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Newsletter #168
February 13th, 2020


Dear Friends,

We begin this edition of our newsletter with a new document released by the GMFH publishing team: Year at a Glance 2019! With an editorial by our new Head of Editorial Rene van den Wijngaard, the publication contains a selection of Gut Microbiota for Health content from 2019.  

Next up, we have a new review from the special “Food and Diet for Gut Function and Dysfunction” issue in the peer-reviewed open access journal Nutrients. Led by Magnus Simrén, it explores the scientific evidence regarding dietary management of IBS.

You will also come across two studies highlighting how circadian rhythms affect crucial immune cells in the gut that are needed for proper interaction with nutrients and commensal bacteria. 

Finally, we have a new study that shows how a common gut microbiome bacterium might be involved in damage to liver cells related to alcoholic hepatitis. 

Happy reading!

The GMFH publishing team

2019 at a glance: Breakthroughs in the emerging role of gut microbiome in health and disease


The gut microbiome has captured the attention of both researchers and society, and important progress was made in 2019 in our understanding of its emerging role in health and disease. Although...

Foods to eat with IBS: a new review updates the latest scientific evidence


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), defined according to Rome IV criteria as abdominal pain related to defecation and/or change in bowel habit without detectable organic causes and currently seen as an...

How immune cells defend the mouse gut against infection like clockwork


Humans are creatures of habit – we tend to wake up, feel hungry, and fall asleep at the same time every day. We owe this tendency to our circadian rhythms...

Findings in mice show alcoholic hepatitis has a microbial component and could be tackled by specific phages


Alcoholic hepatitis is considered to be a severe form of alcohol-related liver disease with a high mortality rate in...

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