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Newsletter #173
June 18th, 2020


Dear Friends,

This edition of our newsletter begins with a new genome-wide analysis that proves that the lactic acid bacteria found in the human gut resemble the ones typically found in fermented foods and beverages, with some patterns shared within global populations.

Next up, we have the first study in a large cohort, which was published in Nature, reporting statins as a relevant confounding factor in explaining an obesity-associated gut microbiota. 

You will also come across a review article, which belongs to the special ‘Food and Diet for Gut Function and Dysfunction’ issue of Nutrients, which looks at human data on factors that determine the digestive experience and sensations before, during and especially after a meal.

Finally, you will find a new study in mice and humans that breaks down the effects of the keto diet on the gut microbiome, involving a reduction in bifidobacteria levels and pro-inflammatory Th17 immune cells.

Happy reading! 

The GMFH publishing team

Lactic acid bacteria in fermented foods can be transferred to the human gut

Could the gut microbiota mediate the clinical benefits of statins?


Gut microbiota alterations in obesity remain the subject of debate. Writing in Nature, Vieira-Silva and colleagues found that the undesirable Bacteroides 2 enterotype was more frequent in people with...

Beyond digestive function: meal characteristics and individual responsiveness are major triggers of sensations related to food ingestion


Foods are processed in the upper digestive tract and pass into the colon when entering the digestive system. A new paper outlines the impact of food consumption...

New research shows the keto diet, used to treat neurological and metabolic diseases, suppresses bifidobacteria and Th17 cells


Could the keto diet’s therapeutic benefits be linked to changes in the gut microbiota? New work in mice and 17 men who are overweight or...

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