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Newsletter #148
April 11th, 2019


Dear Friends,

We begin this edition of our newsletter with an interview to Prof. Robert Hutkins from the University of Nebraska (USA), about the relevance of including fermented foods as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. For the first time, it has been compiled in one manual everything we know about the science of food fermentation and its impact on human health.

You will also find a new article showing that the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) risk, previously related to genetics, could partly be mediated by the gut microbiome. Next up we cover a new study, led by Dr. John Speakman, analyzing how the gut microbiota affects thermogenesis in brown and beige adipocytes in mice.

Finally, you will find a recent follow-up study that identified additional pathways by which the opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa incites gluten sensitivity, independent of gluten metabolism.

We wish you a fruitful reading!

The GMFH publishing team

Second edition of Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods textbook explores health benefits of food-grade bacteria fermentation

New research sheds light on the effects of inflammatory bowel disease risk alleles on gut bacterial taxa


Although the underlying mechanisms involved in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) pathogenesis remain elusive, it is known that certain genes...

The gut microbiota affects UCP1-dependent thermogenesis of brown and beige adipocytes in mice


The existing evidence about a different gut microbiota composition between healthy and obese or type 2 diabetic patients has led scientists to study the role of gut microbes in...

Advances in the understanding of how microbes promote food sensitivity


Celiac disease is a common food sensitivity triggered by gluten and its incidence is rising at an alarming rate. The reasons for this are...

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