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Issue 54 

Ah, September, when the leaves turn, we get out the sweaters, and the nights turn crisp.  Ooops, sorry, I think I may have heatstroke.  That may be happening other places, but here it's still hotter than the surface of the sun for the foreseeable future--which gives us all a good excuse to stay inside enjoying the A/C and sewing!  

I hope many of you were able to attend our presentation of Sara Trail, from the Social Justice Sewing Academy.  This young woman is using her gifts to spread a lot of light in the world and making a real difference in the lives of the children and young adults she encounters.  I hope you'll visit their website to see how you can help.  We hope to help out with the completion of student blocks and quilt assembly, once Sara is able to resume in-person workshops with her students.

Have you joined us for any virtual Sew Days?  If not, I hope you'll try one.  It's a great way to get to know some new people.  Our guild has gotten quite large and it's not always easy to interact with everyone--virtual Sew Days make it easy!  And our virtual Show and Tell night was a big success.  Some really dazzling work was shown, as always, and it was so wonderful to hear our talented members talk about their work and their inspirations.  We'll have more--make plans to join us!

As far as future plans are concerned, Marge has some exciting news on the education front to share.  And there is big news coming about the retreat--yes, we're having one!  Obviously, it will be virtual and significantly scaled down from our normal plans, but it's still going to be great fun.  Details will follow at the October meeting (and of course, we'd be super grateful if you'd like to help out in some way--email me, or the guild.)
Stay safe and well!  


Online meeting this month -
please read below on how to

 We will be conducting a virtual meeting at our regularly scheduled time:  
Wednesday, September 2, 2020 
10:00 am 
Via the Zoom Meeting application,  
available online  HERE

Members will be sent the meeting code on Monday before the meeting to log in. 

Yes , the Orlando MQG is on television... 
YouTube Television that is!

here to access the channel to see the virtual meetings, Show & Tell slideshows , and specific education content from the meetings. Subscribe to the channel and always be updated on new additions ! 
You can always find the YouTube Channel with a general search on
Google, too . Just search "Orlando Modern Quilt Guild You Tube Channel" 
   Virtual Sew Days 

We have such a fun time during the virtual sew days ,
but we need more hosts ! 

There is a Guild account you can use, so  please email us here and let us know  if you would like to host  a sew day, sew night ...anytime ! 

The  Zoom codes will be sent to members via email the day before to log on

   If you have an item for Show and Tell,  we want to see it!  If you use social media , please tag it #orlandomqgshowandtell, or send your photos to Paula Kennedy , Secretary  here . The deadline is Monday, August 31 at 5:00 pm so the slideshow can be produced in time. 
  • If you've borrowed a Library Book, please hold it until we meet in person at the Sewing Studio , OR feel free to pick it up at our librarian's driveway !  Go to our blog and see the list of books available to borrow or look at Aradria's "What's On the Bookshelf" below. If you can't find what you want, make a recommendation to our Wish List  HERE 
  • Next month's general meeting is October 7;  it will be a virtual meeting on Zoom at 10:00 am . An email will be sent to members before the meeting that contains the the meeting code and information. Meeting for November will be announced.
  • September in- person sew days are canceled , but virtual sew days are happening. Please see information in the newsletter article. 
  • A link HERE  is for the Blocks of the Month (all current and past blocks with instructions) calendar dates, minutes and more can be found on the Guild blog HERE 
The guild received this thank you from Sara Trail of the Social Justice Sewing Academy for our generous donation and opportunity to speak to the
group on August 11.

Virtual Retreat

With regret, we have decided to cancel our in-person retreat scheduled for November of this year.  There is just too much uncertainty concerning the pandemic, and the health and well-being of our members is always our first concern. 
However, a virtual retreat is happening !

Ede and Rene' attended a presentation by Silicon Valley MQG about their virtual retreat--they shared some wonderful ideas!  All we need now is for members to help organize!  If you're interested, please email either the guild or Ede.

                                                                  Sue Kenard, Chairman 

Placemat update- We have delivered over 650 placemats since we started the project in June of  2018! The 2020 year to date count is 125.

                                      Placemat Donations 
Baby Quilt update- There have been 16 baby quilts collected so far. Many of you have mentioned that you have completed baby quilts. If you would like to hand them in please contact either myself or Sharleen Jespersen. We would be happy to arrange the drop off/pick up with you. Please attach an OMQG label to the quilts if you can. Most of the guild board members have labels, contact any of us or Michele Lancaster if you need labels.
Thanks !
Look at these made with love baby quilts !

        We see you peeking Kate!         Sarah's beautiful work 


                                     Debra Jalbert, Chairman 

Call for Presenters!

September will wrap up our series on Japanese inspirations.
Thank you to everyone who presented and participated.
During the next several months our program will concentrate 
circles, curves and wavy lines

We have a special challenge project for you to try, 
and we want
YOU to present!
If you have a success story, a favorite method, or fun mini tutorial,
contact Debra to show off your work on a OMQG 
Guild meeting this fall. 

The September meeting is the deadline to exchange your swap item with your partner!  No, there's no penalty for being a little late.  But please complete your exchange as soon as possible, and send in pictures of the items you've made and received.  We'll have a special Show and Tell presentation from the swap at our October meeting.


Hi Everyone,

Do you have your UFO Wrapped up for this month?  If so,  send me a picture ! We are on to a new number in your list of 4 unfinished projects.  This will be #3 and due November 4 or sooner.  

Had fun with our live virtual Show and Tell!  Lot's happening in our sewing rooms during this time.  Always nice to see and hear other guild members and there were lots of good laughs too!

Wrap up #4 and we’re headed to finishing #3 next.




Another set of clues will be revealed this Wednesday , September 2  

                                      Marge Cree, Chairman 

Hello Friends!  Has another month gone by already?  At the Show & Tell Zoom meeting last week,  Ede Nault showed these cute little pillows she’s making with the months on them.  This way she knows what month it is!  Boy, can I appreciate that.  I continue to have more time to sew and enjoy my craft more, so there is some good coming out of it!  Can you imagine not having a hobby during this quiet time? 

Last week I enjoyed a Zoom broadcast by Caroline Friedlander hosted by The Modern Sewist.  She is so talented and what a clever way to do some online shopping of which I did of course. 
A few of us from the board are still continuing to attend the online presentations hosted by The Global Quilt Connection.  The first one was held on August 3rd, and it was so successful they have added 2 more.  Teachers from all over have 2 minutes to share what their skills are and what their online courses are.   One of our own, Debra Jalbert, presented her class schedule.    There are so many great teachers in our new virtual world.   
Rene Martinez has started instruction on the Laurie Heine Collage Class that the guild has offered for those who joined.  We have had 2 two hour sessions and it has been great fun learning this technique.  Can’t wait to see the results!  

Upcoming Events 

Keep October 17, 2020 at 11:00 am  open! 
 The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a lecture/trunk show by Amy Friend. 

  Go to to see all the great  stuff she does.  


What’s on the Shelf

Quilting Line + Color, a title by Yoshiko Jinzenji. Thanks so much to Love Sullivan for the book donation! 

Looking to fuse Japanese design and modern techniques in your quilting projects? With Quilting Line + Color, you will explore color, shape, stitching, and fabric ideas from internationally known weaver, dyer, fabric artist, teacher, and quilter Yoshiko Jinzenji.

Yoshiko brings a fresh, contemporary vision to the quilting scene with more than 30 gorgeous projects, accompanied by precise instructions and detailed illustrations. From bed-size quilts to bags and pillows, you will learn to create innovative pieces while trying out new and traditional techniques.

In Quilting Line + Color, Yoshiko delves into the interplay of shape and fabric, set off to striking effect with white fabric and stitching. Her asymmetrical and graphic use of color takes on a fresh, painterly feel. She shares her artistry and philosophy with you as she teaches you how to cut, piece and stitch a variety of designs— from patchwork and innovative uses of appliqué and reverse appliqué.


Quilty Happenings, and other things !
I don't know about you , but I'm subscribed to many quilting and sewing blogs , and this past few weeks I found some cool things that I found interesting;  I am passing them on here ! 

While I was looking for some information on  shades of white quilting fabric , I this found this great blog post here that was extremely helpful
from W
oodberry Way.  

Here is a fun , beautiful short documentary on the craziness and excitement of Quilt Week at Paducah , called Quilt Fever HERE  This documentary was an entrant Austin's SXSW ( South by Southwest )  Film Festival this past spring , produced and made by filmmaker Olivia Loomis Merrion .

With a TV monitor in my sewing room , and love to watch serialized shows as I work on a project ... I decide that I need to be done with a sewing task by the end of a show, and it's  fun to follow the story....  I ran across a link on The Fold Line that has a list called "The Ultimate List of Sewing Related TV Shows and Films here !   I can't wait to get started . If you have any others that are not on their list, let me know !   Paula 

  • Florida Quilt Network -  
  • The Lake Mary Museum has again invited us to participate in their Quilt Exhibition , JANUARY 9 TO FEBRUARY 13, 2021.

  • Submissions:       August 10 to October 25
    Please send up to 4 images of your work, size (attachment file)
    Selection pieces: October 19-23
    Drop off:               December 19-20-21.
    Pick up:                February 14-15-16
  • Modern Monthly-  the MQG quarterly magazine, is always full of inspiration and interesting articles.
  • Quilt Alliance is sponsoring Quilters Share - Come Tell Us- Stories from Covid -19 , a documentary project spearheaded by the Quilt Alliance . For more info click here #quiltersshare
  • Quiltcon Together from the Modern Quilt Guild  has launched ... see here for more information about the dozens of classes available for the 2021 catalog . Our own Debra Jalbert will be teaching ! 


Orlando Modern Quilt Guild Quarantine Diary 

Ede Nault -
During my increased time at home, I've been:

1. Sewing.  Well, duh.  I have way too many projects going at once, leading to a very low completion rate.  It's also led to my sewing room looking like it was hit by both a tornado and a stampede of buffalo, so cleaning and organizing are on my list this week.
2.  Making English muffin bread.  Google it. Makes the best toast in the world.
3.  Listening to lots of recorded books.  I usually read a LOT, but I was having trouble concentrating during the first weeks of this troubling time, so I turned even more than I normally do to recorded books.
4.  Watching Flosstube videos.  Yes, that's a thing.  Who knew?  I follow a couple cross-stitchers.  The videos aren't exactly action packed but they've been a great resource for new patterns (like I need new patterns) and designers.  One new thing I just found out--there are people out there who do color conversions for charts--so if you like a pattern, but don't necessarily like the color scheme, there may possibly be a free conversion available for it!  Again, who knew? (Well, probably lots of people but it was news to me.)
5.  Playing golf with my husband.  I'm an indifferent golfer at the best of times, but with a limited number of activities available, golf it is!
6. Taking long walks with my husband.  We got tired of circling our own neighborhood, so we have now rambled over half of Central Florida.  Have to work off the English muffin bread somehow!

Betty Baker
  1. 1. Spending more time in North Florida on the Suwanee River fishing, hiking, sewing and bird watching.
  2. 2. I’ve been cooking a lot, like every other woman! I am enjoying baking too.
  3. 3. Made less than a hundred masks.  Enough!
  4. 4. When in Orlando, I am reorganizing my sewing space, decluttering, finding UFO’s.
  5. 5. Finished a snowball quilt for my grandson and his fiancé.
  6. 6. Made 2 baby quilts (a true joy).
  7. 7. Reading a lot!  Discovered writer of historical fiction, Marie Benedict.   I highly recommend “The Only Woman In The Room”!  
  8. 8. Reading thru the Bible.  
  9. 9. I am ready for our normal busy life again!  Aren’t we all!  I think I am becoming more patient with life and family. Amazing how we all have adapted to this not so “normal.”

So many fun , interesting and helpful things our members  are doing ...thank you for a peek into your days ... If you want to participate in the Quarantine Diary next month , please email Member- At- Large Love Sullivan at the guild address, HERE  We would love to hear what you are up to! 

Thank you for being a part of The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. We appreciate you taking the time to read our newsletter and hope you find it as interesting as we do!

President:  Ede Nault
Vice President:  Debra Jalbert
Secretary:  Paula Kennedy 
Treasurer:  Kathy Aber 
Community Outreach: Sue Kenard 
Education Coordinator: Marge Cree
Member-at-Large:  Love Sullivan
Founding Officers and Board Members:
René Martinez and  Michele Lancaster
Social Media Coordinator and Graphics:  Aradria Csercsevits 

Questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the newsletter are welcome! If you have any quilty news or content you'd like to share, please email Paula Kennedy , Secretary.  Constructive feedback is always welcome!
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