue food, you can:
Sign up via the Food Rescue US app

Stretch your SNAP dollars at 20 Healthy Corners stores in DC
Healthy Corners supplies fresh produce and healthy snacks to corner stores in DC’s low-income communities. Products are sold at below-market prices, making them affordable options for shoppers. Find a store here:
At select Healthy Corners stores, shoppers who earn SNAP/EBT benefits can participate in the "5 for 5" coupon program to earn $5 in free fresh fruits and vegetables. The SNAP/EBT purchase must contain at least 1 fresh fruit or vegetable.
More information and participating stores at:

Local CSA
DC Local Grown CSAs
Click on photo for more info

Three Part Harmony Farm CSA (veggie)

flowers x flores (Flower CSA)

Common Good City Farm
Vegetable CSA

Full Information and Pickup Times Here
Fox Haven Farm Winter Dried Herb CSA
Full Information Here

C.R.I.S.P. CSA  (THEARC and Kelly Miller Farms)

DC UrbanGreens, Greens-to-Go! CSA

Little Red Botanicals Herbal CSA

Little Wild Things Salad Share Program

Community Foodworks Market Share CSA

Up Top Acres Rooftop Farm Membership

Find a Local Farmer Outside DC
Humane DC
Looking to avoid factory farms but not ready to go vegan?
Check out, a resource list of local (Mid Atlantic) pasture-raised meat and dairy farms, with higher animal welfare than most factory farms, and serve Greater DC area with CSAs, Buyers Clubs or home delivery.  There's also a lot of great vegan resources for DC too!

Future Harvest CASA: Find-A-Farmer or Market Map

Local Harvest: Find a Local CSA

COG: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Listing for DC area

Order Locally Grown Rice, Wheat, Oats, Buckwheat, and Flours from Purple Mountain Organics

SEYLOU Bakery & Mill // Flour club

Aunt Bertha
Aunt Bertha’s network connects people seeking help by zip code. (Food pantries, shelters, free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, etc.)

Job and Apprenticeship Openings

Manna Food Center Job Description – Community Food Rescue Coordinator (part-time)
Manna Food Center’s Community Food Rescue (CFR) network of businesses, volunteers and food assistance organizations supports Manna’s mission of eliminating hunger while reducing food waste in Montgomery County. The program utilizes innovative technology, called ChowMatch, to collect surplus unsold food from local businesses and dispatch volunteers to deliver it to agencies serving people who are experiencing food insecurity. Since its inception the CFR network has grown to almost 1,000 members and has rescued and redistributed 7.6 million lbs. of food. The program has grown to include administration of the County Farm to Food Bank initiative, a major focus of this position. The CFR Coordinator will report to Manna’s Director of Programs and receive day-to-day guidance from CFR’s Program Director.

  • FoodPrints Out of School Time (OST) Grant Manager & Lead Teacher
  • FoodPrints Assistants (Internship or Work-Study Students)
  • 2022-2023 School Year: FoodPrints Lead, Assistant, & Bilingual Teachers (full & part-time)
  • Pop Up Food Hub Operations Associate
  • Pop-Up Food Hub Community Delivery Driver

Casey Trees Open Positions

Echoing Green Fellowship
Applications are due by 2:00 PM, November 2, 2021
Echoing Green supports bold leaders from all over the world who see possibility in the face of the most existential challenges of our day. Together, we strive to build a world that has yet to exist: a future free from racism and its far-reaching consequences where all people can thrive. This Fellowship is for people whose enterprises are at an early stage and who are experts on the challenge they’ve chosen to confront. We seek leaders who reflect the community they serve and bring deep knowledge of the issues into their work as they co-design solutions with and for their communities.

City Blossoms Executive Director
The Executive Director is responsible for the execution of City Blossoms’ mission through the design and management of staff, programs, and expansions. The Executive Director will continually pursue deep knowledge of the field, core programs, operations, and best practices in business management. The Executive Director collaborates with staff and board members to create Strategic Plans as guides for the organization’s development, then leads the implementation of the organization’s strategic goals incorporated in the plans. Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will have both internal and external facing responsibilities, ranging from administration, human resources, finance, board, and organizational management, program development, garden design, fundraising, and communications.

  • Director of Agricultural Programs (priority deadline 10/11; final deadline 10/20)
  • FoodPrints Administrative Support Associate (application deadline 10/19).
  • We are also actively recruiting lead, assistant, and bilingual teachers to join FoodPrints in the 2022-2023 school year, and may have more job openings this fall/winter to support our farmers markets and food access work.

Food for Others Program Coordinator
Food for Others is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization helping Northern Virginia residents meet their basic need for food.  We provide free, emergency food from our Merrifield warehouse, at neighborhood sites, and by supplying other community organizations.  Food for Others is a mission-focused organization where the applicant can expect to become involved in all aspects of the food bank/food pantry operation.

Furbish Open Positions
Furbish provides Furnish, Install, and Maintenance services for living roofs, living walls, and other ecological building systems.  Our Stewardship Department executes the ongoing maintenance for these green systems.  We maintain crews from the Baltimore office and from the DC location. We are currently hiring for the following positions in both locations:

Arcadia Farms is hiring seasonal, part-time market associates
Market associates are the frontline staff for the market. Operations shifts (at headquarters) will include inventory and portioning items for sale, loading/unloading deliveries, preparing online orders for customer pick up, and maintaining the kitchen protocols. At market, associates will assist customers with shopping at the market (per Covid-19 guidelines), financial transactions at market, restocking items for sale, fielding customers inquiries at market, as well as set up and breakdown at the market.

Montgomery County Food Council
Are you a self-motivated, passionate, and team-oriented individual dedicated to leading work that will cultivate a more robust, sustainable, and equitable food system? If so, the Montgomery County (MD) Food Council would like to hear from you! To express your interest in formally connecting with our work, please submit a resume and statement of interest that describes your skills and strengths, experiences relevant to our mission, and details of the professional opportunity you’re looking for (potential start date, desired end date (if relevant), part/full-time, issue interest area, paid/volunteer, etc.) to

Ripe for Creative Disruption:An Environmental Justice Movement Fellowship (EJMF)
Application due: September 26, 2021 11:59 pm
The Environmental JusticeMovement Fellowship will support and grow the capacity of movement leaders to design innovative and disruptive strategies that advance a transformative climate justice agenda on a local, Tribal, national and global scale. The Fellowship is currently open to groups of 2-4 environmental justice leaders who are working together in our focus areas.

Common Threads Open Positions

Interested in learning the ART of pruning?
Would you like to prune with a group of fascinating people who have learned the ART of pruning?  Choose the days you want to join the team?  Prune for 5 hours, then have the rest of your day to devote to your other passions?   And get paid for your time?   Yankee Clipper's professional pruning team is looking to expand our team- no prior experience necessary, just the love of the outdoors and being in beautiful gardens.  We will teach you our unique techniques for pruning.   Our gardens are located in  DC and the closest counties in MD and VA.  You must have a car. We are: former lawyers, world bank, state department, teachers, architects, MBA's, engineers.  We are current college students interested in the "green industry."  We are parents who have time before the children return from school to enjoy this artistic, physical experience with like-minded people.  Want to learn more???  Please go to our website and fill out your contact information indicating you are interested in joining our team.  We will call you right away.

FoodCorps Open Position at Miner Elementary in Ward 5
Application Deadline: September 17th
FoodCorps D.C. Metro Area members serve in the heart of our nation’s capital and experience all this city and area has to offer, including free museums, a growing local food system, and a backyard that includes the Shenandoah Valley and Great Falls National Park. Between D.C.’s metro and bus system and bike-friendly streets, commuting and getting out of town for the weekend are equally a breeze. While the large-scale growing space in D.C. may be limited, the agricultural landscape in the surrounding states is expansive, and plays an integral part in both school meals and experiential learning for the students. Within the District, there are 107 active school gardens, meaning almost half of schools are providing garden-based education to their students.

FRESHFARM Open Positions
FRESHFARM is currently seeking a Communications Manager as well as FoodPrints Classroom Assistants (internship and Federal Work-Study) to join our team! If you're excited by local food systems, food access and justice, farmer's markets, and elementary food education, we'd love to read your application. Please visit our website for more details, and to learn about other open positions:

Experienced Laborer - Sustainable Landscaping at Father Nature Restorative Landscaping
Father Nature Restorative Landscaping (since 2007) is a small business in Wheaton, MD seeking an experienced landscaper. Applicant must have at least 3 years of gardening/landscaping experience. This is a good opportunity for someone that wants to work with a company that cares about the environment and its staff. We design, create, and maintain environmentally beneficial landscapes in residential yards. Focus areas include: Maintaining sustainable gardens (pruning, edging, mulching), creating ecosystems using native plants, improving Chesapeake Bay health by capturing stormwater (installing Rain gardens and check dams)
$16.00 - $20.00 per hour + Benefits, Contact Luke Jessup -

Urban Farmer at Little Wild Things City Farm 
Little Wild Things City Farm is looking for someone enthusiastic about growing local food with an interest and at least one year of experience in sustainable agriculture, controlled environment agriculture, and/or hydroponics. This position will directly support microgreen production, hydroponic lettuce and edible flower production, farmers’ markets; and assist with the Salad Share program, weekly orders, wholesale, and outdoor edible flower production; with the potential to grow and take on more responsibility over time. This position will support the work of the entire team and report to the Production Manager. Please contact Mary at to express interest in the position or visit the careers page.  

Public Relations Fellow – Capital Area Food Bank
The Capital Area Food Bank provides the Washington, DC, region with more than 30 million meals a year while managing dozens of programs. The Public Relations Fellow will gain hands-on experience helping to build awareness for the issues of hunger and food insecurity in the greater Washington region by assisting with the food bank’s media outreach and public engagement work. The Fellow will play an important role in supporting the mission of the food bank by supporting activities that generate greater visibility for an often-hidden problem. For details about the application and other jobs with the Capital Area Food Bank, please view the careers page.

Potomac Conservancy - Community Conservation Manager 
The Community Conservation Manager is responsible for the creation and nourishment of community driven volunteer teams that leverage hands-on stewardship and outreach to inspire clean water action, which addresses root causes of pollution through civic engagement and advocacy. Working in the larger DC Metro area, our clean water advocacy efforts are informed by communities, our Policy team, and our Clean Potomac Plan. The Manager will interpret a broad strategic vision for community action in a local context, requiring the ability to listen to community needs and enact change. For more information on the position or the Potomac Conservancy, please see the posting description.

DC Central Kitchen is hiring 

  • Program Coordinator, Healthy Corners 
  • Lead Food Service Worker 
  • Human Resources Coordinator 
  • Development Operations Coordinator 
  • Communications Specialist
  • Community Development and Partnerships Coordinator 
  • Instructional Services Manager 
  • Human Resources Specialist 
  • Social Worker 
  • Digital Media Specialist 
  • Director, Workforce Development

Dreaming Out Loud Openings
Dreaming Out Loud -- an organization established to create economic opportunities for marginalized communities in DC through building a healthy, equitable food system -- needs your help finding the best candidates! Please review the open positions below and share with anyone that may be interested.

We're relying on our community to help us find our new team members. Applications and referrals can be sent to Full Job Posting List Here:

Casey Trees is Hiring 

  • Assistant Tree Nursery Manager 
  • Farm Crew 
  • Farm Crew & Driver 
  • Senior Farm Crew 
  • Tree Nursey Administrative Assistant

OutTeach  - National Director of Philanthropy AND Director of School & District Partnerships

  • Grant Writer 
  • National Director of Philanthropy 
  • Director, Education Partnerships

Job Listings:

Shenandoah Seasonal - Farmers Market Representatives 
Shenandoah Seasonal is searching for two farmers market positions. They are seeking a friendly and hardworking person based in DC as a Farmers Market Representative to represent their vegetable farm at the Saturday Mt. Vernon Triangle Farmers Market. They are also seeking a Farmers Market Representative and Delivery Driver to help bring vegetables from the farm to the city on Thursdays. This position must be local to the farm in Clear Brook, Virginia. View the job description here, and apply by emailing or call 571.447.8556.

DC Greens - NEW Open Positions
DC Greens is hiring several positions. See links to information below.

ReFED Open Positions
ReFED is a national nonprofit working to end food loss and waste across the U.S. food system.

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion , & Justice Fellow

Blue Ridge Area Food Bank 

  • Chief Collaboration Officer – Click here for the position profile
  • Director of Development (NEW)– Northern Shenandoah Valley
  • Director of Programs (NEW) – Charlottesville or Verona, VA
  • Grants Manager – Charlottesville or Verona, VA
  • Warehouse Assistant – Verona, VA
  • Accounting Specialist (NEW) – Verona, VA

The Environmental Law Institute 
The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) is looking for several talented individuals to fill the following open jobs:

For more information and to apply, please visit

Open Positions at the Climate Reality Project
The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit organization founded by former Vice President Al Gore, is dedicated to leading a global cultural movement demanding immediate action on the climate crisis by using cutting-edge communications and grassroots strategies to educate the public about the urgency and solvability of the climate crisis.

Job listing: 

Center for Science in the Public Interest

  • Campaign Manager, Scientific Integrity 
  • Public Interest Internship Program 
Full Job List:
For more food-related job opportunities, check out these links:

Green America Open Positions

Multiple Capital Area Food Bank Open Positions

DC Central Kitchen

NO KID HUNGRY: Share Our Strength Open Positions
Numerous job listings at this link

CAUSES: (The College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences) Open Positions
Numerous job listings at this link

DOEE Green Pathways
Are you interested in a career, fellowship, internship, summer job, or volunteer experience in the field of energy and the environment? The goal of DOEE’s Green Pathways is to provide students, young adults, and those interested in energy and the environment with jobs and opportunities in this field.


Grants and Funding

Nourish DC Collaborative
Financing, Technical Assistance, and Grants to Help DC Food Businesses Expand Economic Prosperity
Launched in 2021, the Nourish DC Collaborative was created in partnership with the District government to support the development of a robust ecosystem of locally owned food businesses, neighborhood vibrancy, and health equity in DC communities, especially in neighborhoods underserved by grocery stores and other food businesses. Nourish DC provides flexible loans, technical assistance, and catalytic grants to emerging and existing food businesses in the District of Columbia, with a preference for businesses located in or owned by residents of underserved neighborhoods.

Nourish DC Collaborative Catalytic Grant Application Opens
Catalytic grants will support businesses increasing access to healthy food and creating quality jobs.

  • Total Grant Funding: $250,000 available in 2021
  • Grant Range: $10,000-$50,000
  • Grant Uses Include: New product development, marketing, technology, equipment, real estate acquisition, construction, tenant improvements
  • Eligible Business Location: Food business must be physically located in DC, preference for Wards 5, 7, or 8
  • Eligible Business Revenue: Food businesses generating revenue equal to two times the amount of grant funding requested

OSSE Outdoor Learning Technical Assistance
Deadline: Nov. 15
The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), Division of Health and Wellness (H&W) plans to work with a contractor to provide technical assistance to school personnel in District public and public charter schools to establish outdoor learning spaces to maximize the number of students engaged in outdoor learning.

Cumulative Health Impacts at the Intersection of Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and Vulnerable Populations/Lifestages: Community-Based Research for Solutions Request for Applications (RFA)
Deadline: November 16, 2021
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of its Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program, is seeking applications proposing transdisciplinary research with approaches that explore and analyze environmental problems at the intersection of climate change, environmental justice (EJ), and vulnerable populations/lifestages. Specifically, proposed projects should address all of the following research questions: (1) What may be the most influential community-, population- or lifestage-specific vulnerabilities caused by ongoing climate change that would elevate exposure to pollutants or contaminants and further exacerbate the health effects from exposure to pollutants or contaminants in underserved communities? (2) What are the cumulative health impacts of climate change related stressors on vulnerable groups or susceptible lifestages in underserved communities? (3) How can community-based scientific research results be translated and/or applied to provide effective solutions to reduce climate change impacts on human health in underserved communities?

DSLBD has partnered with Kiva, a platform for financing your business using crowdsourcing tools. To learn more about how you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity to raise capital, especially if you have struggled to find financing through traditional routes, visit for more information.
Philanthropy News Digest - Published RFPs
Philanthropy News Digest publishes RFPs and notices of awards as a free service for U.S.-based grant-making organizations and nonprofits. To have your RFP considered for publication, please email with a Word document, text-only file, or link to a Web site explaining the program scope, grantee qualifications, application instructions, and deadlines. We require notice of funding opportunities four weeks in advance of their deadlines.
New RFPs include: 
Full List

DOEE Grants (upcoming fall funding opportunities)

  • Innovative LID Grant
  • RiverSmart Grants
  • GSI Maintenance Grant.
  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Maintenance Grants   
    • GSI Maintenance Training & Workforce Development (for returning citizens
    • GSI Inventory & Assessment Grant
Look for these funding opportunities this fall on DOEE’s website under "Grants and Other Funding".
On-going Grants (no deadlines)

Serve DC Funding Alert
Full list of funding opportunities and resources found here. Recently updated on Sept. 11:

DOEE Notice of Funding Availability

GreenWrench Technical Assistance Program
This fall, DOEE will be releasing a Request for Applications (RFA) for the GreenWrench Technical Assistance Program. This RFA would be to provide technical assistance services to auto body and repair shops and coordinate giving shops an opportunity to try out products that contain safer chemicals. DOEE launched the GreenWrench Technical Assistance Program to work with and educate District automotive repair shops on the effects of pollution and the benefits of source reduction.

Chipotle Capacity Building Grants
Chipotle announces funds to support educational programs for youth, food agriculture, community improvement and capacity building.  Eligibility: Public and state controlled institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, Local Educational Agencies and State Educational Agencies  Deadline: None Funds: Awards are available up to $350 Contact: Chipotle Philanthropy Website:

Costco Wholesale Foundation.
Costco Wholesale Foundation provides Grants and in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations for programs in the areas of human services, health, education, and children. This program is open to organizations operating in communities where Costco has a business presence.

GFFA Mini-Grant Application
The purpose of GFFA mini-grants is to enable members of communities that have been historically excluded from federal food and agriculture negotiations to generate, refine, and advocate for their policy priorities and innovations. Projects funded through the grants will be used to increase member collaboration and channel the expertise, skills, and knowledge of the GFFA coalition to strengthen its capacity to inform the policy making process. Applicants for mini-grants must provide answers to a series of questions developed by the Funding Advisory Board and may not receive more than 2 grants per cycle or 3 per fiscal year.

Costco Wholesale Foundation
Costco Wholesale Foundation provides Grants and in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations for programs in the areas of human services, health, education, and children. This program is open to organizations operating in communities where Costco has a business presence.  For an organization to receive a grant or an in-kind contribution the decision is based on several factors, including: type of program; identified community need not otherwise available; indication that evidenced based data will establish measureable results of intended outcomes; community collaboration; broad base of financial support; project budget and operating expenses.  For more information visit

Nature Works Everywhere School Grants
The Nature Conservancy announces funds to support school projects that implement green infrastructure to address local environmental challenges. The goal is to support young people who work as social innovators to help their communities through project design and implementation Eligibility: Independent school districts and Local Educational Agencies  Deadline: None Funds: Fifty awards are available up to $2,000 Contact: The Nature Conservancy at Website:

Empowering Families and Individuals Funds
Deadline: None
James M. Cox Foundation announces funds to support programs and projects in the areas of conservation and the environment, early childhood education (birth to five years), empowering families and individuals for success and health.  Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations  Contact: James M. Cox Foundation at Website:

Value Added Producer Grants
The USDA Rural Development's VAPG program helps agricultural producers enter into value-added activities related to the processing and or marketing of new products. Independent producers, agricultural producer groups, farmer- or rancher-cooperatives, and majority-controlled producer-based business ventures, are eligible to apply. Learn more and apply here.

Initiatives Addressing Climate Change and Inequality
Nathan Cummings Foundation announces funds to support the four focus areas that together advance the vision of a healthy planet and a healthy democracy. Letters of inquiry may be submitted at any time.  Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations  Deadline: None  Contact: Nathan Cummings Foundation  Website:

SBIR Funding Opportunities

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Competitive Grants Program
The National Institute of Food and Agriculture awards AFRI research, education, and extension grants to combat childhood obesity, improve rural economies, increase food production, create new sources of energy, mitigate the impacts of climate variability, address water availability issues, ensure food safety and security, and train the next generation of agricultural workforce.

DOEE RiverSmart Rewards and Clean Rivers IAC Incentive Programs
Apply for RiverSmart Rewards and receive discounts on your DC Water bill. District residents, businesses, and property owners can earn a discount of up to 55% off the DOEE Stormwater Fee when they reduce stormwater runoff by installing green infrastructure (GI) such as green roofs, bioretention, permeable pavement, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Fair Food Fund
Provides financing & business assistance to good food enterprises that are growing vibrant local food systems.

The Pollinator Project
On-going grants for social change

The Cornell Douglas Foundation
Environmental, Health and Justice. Cornell Douglas Foundation announces funds to support environmental health and justice, land conservation, sustainability of resources, mountaintop removal mining, watershed protection, and financial literacy. Introductory of letters are required and are reviewed throughout the year.  Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations  Deadline: None  Funds: Awards are available up to $10,000  Contact: Cornell Douglas Foundation at (301) 229-3008  Website:

USDA/NRCS Conservation Programs
(Funds for High Tunnels for Urban Farms)
Financial Assistance Programs, Easement Programs,  Partnership Programs and funds for High Tunnels
Environmentall Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)
AMA (Agricultural Management Assistance Program) (Irrigation System can be financed through this program.

ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Grants
Timeframe: Ongoing — No Deadline
The ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Grant Program supports nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies dedicated to the prevention and elimination of animal cruelty throughout the United States (animal agriculture included).

The Awesome Foundation DC 
The Awesome Foundation gives out a $1,000 monthly grant every month to fund any awesome idea.

Join FarmRaiser:
Your student Champions (and their parents) sell great products and good prices, earning an average of 53% profit for the cause, while learning about the importance of a healthy local food system. Join these successful organizations who are revolutionizing school fundraising and make your next fundraiser a FarmRaiser.
Online source for lots of government grants in many areas


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