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Newsletter #175
August 20th, 2020


Dear Friends,

This edition of our newsletter begins with a new article about how the study of mechanisms of action coupled with symptom-related data is valuable for understanding the role of exclusion diets in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

Next up, we have a new brain imaging study that reveals sex-specific differences in subjective responses to a palatable meal at thalamic and insular connectivity level in healthy individuals. You will also come across a new study that disentangles associations between human host genotype and gut microbiome variation in three distinct cohorts, paving the way for causal inference analyses in the field.

Finally, you will encounter a new study that finds that housing conditions are a major factor within the Irish Traveller ethnic minority, determining both gut microbiome make-up and its link with metabolic diseases. 

Happy reading! 

The GMFH publishing team

How food might lead to IBS symptoms

Does sex matter when studying brain responses to a palatable meal?

Meal ingestion usually induces a wealth of sensations before, during and afterwards. A new brain imaging study reveals sex-specific differences in subjective...

Consistent associations between human genetic variation and the gut microbiome identified in 3 independent European cohorts

Researchers have created a new analytical pipeline that disentangles associations between human host genotype and...

Nomadic Irish Travellers’ gut microbiome is shaped by housing conditions rather than diet and can be seen as an indicator of cultural transition

From hunter-gathering to agriculture and industrialization, the gut microbiome has evolved under diet and lifestyle pressures...

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