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Newsletter #146
March 7th, 2019


Dear Friends,

In this newsletter, you will find the new 'best of' document released by the GMFH publishing team on the latest scientific research into the gut microbiota, diet and nutrition, with an editorial from Prof. Philip Calder, Head of the School of Human Development and Health, which is part of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton (UK).

Next come two recent reviews that update what we know about the impact of common dietary patterns on gut microbiota composition and function. We also cover a recent systematic review that reveals associations between total fat intake—mainly saturated fatty acids—and a reduction in total bacterial number, bacterial richness, and diversity in the gut.

Finally, you will find a new study that shows that breast milk microbiome is an important source of fungi for the growing infant.

The GMFH publishing team

GMFH releases a new “best of” document on gut microbiota, diet & nutrition

An update of the scientific evidence behind the microbiota-specific effects of common dietary patterns


Diet is the most widely studied modifiable factor for shaping gut microbiota composition and function and we are beginning to understand how...

Fiber is not everything: dietary fat type shown to be relevant for gut microbes


The last decade in microbiome research has allowed scientists to learn that diet is a major determinant of the composition and function of the human gut microbiota. However...

Forgotten fungi: yeasts and other fungi inhabit breast milk alongside bacteria and are shaped by both geographic location and mode of delivery


Previous research has widely studied the impact of early-life factors—related to both infant and mother—on milk microbiota diversity and composition...

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