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Although its super easy to unsubscribe to this newsletter at anytime, please take a second to check it out first.   The DUG Network newsletter is a comprehensive list of workshops, events, programs, job openings, grants and gardening tips for the urban AG, food security and environmental world, happening in the greater DC area. 

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DUG Network is an all volunteer network that has minimal upkeep costs.  These costs are met by board member donations and sponsorship organizations.  We only accept sponsorships  from local DC organizations that we believe are a valuable resource to DC.




To learn more or become a sponsor for DUG please email



COVID Updates

DC Gov Coronavirus website
DC Gov official website for updates, DC resources, active testing sites, etc.  We highlight a few important pages below.
Full site at below link


Help Protect the DMV Ecosystem by Reporting any Invasive Spotted Lanternfly Sightings

Adult Spotted Lanternfly
Click here for more photos at different life stages

Tools are costly and take up space. Tool libraries are popping up so people can share
WP Article highlighs DPR GardenTool Share!

Welcoming a New Director for City Blossoms

Why Pizzeria Paradiso Is Done With Tipping After 30 Years in Business

Lessons Learned from a 10-Year Old Forest Garden by Lincoln Smith from Forested (Video)

Looking for Seeds?  Check out this list of 70 seed companies by pegplant

Why Food Price Inflation Is Not Inevitable

Plant-Based Chicken is Coming to KFCs Nationwide in January

The Queer Farmers Reimagining American Agriculture

Food Justice


Highlighted Causes


The "District of Columbia Tip Credit Elimination Act of 2021" aka Initiative 82, will eliminate the sub-minimum tipped wage of $5.05 per hour, and ensure all tipped workers receive DC's full minimum wage of at least $15.20 plus tips on top!  This ballot initiative would gradually increase the base wage for tipped workers so that it will become the same as non-tipped workers by 2027. Read more about the initiative, why its needed, and how to help at


Urgent Needs


Polic Abolition 101 Zine
Know folks who have questions about police abolition? Share this Police Abolition 101 zine, created by @prisonculture and @noahjodice based on materials from @MPD_150 and Interrupting Criminalization with @projectnia!


Join a "Buy Nothing" DC Facebook Group
The Buy Nothing Project is a movement led entirely by volunteers creating a worldwide network of local gift economy communities. Everyone is welcome in their local Buy Nothing community to Give, Ask, and share their Gratitude, where the true wealth is the connections formed between neighbors. You can only join one local Buy Nothing Facebook Group.  To find that group type in the Facebook search "Buy Nothing" and your neighborhood or the nearest one listed neighborhood.

Click photos to learn more about each candidate

Amazon Alternatives: 11 Sustainable Marketplaces To Shop For Everything You Need Online

A Reparations Map for Farmers of Color May Help Right Historical Wrongs

Follow these accounts and newsletters for lists of daily actions, frequent updates, and urgent protests needs in Greater DC Area
Individual Events
Upcoming DC Peace Team Training: 
  • 1/29 We will offer an ONLINE Introduction to Restorative Justice Circles from 10am-2pm EST. REGISTER HERE
  • 2/5 We will offer an ONLINE training on Compassionate Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness Practices from 3-5pm EST. REGISTER HERE
1. We recently deployed at the Jan. 6th vigil near the U.S. Capitol with our partners from Palm Collective and Movement Catalyst.
2. We will be deploying at the March for Life event on Friday Jan. 21st from 1-3:30pm. We will offer a non-partisan active presence to prevent violence, interrupt de-humanization and cultivate empathy as possible at the Supreme Court where the demonstrators and counter-protestors engage. If you are interested in joining, please fill out this form. If you haven't yet taken a UCP training, please do so this Saturday. See below to register.
3. We are looking for more people to participate in the Community Safety Unit at Columbia Heights Plaza. We met a number of beautiful people at the Plaza. There are people looking for help. There was also some angst from various parties and thus we are involved in some de-escalations. We would love for you to join us! Fill out this interest form if you'd like to explore this. Spanish speaking skills are a particular plus. It does come with financial compensation for your hours.

Ward 3 VIRTUAL Rally for Affordable & Green Housing
Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 3pm
Join leaders from across the District via zoom, and call for Councilmember Mary Cheh and other DC officials to act boldly and work with WIN to ensure that Ward 3 and the entire District can be a place where families can live in affordable, healthy, and green homes. Together, we will raise our voices to support developing 400+ affordable housing units on public land, decarbonizing public housing throughout DC, and much more.
Register here:

Healing Caucus Spaces for BIPOC and White Farm, Garden, Food, Land Educators
The Farm-Based Education Network welcomes Richael Faithful (facilitating the BIPOC sessions) and Julia Metzger-Traber and Rebecca Mintz (facilitating the White sessions) for a six-month series: Healing the Roots of Racism in Ourselves. This series creates space for healing from white supremacy culture and transforming anti-Blackness within ourselves, toward healing our webs of relationships, organizations and societal structures. In this series participants will practice a creative combination of healing practices ranging from embodied awareness to movement, reflection and writing.
The group will meet virtually on Zoom monthly starting the first week of February!

Why racially-based caucus spaces?  Racial Equity Tools writes, "To advance racial equity, there is work for white people and people of color to do separately and together... For white people, a caucus provides time and space to work explicitly and intentionally on understanding white culture and white privilege and to increase one's critical analysis around these concepts. A white caucus also puts the onus on white people to teach each other about these ideas, rather than placing a burden on people of color to teach them. For people of color, a caucus is a place to work with peers to address the impact of racism, to interrupt experiences of internalized racism, and to create a space for healing and working for individual and collective liberation."
On Demand Workshops
Wild Seed Society
Cultivating a spiritual community that supports activists and organizers in Movement
  • Caring Circles - A bi-weekly online drop-in space for BIPOC who want to practice caring for themselves and bearing witness to others - in service of our healing and liberation.
  • Collective Caring PODS - A 5-month online course for BIPOC who want to heal from internalized oppression & create a caring community around them - for these burning times.
  • Healing From Internalized Whiteness - A 10-week online course for white allies who want to do the inner work necessary for them to co-create with others - from a consensual and humanizing place.
Recurring Events

DC Grassroots Planning Coalition
Gathers every second Saturday
A network of DC residents & organizations from all 8 Wards committed to pursuing racial, economic, and environmental justice through equitable development.

ONE DC Right to Housing Committee Meeting
Every Thursday - 6 PM to 8 PM
ONE DC - 614 S St NW, Washington D.C. 20001
Join the Right to Housing Committee every Thursday at our Shaw Office! Come together with other ONE DC members to discuss our tenant rights, and build power to fight displacement and gain community control of land and housing for low-wage, long-standing Washingtonians.

ROC-DC Member Orientation / Orientación para MiembrosMonthly orientation every last Monday of each month from 1pm-2:30pm
Are you a restaurant worker who has been affected by COVID-19? Do you want to make changes in the restaurant industry for the better? Do you believe in justice and equity for all workers? The Restaurant Opportunities Center of DC (ROC-DC) is a worker-led organization that is fighting for better wages and working conditions for restaurant and food service workers across the DMV.
Recent Recorded Series and Events
Limited Equity Cooperatives Town Hall: Part 1
Panelists describe limited equity cooperatives, show why they are a solution to homeownership for low and moderate income people, and give suggestions about how to get started creating one in your community.

Episode 38: Land Access Solutions in the Agrarian Commons Model
In this episode, we discuss alternative land access strategies with Ian McSweeney, Director of the Agrarian Trust.

Food Solutions New England Winter Series
View their wrap-up and recordings on food policy, narrative strategy, the power of the network, and racial equity leadership all online.
More Information and Links

National Museum of Women in the Arts & DC Mutual Aid ApothecaryIn this new series, please join our in depth interviews with the Curative Collective, a group of Women, Arts, and Social Change partners working at the intersection of food, art, and social change
Full Video Link
DC Mutual Aid Apothecary Instagram
DC Food Policy Council: Racism, Racial Equity, and the Food System Recordings
The DC Food Policy Council, in its role as a convener, invites those who are engaged in the DC food system (as a professional, student, or resident) to this 8-week conversation to reflect, learn, and hold ourselves accountable. Following sessions have been recorded
  • The History of DC’s Grocery Gap
  • Land Access and the Racial Wealth Gap
  • How Racism and White Supremacy Influence Nutrition Education
  • Racial Injustice and Workers in the Food Supply Chain (recording coming soon)

2020 Intro to Racism and White Privilege Webinar Course
July 2020 to February 2021
The People’s School of DC 2019 “Introduction to Racism and White Privilege course” has been converted to a webinar format, that will be recorded and publicly shared, starting in July. This is a FREE 24-class course, (3) 2-hour classes a month, on the many different forms of racism and white privilege in the US, specifically focusing on forms beyond the “explicit” and “easy to see”, through a multi-media lecture series presenting hundreds of anti-racism concepts, perspectives, strategies, resources, speeches, quotes, videos, books, articles, and ways to get involved in modern day efforts to dismantle white supremacy.
Current webinar recordings available:

Local Resources
People's School of DC Anti-racism Resources
Advocacy for COVID-19 Essential Workers
Essential workers have continued reporting to their physical places of employment during the pandemic. COVID-19 has cost the lives of people who have had to continue to work throughout the pandemic—often with low pay and limited benefits—while also putting their families and communities at greater risk. In this link, we provide information that can help you advocate for and create a safer workplace.
Read full article here

DCFPI: A Resident’s Guide to the DC Budget

Workshops and Events

Fox Haven Organic Farm

University of Maryland Extension

Compost Use Best Management Practices
January 19th & 20th, 9AM to 12PM (PST)
CalRecycle, in collaboration with Caltrans, is preparing to host a comprehensive and informative virtual webinar about compost use best management practices. With many requirements for compost use going into effect, CalRecycle and Caltrans would like to invite you to attend this webinar to learn about how and when to use compost, the many benefits that compost use provides, as well as information on best management practices to ensure successful projects. Attached are the speaker bios and agenda for the event. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
Register Here

Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia

US Botanic Gardens
Find the list of upcoming webinars below. Registration closes prior to the event so sign up today:

  • 1/21 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM  - Winter Wreath Refresh (Online Demo)
  • 1/22 - 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM - Planning and Planting for Winter Interest (Online Lecture) 
  • 1/28 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Exploring the World of Hydroponics and Indoor Food Production (Online Demo)
  • 2/4 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Winter Treats & Seasonal Delights (Online Cooking Demonstration)
  • 2/5 - 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM - Drawing Winter Trees (Online Workshop)

Mushroom Foraging 101
Sat, Jan 22
Join team BaltiSpore at Cultivated Creations to learn about the fungus that grows all around us! In this course you will learn about the history of foraging, what tools you need to safely forage, responsible foraging practices, mushroom taxonomy, which mushrooms grow locally around us, and more!

Ward 3 VIRTUAL Rally for Affordable & Green Housing
Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 3pm
Join leaders from across the District via zoom, and call for Councilmember Mary Cheh and other DC officials to act boldly and work with WIN to ensure that Ward 3 and the entire District can be a place where families can live in affordable, healthy, and green homes. Together, we will raise our voices to support developing 400+ affordable housing units on public land, decarbonizing public housing throughout DC, and much more.
Register here:

Click photo for more info

Click photo for more info


Mid-Atlantic Women in Agriculture
2nd & 4th Wednesday of each Month at Noon
1 hour webinars, Cost is FREE
  • 1/26/2022 - Creating a Cash Flow Statement
  • 2/9/2022 - Growth Stages of Mid-Atlantic Grain Crops
  • 2/23/2022 - Ages and Stages of Financial Wellness

Full Schedule
Previous recorded webinars

DC Home Vermicomposting Virtual Workshop
Fri, Jan 28, 2022 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Wed, Feb 23, 2022 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Learn how to compost at home with worms. After attending the workshop, DC residents will qualify for a rebate, up to $75, towards the purchase of a vermicomposting home composting system. Attendance is required to qualify for the rebate.

Washington Gardener Seed Exchange
Saturaday, 2/26/22, 12-4pm
Brookside Gardens and Green Spring Gardens
Wheaton, VA

Join Us for:
- Seed Swapping
- Door Prizes
- Planting Tips
- Expert Speakers
- Goody Bags
If You Have Seeds to Bring and Swap:
Please package them in resealable plastic zipper or wax sandwich baggies. Put an average of 20 seeds per baggy  more for small seeds like lettuce, fewer for large seeds like acorns. Label each baggy with a white sticker (such as Avery standard 5160 address label sheets) giving all the information you have on the seeds. If known, include the plant's common and scientific names; its soil, sun, and watering needs; and, its origins  where and when you collected the seeds. If you don't know all the information, that is okay; just provide as much as you can. Yes, you can bring unused or opened commercial seed packs.
What If You Don't Have Any Seeds to Swap?
Come anyway! Even if you dont have any seeds to trade, you are welcome to attend! We'll have plenty of extra seed contributions on hand and many attendees will be there just to learn, network, and prepare for next year's seed collecting.
Recent Recorded Classes

FREE Urban Agriculture and Best Practices Presentations on Demand By Master Gardeners of Northern Viriginia

DUG Network Online Learning Page
Comprehensive list of locally made digital workshops, webinars, and podcasts, etc. covering many topics of interest including gardening, farming, herbalism, food, and food justice.

DPR Urban Grower Webinar Courses Recordings
Online classes and courses taught by DC Parks and Rec and dozens of other local teachers.
Class List:
  • DPR Urban Grower Webinar Course
  • DPR Basics of Urban Growing Webinar Series
  • DPR Advanced Grower Webinar Series
  • Food Justice Webinars

Free Food Safety Online Courses
For 30 years, ServSafe has been at the forefront of preparing restaurant and foodservice workers to deliver safe dining experiences for their guests, while also keeping themselves safe. Every day, we train the restaurant and food service industry on topics like cooking temperatures, safe storage, and cross contamination, as well as hygiene, sanitation, and other risk mitigation activities. Because of the challenges presented by COVID-19, we have developed a number of free resources aimed at keeping our workers and the dining public safe.

Botany Everyday: Online Classes
6 day online class about plant botany and foraging
Mycologos Online Mushroom Classes
  • Mushroom Identification: Basics & Beyond
  • Everything’s Connected: Fungal Ecology from the Sea to the Sky
  • The Many Ways of Fungi: First Steps Into the World of Mycology
  • Growing Mushrooms for Food, Fun, & Profit
Good Gardening Videos
Learn to garden and be inspired by over 1,000 gardening videos curated for accuracy and quality. Use the Search Box, Browse by Topic, or go to Best Videos for each month in the sidebar. Good Gardening Videos is pro-science, pro-environment, ad-free and nonprofit
P.S. Rate Your Garden Teachers!
There have been many garden workshops citywide this year.  Please help shape these classes by rating your teachers here:

Program Highlight
DC Teachers Can Get $200 Towards a New Bike
GoDCgo is offering District school staff up to $200 towards a new bike used for commuting. If you’ve recently purchased a bike or plan to buy one, get rewarded for doing your part to reduce congestion and improve air quality in DC. Accepting new applications sometime in January 2022.

"Black Vegan Everything" Directory Website Launches
Black Vegan Everything showcases the full spectrum of veganism amongst people of the African Diaspora. While veganism is highly associated with food, veganism is rooted in a lifestyle based on ethical choices. This space is not only dedicated to vegan food-related businesses, but it extends into a wide variety of Black-owned, intentionally vegan businesses. We look to expand our database regularly with the hopes of magnifying Black-owned vegan businesses while empowering vegans of the African Diaspora.

Welcome to the "Food Rescue Locator"
Food rescue organizations play an important role in feeding the hungry and reducing food waste by rescuing, gleaning, transporting, preparing and distributing food to people and communities in need. This directory of organizations across the United States serves as a resource for individuals and groups to find food recovery organizations to which they can donate excess food, or support in other ways.
Extension Master Gardener Help Desk
Our Help Desk operates year-round and we welcome your garden-related questions, including those related to plant and insect identification. The Help Desk operates from 9 a.m. to noon weekdays at the VCE office at the Fairlington Community Center 3308 S. Stafford St., Arlington, 22206 Contact us at 703-228-6414 or, or drop by to speak with our Help Desk volunteers.  It’s best to call before you come to make sure we’re available.

Join the DC Urban Grower Network Google Group!
This group is a platform for urban growers in greater DC to ask questions, partner on projects and bulk purchases, and share resources and events about urban growing in greater DC.
To join a google group you need a google email or a google account link to a non google email.
See instructions to join here

Local Monthly Garden Podcasts

All about gardening in the greater Washington, DC, and Mid-Atlantic area. Hosted by Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine (www.
Newest Episode
Winter Tree Care
In this episode, we talk with Lou Meyer, an arborist with The Davey Tree Expert Company, about winter tree care. The plant profile is on Ginkgo Trees and I share some of the cool things from MANTS 2022.

Edible Activist Podcast
Edible Activist is a podcast where dynamic people of color in the food and agriculture space share personal food journeys, stories and perspectives that stem from the land. Hosted by Melissa L. Jones, she interviews a diverse group of everyday growers, farmers, artists, healers, and other extraordinary individuals, who exemplify activism in their own edible way.
Newest Episode
#122: We Got 150 Acres of Land (Patreon Exclusive)
Grandad a.k.a Big Daddy dropped a gem in a car ride with Melissa L. Jones, while driving through rural Mississippi in smalltown Canton. "We got 150 acres of land." She learns about the mass of land that her grandad owns on his side of the family and shoots out questions for him! Want the full clip? Join our community at
The Garden Thyme Podcast
A monthly podcast where we help you get down and dirty in your garden, with timely gardening tips, information about native plants, and more! The Garden Thyme Podcast is brought to you by the University of Maryland Extension.
Newest Episode
S3: E1 Houseplants
Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that we are already in a new year. We are kicking off our third season by sitting down with Extension Educator Ginny Rosenkranz. Like many of you, during the pandemic our acquisition of houseplants increased exponentially. Ginny guides us on caring for all of our botanical beauties.

The Farmers I Know
A new podcast that gives farmers a platform that honors their role as thought leaders in environmental and social justice issues. If you are interested in hearing from the dedicated people growing your food, you can check out the first episode and subscribe on Apple or Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also check it out on Instagram @thefarmersiknow.
Newest Episode
On the first federally recognized Indigenous Peoples' Day--October 11, 2021-- activists marched from Freedom Plaza to The White House demanding elected officials take action to protect the environment and put an end to expanding fossil fuel projects such as Line 3. Keshia Lawrence explains this movement and draws connections between environmental protection and food and land sovereignty.

Volunteer Opportunities
Help with Food Access!
Meals on Wheels of Takoma Park/Silver Spring
Please join us preparing or delivering meals to our homebound neighbors. You can make a difference! Our 50-year-old community program doubled during the pandemic and volunteers are a critical part of our operations. In our 2021 volunteer survey, 100% of our volunteers said that they’d recommend volunteering with us; we hope more of our community will join our growing program to help nourish our neighbors. We have three different shift options from Monday through Friday. Please give us a call at 301-434-1922 or visit for more information or to sign up.
GetGroceries - Be an early Adopter
We are bringing the first zero-waste grocery delivery service to the Washington DC Metro area. We are a values-driven organization that believes:
A) Food should not be packaged in toxic packaging;
B) A zero-waste kitchen is our best defense to protect Earth’s land, water and air;
C) It’s time to bring compassion back into the grocery shopping experience.
Become an early adopter and sign up today:

Help Rescue Food for People In Need During COVID-19!
These are very challenging times for many, but one silver lining of all this is the many organizations and individuals who are working tirelessly to help those in need in their communities. Food assistance organizations are already facing higher demand for food. However, as restaurants close or alter their menus, events and catering orders are canceled, and offices are moving to 100% telework, there is a large amount of excess food that could be donated and needs to be placed with a food assistance organization very quickly. Food Rescue US- DC’s network of volunteers is ready to rescue that food and get it to the organizations who need it. Please, spread the word to restaurants, cafes, caterers, event spaces, offices, and any other businesses who may find themselves with excess food to donate that Food Rescue US - DC can rescue that food and make sure it gets to the right place. If you have food to donate or would like to volunteer to rescue food, you can:
Sign up via the Food Rescue US app

Stretch your SNAP dollars at 20 Healthy Corners stores in DC
Healthy Corners supplies fresh produce and healthy snacks to corner stores in DC’s low-income communities. Products are sold at below-market prices, making them affordable options for shoppers. Find a store here:
At select Healthy Corners stores, shoppers who earn SNAP/EBT benefits can participate in the "5 for 5" coupon program to earn $5 in free fresh fruits and vegetables. The SNAP/EBT purchase must contain at least 1 fresh fruit or vegetable.
More information and participating stores at:

Local CSA
DC Local Grown CSAs
Click on photo for more info

Three Part Harmony Farm CSA (veggie)

flowers x flores (Flower CSA)

Common Good City Farm
Vegetable CSA

Full Information and Pickup Times Here
Fox Haven Farm Winter Dried Herb CSA
Full Information Here

C.R.I.S.P. CSA  (THEARC and Kelly Miller Farms)

DC UrbanGreens, Greens-to-Go! CSA

Little Red Botanicals Herbal CSA

Little Wild Things Salad Share Program

Community Foodworks Market Share CSA

Up Top Acres Rooftop Farm Membership


Find a Local Farmer Outside DC
Humane DC
Looking to avoid factory farms but not ready to go vegan?
Check out, a resource list of local (Mid Atlantic) pasture-raised meat and dairy farms, with higher animal welfare than most factory farms, and serve Greater DC area with CSAs, Buyers Clubs or home delivery.  There's also a lot of great vegan resources for DC too!

Future Harvest CASA: Find-A-Farmer or Market Map

Local Harvest: Find a Local CSA

COG: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Listing for DC area

Order Locally Grown Rice, Wheat, Oats, Buckwheat, and Flours from Purple Mountain Organics

SEYLOU Bakery & Mill // Flour club

Aunt Bertha
Aunt Bertha’s network connects people seeking help by zip code. (Food pantries, shelters, free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, etc.)

Job and Apprenticeship Openings

Click on Photo for more info

Dreaming Out Loud Open Positions

Diverse City Fund Executive Director
Diverse City Fund (DC Fund) invests financial and social resources towards racial and social justice–funding and supporting efforts in DC, led by and rooted in communities of color to realize liberation, spark solutions, organize against oppression of all kinds, and create systemic change.

FRESHFARM Open Positions

  • Food Access Program Manager
  • Food Access Community Coordinator!

Apply to Become a Member of the DC Food Policy Council!
Sustainable Supply Chain Working Group Openings
The DC Food Policy Council will be recruiting new members in the coming months, as the current two small business members are ending their terms. The Food Policy Council is part of the DC Office of Planning, and comprises public and government members who work to advance food policy agenda items in the District.  Sharing this with the Food Recovery Working Group in case it is of interest to you to consider joining, or if you wanted to recommend this to others in your network.To see more about the requirements and how to apply, go here:

The Montgomery County Food Council is recruiting for an AmeriCorps VISTA.
The VISTA would collaborate with the Food Council and its partners to implement anti-hunger strategies and support community leaders in identifying food-resource barriers and developing comprehensive plans to end hunger. To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to by January 14th, 2021 with the subject line “VISTA Application.” Cover letters should include a summary of the candidate’s experience and interest in community engagement and food systems issues. Please contact with any questions about the position; no phone calls please. Please find the full position description linked here.

Rising Organizers Community Organizing Fellowship
Rising Organizers Fellowship applications for Spring 2022 are open! Rising Organizers is accepting applications for our Spring Community Organizing Fellowship Program. If you want to expand your political skills, join a community of thoughtful progressives, bolster your career, or become a leader on the issues you care about, our fellowship might be the right opportunity for you. Our 100+ alumni have gone on to become local organizers here in DC, organizers on political campaigns around the country, and volunteer leaders on a wide range of issues. Applications for the fellowship are due January 21, 2022 at 11:59 PM ET.
Apply here

Love & Carrots Job Openings

  • Landscape Designer
  • Installation Crew

Open Positions at the Urban Sustainability Administration at DC Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE)
  • Program Analyst (CS-12)- This position will help launch the District’s new Donation and Reuse Program. This will include coordinating closely with non-governmental organizations and District government agencies, providing education and engagement to residents on opportunities for donation and reuse, developing new donation and reuse opportunities (both events and ideally permanent options), and working with emergency preparedness staff to respond to unsolicited donations during emergency situations. Apply by January 27, 2022 on (job ID 15529) 
  • Program Analyst (CS-11)- This position will split time between a new battery product stewardship program and a new donation and reuse program. This will include assisting with the development of regulations, enforcing requirements of regulated battery producers, coordinating closely with non-governmental organizations and District government agencies, providing education and engagement to residents, and assisting with organizing new recycling, donation, and reuse opportunities for residents. Apply by January 27, 2022 on (job ID 15519)
US Botanic Garden Open Positions
  • Arborist Supervisor - Open Until: Wednesday, February 16, 2022 - 12:00 Salary: $39.64 - $46.18 Per Hour Pay scale & grade: WS 10 This position is located in the Architect of the Capitol, Office of the Chief of Operations, Capitol Grounds and Arboretum, Gardening Division, Tree Care Branch. Here is your opportunity to serve as an Arborist Supervisor, engaged in the supervision of the preservation and maintenance of all trees located on the Capitol Grounds and Arboretum, including many dedicated trees and memorial trees. The Arborist Supervisor maintains the historically significant Olmsted landscape design.
  • GARDENER - Open Until: Friday, February 4, 2022 - 12:00  - Salary: $23.44 - $27.34 Per Hour Pay scale & grade: WG 06 - This position is located in the Architect of the Capitol (AOC), Office of the Chief of Operations, Capitol Grounds and Arboretum, Gardening Division.The Capitol Grounds and Arboretumis responsible for preserving and maintaining acres of landscape across Capitol Hill including plantings and infrastructure.The Gardener performs gardening tasks in support of the overall efficiency and effectiveness in the maintenance of the Capitol Grounds.
  • GARDENER (ADVANCED) SUPERVISOR, WS-5003-09 - Open Until: Friday, February 4, 2022 - 12:00  - Salary: $38.00 - $44.34 Per Hour Pay scale & grade: WS 09 - This position is located at the Architect of the Capitol (AOC); Office of the Chief of Operations, Capitol Grounds and Arboretum; Gardening Division. The Selectee will be responsible for the management, planning, operation, and appearance of the AOC gardens and grounds and their meeting the highest standards of horticultural excellence. Supervises Gardeners through subordinate supervisors and leaders. The position is emergency essential.
  • Maintenance Mechanic - Open Until: Friday, January 28, 2022 - 12:00 - Salary: $31.98 - $37.37 Per Hour Pay scale & grade: WG 11 - This position is located in the Architect of the Capitol, Office of the Chief of Operations, Facility Manager Buildings and Grounds Supreme Court, Operations and Maintenance Division, Maintenance Branch-Day. The selectee will perform journey-level Maintenance Mechanic duties in the maintenance and repair of mechanical, plumbing, utility, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), steam generating equipment and building automation systems.

Common Good City Farm Farm Educator
Common Good City Farm in LeDroit Park DC is hiring a Farm Educator to work with our Farming Certificate Program and particularly to work with teens in a youth internship program.  You can find more information and full details here and download a pdf here. This position is 20 hours per week and applications should be submitted by Jan 2, 2022 for priority consideration.

Build Better Restaurants DC Initiative 82 Petition Circulators!
The pay rate is $5.00 per valid signature collected from a registered DC voter. If a petition circulator turns over 100 valid signatures during one week, their pay rate increases to $6.00 per valid signature for that week. The following bonuses will be paid in addition to the $6 per valid signature:
  • $100 bonus for 300 valid signatures in a 7 day period
  • $200 bonus for 400 valid signatures in a 7 day period
  • $300 bonus for 500+ valid signatures in a 7 day period

In order to be hired as a Petition Circulator, you must attend a 90 minute online training conducted over Zoom. If you turn in at least 50 valid signatures during your first week after you are trained, you will be paid $25 for attending the training.

Designgreen Paid Internship
Designgreen seeks one or more interns to support outreach and recruitment for participation in DC’s voluntary incentive programs – Green Wrench and RiverSmart Rooftops. Join us to work with a small collaborative team. Meet with property owners and automotive repair shops, perform field verifications and track outcomes. You will learn about the related industries, learn how to conduct site assessments, and how to design pollution prevention plans. You may participate in a range of other projects spanning green infrastructure design, policy research, educational training, and workshop/charrette facilitation. We are hiring immediately, open until filled. Compensation - $15.50 per hour + based on experience; orientation/training provided.  This is a minimum 5-month It can be full or part-time; a minimum of 10-hours weekly is required. Hours can be set or flexible. Some availability during normal business hours is required. Multiple positions possible. Amharic and Spanish speakers encouraged to apply! Apply online at or email resume to subject line “Outreach Internship”. State interest and availability.

Pollinator Conservation Specialist, Urban and Small Farms in Underserved Communities (Upper Midwest or Southeastern U.S. Detroit MI, Cleveland OH, or Atlanta GA preferred, but other cities may be considered)
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office in a city with significant urban  or small farm agriculture and underserved community needs in the Upper Midwest or Southeastern U.S. Detroit MI, Cleveland OH, or Atlanta GA preferred, but other cities may be considered. Employee will be assigned to work from an NRCS office location but may be temporarily required to work from home during COVID restricted periods.

Common Good City Farm Farm Educator
We are hiring a Farm Educator! Join our team and teach the City Farmer Certificate in Regenerative Agriculture program to youth and adults! This role is being created to support the expansion of our Certificate Program in Regenerative Urban Agriculture. It is one of the first certificate programs of its kind focusing on small-space growing, regenerative techniques, carbon sequestration, and climate resilience. Job responsibilities of the Farm Educator, under the direction of the Farm Manager and executed with support and assistance of Common Good staff and volunteers.

Incubator Farm Manager, ECO City Farms
The Incubator Farm Manager (IFM) is a new position at ECO City Farms.  The successful candidate will help to create and manage an 11-acre incubator farm in Prince George’s County on M-NCPPC land, in partnership with the M-NCPPC Department of Parks and Recreations, Prince George’s Soil Conservation District, Prince George’s Food Equity Council and Capital Market. Plots will be available starting March 2022. Located at Watkins Regional Park, the incubator farm will provide land, tools and other resources as well as advanced training for new and beginning farmers who completed the Beginning Farmer Training Program at ECO or its equivalent.

Food Recovery Network Chief Development Officer
Food Recovery Network (FRN), the largest student movement fighting food waste and hunger, is seeking its first-ever Chief Development Officer (CDO) to grow FRN’s institutional investment from foundations and corporations. Their primary responsibility will be prospecting, cultivating and grant writing new corporate and foundation partnerships. Additionally, the CDO will oversee the development team at FRN, supervising the Manager of Stakeholder Engagement who will continue to cultivate and lead the writing for all existing FRN funders.

Notice of Request for Partners - 2022 Small and Accessible Sustainability Grant Program
Deadline for application submissions is January 18, 2022
DOEE is seeking eligible entities to submit an application to manage small subgrants. Through these subgrants the Department seeks to provide District of Columbia entities, including non-profits, public and charter schools, and certain businesses, modest funding  to advance the District's sustainability goals.  For the first year of funding these include reducing waste and supporting urban agriculture.   The subgrants emphasize the support of small, new, and/or historically-excluded (SNHE) entities. The total amount available is $483,452.

Casey Trees Urban Forestry Crew Chief  
The Crew Chief executes the day-to-day operations for all tree planting, care and related activities in the Tree Operations Department, including the management/oversight of Tree Planting Crew members and their daily tasks. The position is also responsible for use, maintenance, inventory and management of all vehicles, tools and equipment. The Crew Chief reports to the Field Manager and interfaces with members of other departments in the execution of their work. The incumbent maintains a general knowledge of best practices in horticulture, forestry, and urban forestry in order to achieve the mission of Casey Trees. This is a full-time, year-round position with competitive benefits upon hire.

Casey Trees Urban Forester 
The Urban Forester 1 (UF1) is responsible for the management and smooth execution of Casey Trees’ tree planting programs on both public and private lands. This incumbent fields and schedules tree planting and related consultations on a year-round basis with property owners and others, responds to referrals from local government, industry partners and others. The Urban Forester also coordinates spring, fall and winter tree plantings to flow seamlessly with other tree planting activities and events.

Deep Roots Farm Field Crew (2)
Deep Roots Farm is a regenerative ''O'', women owned and operated farm located in Brandywine and Upper Marlboro, MD. We grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers, and raise chickens on 50 acres for our community. Looking for 2 experienced field crew members. Livestock experience a huge plus for our future farm friends.

Arcadia Farms On-Farm Education Manager
Arcadia is looking for a vibrant, organized, and creative On-Farm Education Manager! The On-Farm Education Manager oversees Arcadia’s on-farm education programs, a rich mosaic of Farm to School, School to Farm, and summer Farm Education programs that serve over 2,500 schoolchildren in the greater Washington, D.C. area each year; and conceives, develops, and markets new farm-based educational programming with the Arcadia staff.
View the full Job Description HERE

Lead Beekeeper (Mid Atlantic US)
At Alvéole, we install urban beehives while educating thousands of businesses, organizations, schools, and families about bees and beekeeping along the way.  Ultimately, we want to make people fond of bees, which in turn will lead to them falling in love with nature and building awareness about the impact that each and every one of us can have in preserving our environment. We’re a B Corp founded in 2013 and active in Canada, the United States and Europe.

UDC Equity Academy (Anacostia Ambassador)
This position reports to the UDC's leader of Advanced Equity Strategies and has dual but complementary objectives: directing the C2 (Community-to-Career) Equity Academy and serving as the Anacostia Ambassador for the Urban Waters Federal Partnership (the Ambassador). The C2 Equity Academy is a project under the University's Developing America's Workforce Nucleus (DAWN) initiative, part of UDC's Equity Imperative strategic plan. DAWN has a goal of increasing the diverse, domestic STEM Talent emanating from black, brown, and economically disadvantaged communities. The C2 Equity Academy is a pilot project that focuses on developing environmental sciences and public advocacy career pathways in the Anacostia High School feeder pattern. The Urban Waters Federal Partnership comprises 15 federal agencies and 28 nongovernmental organizations working collaboratively in 20 designated locations to help urban and metropolitan areas, particularly those that are underserved or economically distressed, connect with their waterways and work to improve them.

Living Classrooms Kingman Ranger/Facilities Manager
The Kingman Rangers and Facilities Manager is a valued middle-management member of the Living Classrooms of the National Capital Region’s team, with line responsibility to manage a staff of full-time Kingman Rangers, run Kingman Rangers job skills training programs, and oversee Facilities for the National Capitol Region.

Audubon Naturalist Society Conservation Garden Programs Manager
The Audubon Naturalist Society is seeking a creative self-starter to lead their Conservation Gardening Outreach program. The position is for a part time garden program manager. Please see job posting attached.  The Garden Programs Manager designs and implements outreach programs to encourage conservation landscaping, including tours, presentations, classes, workshops, on-site garden consultations, plant sales and volunteer programs. In addition, the Garden Programs Manager manages the maintenance of demonstration gardens at Woodend Nature Sanctuary. The Garden Programs Manager also supports our on-site environmental education programs for children with activities, plant materials and gardening expertise. If you are interested in applying, please email a cover letter and resume by December 15 to

Manna Food Center Job Description –Community Food Rescue Coordinator
Manna Food Center’s Community Food Rescue (CFR) network of businesses, volunteers and food assistance organizations supports Manna’s mission ofeliminating hunger while reducing food waste in Montgomery County. The program utilizes innovative technology, called ChowMatch, to collect surplus unsold food from local businesses and dispatch volunteers to deliver it to agencies serving people who are experiencing food insecurity. Since its inception the CFR network has grown to almost 1,000 members and has rescued and redistributed 7.6 million lbs. of food. The program has grown to include administration of the County Farm to Food Bank initiative, a major focus of this position. The CFR Coordinator will report to Manna’s Director of Programs and receive day-to-day guidance from CFR’s Program Director.

EPA Advancing a Circular Economy and Sustainable Materials Management
Multiple research opportunities are available at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA),Office of Land and Emergency Management (OLEM), Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR) located in Washington,DC.Research Project: Beginning in the Fall of 2021, EPA will be releasing a series of strategies focused on building a circular economyfor all. The Strategies will aim to reduce the environmental impacts of materials, address climate change and environmental justice,support innovation and research, and help create new jobs. Implementation of the Strategies also will support the U.S. in meeting twoambitious national goals related to materials – reducing food waste by 50% by 2030 and increasing the recycling rate to 50% by2030. To support successful development of implementation of the Strategies, EPA is seeking several ORISE scholars to conductresearch in the following areas

Manna Food Center Job Description – Community Food Rescue Coordinator (part-time)
Manna Food Center’s Community Food Rescue (CFR) network of businesses, volunteers and food assistance organizations supports Manna’s mission of eliminating hunger while reducing food waste in Montgomery County. The program utilizes innovative technology, called ChowMatch, to collect surplus unsold food from local businesses and dispatch volunteers to deliver it to agencies serving people who are experiencing food insecurity. Since its inception the CFR network has grown to almost 1,000 members and has rescued and redistributed 7.6 million lbs. of food. The program has grown to include administration of the County Farm to Food Bank initiative, a major focus of this position. The CFR Coordinator will report to Manna’s Director of Programs and receive day-to-day guidance from CFR’s Program Director.

  • FoodPrints Out of School Time (OST) Grant Manager & Lead Teacher
  • FoodPrints Assistants (Internship or Work-Study Students)
  • 2022-2023 School Year: FoodPrints Lead, Assistant, & Bilingual Teachers (full & part-time)
  • Pop Up Food Hub Operations Associate
  • Pop-Up Food Hub Community Delivery Driver
For more food-related job opportunities, check out these links:

Green America Open Positions

Multiple Capital Area Food Bank Open Positions

DC Central Kitchen

NO KID HUNGRY: Share Our Strength Open Positions
Numerous job listings at this link

CAUSES: (The College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences) Open Positions
Numerous job listings at this link

DOEE Green Pathways
Are you interested in a career, fellowship, internship, summer job, or volunteer experience in the field of energy and the environment? The goal of DOEE’s Green Pathways is to provide students, young adults, and those interested in energy and the environment with jobs and opportunities in this field.


Grants and Funding

DMPED Food Access Fund
Rolling basis
The purpose of the Food Access Fund (FAF) Grant is to increase equitable access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food by securing grocery stores, and restaurants; support existing small businesses; attract new businesses; increase the District’s tax base; create new job opportunities for District residents; and transform designated emerging commercial corridors into thriving and inviting neighborhood centers. The FAF Grant will support qualified businesses with capital for tenant improvements related to expansion of operations into a new location in an area identified as having low food access (as set forth in the Act), with priority given to locations in Ward 7 or Ward 8. DMPED will award up to a maximum of $7,000,000.00 in grants to successful grantees under this program.

Commercial Property Acquisition Fund
Rolling Basis
Mayor Bowser and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, in partnership with the Council of the District of Columbia, are strategically investing up to $4 million in the Commercial Property Acquisition Fund. The Commercial Property Acquisition Fund is devised to provide down payment assistance through grants of up to $750,000 or 25% of the sale price, whichever is less, to eligible businesses looking to maintain and expand their operations to a physical presence by acquiring commercial property located in the District.

DOEE 2022 Small and Accessible Sustainability Grant Program
Deadline for application submissions is January 18, 2022
DOEE is seeking eligible entities to submit an application to manage small subgrants. Through these subgrants the Department seeks to provide District of Columbia entities, including non-profits, public and charter schools, and certain businesses, modest funding  to advance the District's sustainability goals.  For the first year of funding these include reducing waste and supporting urban agriculture.   The subgrants emphasize the support of small, new, and/or historically-excluded (SNHE) entities. The total amount available is $483,452.

FACT’s 2021-22 Fund-a-Farmer Grants (Animal Welfare Grants)
Deadline: January 20th
Grants of up to $3,000 are available for farmers to improve pasture for their animals, as well as for those who are seeking or who already hold Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World, Certified Humane or Global Animal Partnership Animal Wefare Certified (made possible by the generous support of the ASPCA).

Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation Youth Grants
Deadline: January 21
Grants of up to $500 are supporting youth leaders ages 5-25 across the U.S. to turn their ideas into action and make an impact on the issue of childhood hunger. There is also an option to apply for a fundraising match grant, which includes $100 for fundraising-related costs and a $400 matching grant to a local hunger relief organization of your choice. Learn more and apply by January 21 at

Park Maintenance Grants
Applications are due Friday, January 28th by 11:59 PM
DOEE has released an RFA for Park Maintenance Grants to support community organizations working to restore historically-underserved publicly-owned parks and natural areas in the District by removing trash and invasive species, maintaining trails, and engaging residents with their local parklands. A total of $150,000 is available for the program and DOEE anticipates making three awards of up to $50,000 each.  DOEE will conduct an info session on Wednesday, January 5th at 1:00 PM. Details can be found in the Notice of Funding Availability on DOEE’s website.  For additional information regarding this RFA, write to: 

DC Master Gardener Program – 2022 Request for Project Proposals
Deadline to submit applications: January 31, 2022
This year, the DC Master Gardener program is launching a grant initiative to support gardening, urban agriculture and urban sustainability initiates. Selected projects must advance Sustainable DC goals and be in line with the objectives of the National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). In accordance with the Equity Imperative, priority will be given to projects in Wards 7 and 8.

The Grassroots Fund's Grant Programs
Fesigned to energize and nurture long term civic engagement in local initiatives that create and maintain healthy, just, safe and environmentally sustainable communities. We offer three grant programs for different types of groups:

  • Seed grants are designed to support new (often less than 1 year old) environmental projects.
  • Grow grants support initiatives that look to deepen their work or broaden participation.
  • The Young Leaders program supports efforts with significant leadership by organizers under 25 years old. 

Click on the program tabs below to learn more about guidlines, eligibility criteria and to start an application.

Nourish DC Collaborative
Financing, Technical Assistance, and Grants to Help DC Food Businesses Expand Economic Prosperity
Launched in 2021, the Nourish DC Collaborative was created in partnership with the District government to support the development of a robust ecosystem of locally owned food businesses, neighborhood vibrancy, and health equity in DC communities, especially in neighborhoods underserved by grocery stores and other food businesses. Nourish DC provides flexible loans, technical assistance, and catalytic grants to emerging and existing food businesses in the District of Columbia, with a preference for businesses located in or owned by residents of underserved neighborhoods.

Nourish DC Collaborative Catalytic Grant Application Opens
Catalytic grants will support businesses increasing access to healthy food and creating quality jobs.

  • Total Grant Funding: $250,000 available in 2021
  • Grant Range: $10,000-$50,000
  • Grant Uses Include: New product development, marketing, technology, equipment, real estate acquisition, construction, tenant improvements
  • Eligible Business Location: Food business must be physically located in DC, preference for Wards 5, 7, or 8
  • Eligible Business Revenue: Food businesses generating revenue equal to two times the amount of grant funding requested

DSLBD has partnered with Kiva, a platform for financing your business using crowdsourcing tools. To learn more about how you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity to raise capital, especially if you have struggled to find financing through traditional routes, visit for more information.
Philanthropy News Digest - Published RFPs
Philanthropy News Digest publishes RFPs and notices of awards as a free service for U.S.-based grant-making organizations and nonprofits. To have your RFP considered for publication, please email with a Word document, text-only file, or link to a Web site explaining the program scope, grantee qualifications, application instructions, and deadlines. We require notice of funding opportunities four weeks in advance of their deadlines.
New RFPs include: 
Full List

DOEE Grants (upcoming fall funding opportunities)

  • Innovative LID Grant
  • RiverSmart Grants
  • GSI Maintenance Grant.
  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Maintenance Grants   
    • GSI Maintenance Training & Workforce Development (for returning citizens
    • GSI Inventory & Assessment Grant
Look for these funding opportunities this fall on DOEE’s website under "Grants and Other Funding".
On-going Grants (no deadlines)

Serve DC Funding Alert
Full list of funding opportunities and resources found here. Recently updated on Sept. 11:

DOEE Notice of Funding Availability

GreenWrench Technical Assistance Program
This fall, DOEE will be releasing a Request for Applications (RFA) for the GreenWrench Technical Assistance Program. This RFA would be to provide technical assistance services to auto body and repair shops and coordinate giving shops an opportunity to try out products that contain safer chemicals. DOEE launched the GreenWrench Technical Assistance Program to work with and educate District automotive repair shops on the effects of pollution and the benefits of source reduction.

Chipotle Capacity Building Grants
Chipotle announces funds to support educational programs for youth, food agriculture, community improvement and capacity building.  Eligibility: Public and state controlled institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, Local Educational Agencies and State Educational Agencies  Deadline: None Funds: Awards are available up to $350 Contact: Chipotle Philanthropy Website:

Costco Wholesale Foundation.
Costco Wholesale Foundation provides Grants and in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations for programs in the areas of human services, health, education, and children. This program is open to organizations operating in communities where Costco has a business presence.

GFFA Mini-Grant Application
The purpose of GFFA mini-grants is to enable members of communities that have been historically excluded from federal food and agriculture negotiations to generate, refine, and advocate for their policy priorities and innovations. Projects funded through the grants will be used to increase member collaboration and channel the expertise, skills, and knowledge of the GFFA coalition to strengthen its capacity to inform the policy making process. Applicants for mini-grants must provide answers to a series of questions developed by the Funding Advisory Board and may not receive more than 2 grants per cycle or 3 per fiscal year.

Costco Wholesale Foundation
Costco Wholesale Foundation provides Grants and in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations for programs in the areas of human services, health, education, and children. This program is open to organizations operating in communities where Costco has a business presence.  For an organization to receive a grant or an in-kind contribution the decision is based on several factors, including: type of program; identified community need not otherwise available; indication that evidenced based data will establish measureable results of intended outcomes; community collaboration; broad base of financial support; project budget and operating expenses.  For more information visit

Nature Works Everywhere School Grants
The Nature Conservancy announces funds to support school projects that implement green infrastructure to address local environmental challenges. The goal is to support young people who work as social innovators to help their communities through project design and implementation Eligibility: Independent school districts and Local Educational Agencies  Deadline: None Funds: Fifty awards are available up to $2,000 Contact: The Nature Conservancy at Website:

Empowering Families and Individuals Funds
Deadline: None
James M. Cox Foundation announces funds to support programs and projects in the areas of conservation and the environment, early childhood education (birth to five years), empowering families and individuals for success and health.  Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations  Contact: James M. Cox Foundation at Website:

Value Added Producer Grants
The USDA Rural Development's VAPG program helps agricultural producers enter into value-added activities related to the processing and or marketing of new products. Independent producers, agricultural producer groups, farmer- or rancher-cooperatives, and majority-controlled producer-based business ventures, are eligible to apply. Learn more and apply here.

Initiatives Addressing Climate Change and Inequality
Nathan Cummings Foundation announces funds to support the four focus areas that together advance the vision of a healthy planet and a healthy democracy. Letters of inquiry may be submitted at any time.  Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations  Deadline: None  Contact: Nathan Cummings Foundation  Website:

SBIR Funding Opportunities

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Competitive Grants Program
The National Institute of Food and Agriculture awards AFRI research, education, and extension grants to combat childhood obesity, improve rural economies, increase food production, create new sources of energy, mitigate the impacts of climate variability, address water availability issues, ensure food safety and security, and train the next generation of agricultural workforce.

DOEE RiverSmart Rewards and Clean Rivers IAC Incentive Programs
Apply for RiverSmart Rewards and receive discounts on your DC Water bill. District residents, businesses, and property owners can earn a discount of up to 55% off the DOEE Stormwater Fee when they reduce stormwater runoff by installing green infrastructure (GI) such as green roofs, bioretention, permeable pavement, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Fair Food Fund
Provides financing & business assistance to good food enterprises that are growing vibrant local food systems.

The Pollinator Project
On-going grants for social change

The Cornell Douglas Foundation
Environmental, Health and Justice. Cornell Douglas Foundation announces funds to support environmental health and justice, land conservation, sustainability of resources, mountaintop removal mining, watershed protection, and financial literacy. Introductory of letters are required and are reviewed throughout the year.  Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations  Deadline: None  Funds: Awards are available up to $10,000  Contact: Cornell Douglas Foundation at (301) 229-3008  Website:

USDA/NRCS Conservation Programs
(Funds for High Tunnels for Urban Farms)
Financial Assistance Programs, Easement Programs,  Partnership Programs and funds for High Tunnels
Environmentall Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)
AMA (Agricultural Management Assistance Program) (Irrigation System can be financed through this program.

ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Grants
Timeframe: Ongoing — No Deadline
The ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Grant Program supports nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies dedicated to the prevention and elimination of animal cruelty throughout the United States (animal agriculture included).

The Awesome Foundation DC 
The Awesome Foundation gives out a $1,000 monthly grant every month to fund any awesome idea.

Join FarmRaiser:
Your student Champions (and their parents) sell great products and good prices, earning an average of 53% profit for the cause, while learning about the importance of a healthy local food system. Join these successful organizations who are revolutionizing school fundraising and make your next fundraiser a FarmRaiser.
Online source for lots of government grants in many areas


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