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Newsletter #179
December 17th, 2020


Dear Friends,

This edition of our newsletter begins with a new article by Dr Elena Verdú and Heather Galipeau about how fecal bacterial protease activity may indicate progression to ulcerative colitis. 

Next up, a new study shows that the gut microbiota of irritable bowel syndrome patients may respond differently to diet or probiotics compared with that of healthy individuals. You will also come across a new meta-analysis that concludes that it is too early to recommend probiotics, prebiotics or fermented food interventions for improving cognitive outcomes. 

Finally, a new article addresses the effects glyphosate may have on the gut microbiome, according to recent laboratory and animal studies that have shown both the potential direct toxicity of glyphosate and its indirect detrimental effects on the gut microbiome.

Happy reading! 

The GMFH publishing team

Fecal bacterial protease activity may indicate progression to ulcerative colitis

The baseline gut microbiota is not always a good predictor of clinical response to a low FODMAP diet or probiotics

It still too early to use probiotics, prebiotics and fermented foods for cognitive performance, concludes a new meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Digestive issues are still on the rise, but gluten alone is not the major culprit. So does glyphosate affect the gut microbiome?

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