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Newsletter #146
March 7th, 2019


Dear Friends,

We begin this edition of our newsletter with a new study that provides clues as to how the gut microbiome influences the host’s ability to metabolize medical drugs by using an experimental and computational methodology. You will also find a new article that explores how maternal and infant factors are associated with milk microbiota composition in nearly 400 mothers.

Next up, a recent study shows that not all fermentable fibers work in the same way in terms of their capacity to stimulate SCFA production. Finally, a new review updates the composition and physiological relevance of diverse and complex communities of bacterial viruses that colonize the human gastrointestinal tract.

The GMFH publishing team

Scientists succeed in deciphering microbiome contributions to drug metabolism

A new study sheds light on maternal and infant factors that shape breast milk microbiome


Just like other body parts and fluids in contact with the external environment, breast milk has its own microbiome that plays a key role in infant health by helping...

Fermentable fibers affect the structure and function of gut microbiota, with potato starch leading to the greatest increase in short-chain fatty acids


Of all non-digestible carbohydrates, the scientific community is paying special attention to resistant starches (RS) that reach the colon intact, where they...

Scientists from University College Cork review the composition and physiological relevance of human gut bacteriophages


Alongside bacterial members of the gut microbiota, scientists have now started exploring archaea, microbial eukaryotes (fungi and protozoa) and viruses present in...

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