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Newsletter #170
March 19th, 2020


Dear Friends,

It's time to take care and stay healthy. In these moments, for all of you who can, it's important to stay at home with your family. We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter.

In this new edition of our newsletter we are delighted to announce the launch of the new Gut Microbiota for Health website!

Our upgraded GMFH website includes a new section called Food 4 Gut Health, which promotes the role of food in gut function among dietitians, healthcare professionals and gut health advocates. With the aim of sparking new conversations around diet, nutrition and gut health, we have also released the new Instagram account @Food4Gut_Health.

This short video gives you a complete overview of the new website and the related digital ecosystem.

Also in this newsletter, a new article included in the special issue “Food and Diet for Gut Function and Dysfunction” in the peer reviewed open access journal Nutrients. This new exploratory intervention study shows the potential role of a fermented milk product with a probiotic bacterium in improving digestive comfort in response to a plant-based diet in healthy individuals.

Next up, we have two new narrative reviews that are also part of the special issue of Nutrients. The first updates how the upper gastrointestinal tract responds to meal-related stimuli, both in healthy conditions and in the context of eating-related disorders, and the second updates how MRI has helped in evaluating the impact of nutrients and drugs on gastrointestinal physiology and pathology.

You will also come across another recent study that concludes that a certain species of gut bacteria can transform the harmful byproducts of food processing into less harmful byproducts in mice and in vitro conditions.

Finally, we have new research into obese diabetic women, which shows that gut microbiota composition before Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is linked to postoperative type 2 diabetes remission.

Enjoy the reading and stay healthy!

The GMFH publishing team

In case you missed the GMFH World Summit 2020 in Madrid, now you can watch the Sessions Replay

A fermented milk product with a probiotic bacterium may improve the tolerance of a flatulogenic diet in healthy subjects


Meal residues entering the colon are metabolized by the gut microbiota and may lead to functional digestive symptoms in...

A new review explores how the gastrointestinal sensing of meal-related stimuli occur in health and disease


A large proportion of the general population struggle with digestive symptoms that cannot be detected by conventional diagnostic methods...

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a safe technique for studying how food alters gastrointestinal intraluminal content


Current techniques available for exploring the response of our gut to meal-related stimuli are scarce. A new narrative review updates how...

Could our gut microbiota protect us against harmful byproducts of food processing?


Our gut microbiota aids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients and in training our immune system. New research in mice reveals gut bacteria may also...

Gut microbiota composition tied to type 2 diabetes remission following bariatric surgery in obese diabetic women


Our gut microbiota profile may help us understand the contribution of bariatric surgery to weight loss. New findings reveal gut microbiota...

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