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Newsletter #74
April 2022

We are glad to share with you our
content selection from the News Watch
section of Gut Microbiota for Health

#GMFH10years –
Let’s celebrate together!

It’s been 10 years since our team came together with a mission
to share knowledge about the science of the gut microbiota with
researchers, health professionals and the rest of the world!

Celebrate with us

Could diet help protect against
severe COVID-19 and enable a proper
immune response to vaccination?

Diet quality is not only important at the moment for protecting
against severe COVID-19 but also for improving COVID-19
vaccine efficacy, particularly in certain groups of at-risk individuals.

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A study casts doubt on the contribution
of altered gut microbiota in autism
spectrum disorder-related behaviors

Current studies have yielded inconsistent results around
directly linking the gut microbiome as the cause of certain behaviors.
A recent study tries to tackle the question of whether the
gut microbiome is directly linked to autism spectrum disorders.

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Researchers turn to the gut-lung connection
in the search for a treatment for COVID-19

This article updates what we know so far about how manipulating
the gut microbiota plays a role in improving respiratory outcomes
and, in particular, the symptoms and severity of COVID-19.

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Four science-backed ways of
taking care of your gut microbiota

You are probably familiar with the idea that an altered gut
microbiota composition has been linked to a wide range of
intestinal and extraintestinal conditions. Learn more about what
science says are the best ways to take care of your gut microbiota.

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