Closer to a universal flu vaccine
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Pasteur said "Chance favors the prepared mind." In that spirit, we continue preparing our collaboration with the NIH for their Phase 2 trial with our universal flu vaccine. We're also looking forward to results from our Phase 2b in Europe.
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I hope you're having a wonderful summer!
 - Ron Babecoff, President and CEO
Recent Highlights
> At BIO2016's panel Solving the Flu Problem: Can New Technologies Lead to Universal Flu Vaccines? Ron presented BiondVax's answer (Spoiler: yes!)
> BiondVax's year end and Q1 2016 results announced. We continue to meet milestones and stay on target. 
BIO2016 Flu Vaccine Panel 
Left to right: Jerry Sadoff (Janssen), Dan Stinchcomb (Flugen), Ron Babecoff (BiondVax), Armen Donabedian (BARDA)
August 3: Our CSO Tamar Ben-Yedidia discusses our ultimate vision: Flu eradication
Key Info




Clinical Trials

5 completed
2 phase 2 trials ongoing in EU and USA

BiondVax is developing a universal flu vaccine to provide broadened and enhanced multi-season protection against seasonal and pandemic flu virus strains.
Biondvax universal flu vaccine M-001
Our vaccine utilizes a combination of conserved and common peptides from flu virus proteins, activating both arms of the immune system for broad coverage and long-lasting immunity.
Flu News
Another compelling justification for BiondVax's universal flu vaccine: Mounting evidence indicates the tropics experience unique annual flu patterns including multiple peaks, and mixed north and south strains. [Hirve et al, Plos]

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